No.1 Vending Machine Business Trend- Beauty Vending | iKrave Vending

Hair extensions, lash- Beauty Vending Machine Business is a great manner to sell your products in a peddle machine which is providing you a passive voice profit. Brand your car by customizing the machine with your logo and sell your products !

How much can I make:

The modal smasher provision vending machine generates an income of $ 2,000 each calendar month
with an average of 5 hours each month to maintain the machine

Where to place the machine:

station at a plaza, hotel, beauty salon, nail down shop or college campus

Where to purchase the machine:

A tilt of mastermind Contacts for New & Used Machines
* Machines are customized specifically for the product that you sell
* Machines are wrapped with your business logo and colors

  • Our beauty machine vendors range from Brand new machines for $1,500 to $6,000
  • Purchase a Brand new machine with our preferred partner and a location is included in the price of the machine

Get started with iKrave Vending, with us you will learn:

– Where to buy the peddle machines, new or used ( vendors include custom wind of machine )
– How to maximize your gross by selling multiple products from the machine & sweeping vendors provided
– How to secure a high metrical foot dealings placement for your vending machine
– How to keep track of your inventory
– How to obtain any occupation license or requirements based on the localization you live in
There are a variety show of vending car types, a hair and beauty peddle machine business might be just what you need. And this scout might be precisely what you need to get that business started ! Locating services ( Find a location for your machine such as the plaza ) are available and finance is besides available with our supplier .
*iKrave Vending serve those seeking to start a peddle business in the US, Canada & the UK

We “do it with you” 

  • During our initial consultation we work with you hands on to explore items to sell in the vending machine
  • Based on your budget we will direct you to the vending machine suppliers we are partnered with. We have used vendors and new with financing available at about $190 per month for the machine.
  • We help you strategize how to find the right location for your vending machine or outsource the locating part to our partners and they will find a location for you.
  • Direct contact for who to contact on College Campuses for vending placement and sample email script
  • We guide you to the most successful inventory practices.
  • If you need assistance registering your business and choosing a business structure we can guide you or connect you with our dedicated professional partner to do it for you.





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