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A beauty mark or beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of dark facial chump so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered an attractive feature. [ 1 ] Medically, such “ beauty marks ” are by and large melanocytic birthmark, more specifically the compound variant. Moles of this type may besides be located elsewhere on the body, and may besides be considered smasher marks if located on the face, shoulder, neck or breast. artificial smasher marks have been fashionable in some periods .

artificial smasher marker [edit ]

painting described in caption; the back woman is on the left [2] double portrayal of a black womanhood and a blank woman, identities unknown, circa 1650, by an anonymous hand. The two women, who appear to be of equal standing, are wearing boldness patches, which were a fashion of the fourth dimension. The paint is captioned “ I black with white bespott y white with blacke this evil proceeds from thy proud hart then take her : Devill. ” artificial beauty marks, or mouches ( Fr. flies ), became fashionable in sixteenth-century France, and the fashion persisted into the eighteenth hundred. When the manner spread to Spain and the spanish empire they were called a chiqueador. [ 3 ]

A mouche was generally made of silk or velvet and was applied to the face as a form of makeup. They were kept in a patch box, or boîte à mouches ( Fr. box of flies ), and were often fanciful shapes such as hearts or stars. Besides their cosmetic rate, the patches could hide smallpox scars or syphilis sores. [ 3 ] Alexander Pope ‘s 1712 poem The Rape of the Lock mentions such patches as indicators of “ profane love ” : [ 4 ]

here Files of Pins extend their shining Rows,
Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-doux.
nowadays awful Beauty puts on all its Arms ;
The Fair each moment rises in her Charms,
Repairs her Smiles, awakens ev’ry Grace,
And calls forth all the Wonders of her Face ; [ 5 ]

chiqueador on a lady’s temple, detail of “Retrato de María Rosa de Rivera” by Pedro José Diaz, Lima, Peru, 1785. on a lady ‘s temple, detail of “ Retrato de María Rosa de Rivera ” by Pedro José Diaz, Lima, Peru, 1785. The Monroe pierce has gained popularity in recent years as a flexible way of approximating a beauty mark. [ citation needed ] Natural smasher marks are besides frequently enhanced with discolor from an eyebrow pencil or pen. [ 6 ]

People with luminary smasher marks [edit ]

many female sex symbols, actresses, and other celebrities are known for their beauty marks : [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ]

male actors known for their beauty marks include : [ 6 ]

In fiction [edit ]

In the decision of the reserve The Silence of the Lambs, the heroine Clarice Starling gains an artificial beauty stigmatize when burn gunpowder gets lodged in the flesh of her boldness. She retains this mark in the sequel novel Hannibal. This symbolism ( along with Dr. Lecter ‘s polydactylism ) did not get carried over into the film. [ citation needed ] Joan Crawford had a outstanding beauty sign in her role as Sadie Thompson in Rain .

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