Beautiful Spanish: 15 Romantic Words for “Beautiful” in Spanish

Beautiful Spanish: 15 Romantic Words for “Beautiful” in Spanish

spanish is a beautiful language. It ‘s surely spoken by some beautiful people .
so far if you want to tell your spanish-speaking valentine how attractive they are, you may be uncertain precisely how to say it it. There are many ways in spanish to say “ beautiful ”, good like there are many ways to say it in English : “ attractive ”, “ big ”, “ fine-looking ”, “ pretty ”, “ cute ”, “ hot ”, “ fit ”, “ aphrodisiac ”, and so on .
It seems that beauty is a concept for which humans barely can ’ thymine stop inventing new words. This article will show you some of the most common spanish adjectives for “ beautiful ”, and explain the all right points of their custom .
Read this article and you ‘ll never be short of a way to tell a beautiful spanish speaker that you like how they look.

1. Bello / Bella – “Beautiful”

Bello/bella is a safe, general-purpose give voice that you can use to mean “ beautiful ” or “ lovely ”. It ‘s a bit conventional, specially in Spain, but it can describe anything : beautiful people, beautiful clothes, a beautiful see, a beautiful mind .
There ’ sulfur besides a closely-related noun belleza, which means “ smasher ” .

2. Bonito / Bonita – “Pretty” or “Nice”

Bonito / bonita besides means “ beautiful ”, but it ‘s not quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate potent as bello. It ’ randomness closer to “ reasonably ” or “ decent ” .
This adjectival is more common than bello and, like bello, can describe anything – not fair a person .
barely be careful if you see bonito on a menu. When used as a noun, the son refers to a character of pisces that ‘s like to tuna ( and has the same name in English ) .

3. Guapo / Guapa – “Handsome”

Guapo/guapa is a password with some regional variations. Most normally, it describes an attractive person, particularly male, and is n’t actually used for beautiful objects or places .
In some regions of Spain, however, guapo is used more liberally. equally well as meaning “ attractive ” when describing a person, more by and large it can mean something like “ cool ” or “ amazing ” .
In other places, guapo can mean “ brave ” or “ bluff ”. In some parts of Latin America it can even mean a “ browbeat ” or “ boastful ”. One Puerto Rican commenter says that where he ‘s from, calling a man guapo “ could decidedly cause a fight. ”
You know how the parole “ fine-looking ” in English is only very used for men, not women ? Guapo is a bit like that, but not quite as strong. You do listen women being called guapa, but it ’ mho more common to hear them being called bonita. Men, on the early hand, are more probable to be called guapo than bonito .

4. Lindo / Linda – “Lovely”

Lindo/linda is more common in Latin America than Spain ( and is besides very coarse in brazilian Portuguese ). It ‘s like in meaning to bonito/bonita : it can mean “ beautiful ”, “ pretty ”, “ adorable ”, or “ courteous ” .
In Latin America you can besides use lindo as an adverb. For model, ella canta lindo means “ she sings beautifully. ”

5. Bueno/Buena – “Good Looking”

You ’ ve surely encountered bueno/buena ahead, as it ’ second one of the most park adjectives – in fact one of the most common words – in the spanish lyric .
Bueno normally means “ full ”, but it has some hidden tricks. If I told you about a female child I know who is buena, what do you think it means ?
To quote Bill Clinton, it depends on what the mean of the word “ is ” is. Remember that “ is ” in spanish can be está ( from estar ) or es ( from ser ) .
Ella es buena, means she ’ south “ good ” in the sense that she ’ s a good person. She ’ second moral, virtuous, and does the right thing. ( similarly, ella east malo means “ she ‘s ( a ) bad ( person ) ”. )
On the other handwriting, if I said ella está buena, I ’ m saying that she ’ second fine-looking. If I want to hammer the decimal point home, I could even say ella está bueníssima – she ’ randomness identical attractive.

6. Hermoso/Hermosa – “Gorgeous”

Another common parole, hermoso/hermosa is used for beautiful people, places, and things. It ‘s a bit more varied than bello – translations include “ beautiful ”, “ gorgeous ”, “ dainty ”, or even ( in Latin America ) “ noble ” .
Remember that bello had a noun cousin called belleza ? Hermoso has a similar kinship with hermosura, which means “ smasher ”. You can besides say una hermosura to mean “ a beautiful womanhood ” .

7. Atractivo/Atractiva – “Attractive”

You guessed it – atractivo/atractiva means “ attractive ”. You can use it in pretty much the same way as in English, for people, places, or things .
El atractivo is besides a masculine noun mean “ attraction ”, “ appeal ”, or “ charm ” .

8. Radiante – “Radiant”

Another word that ‘s alike to the English – radiante means “ beaming ” or “ beaming ”. It ’ s not merely limited to describing people : for example, una mañana radiante means “ a radiant/beautiful dawn ”

9. Precioso/Preciosa – “Gorgeous” or “Lovely”

You can call a person, place or matter precioso/preciosa. It means they ‘re “ gorgeous ” or “ adorable ”. The english akin “ cute ” can make sense excessively : for exemplar, a sequin ( diamond ) is a piedra preciosa ( cherished stone ) .

10. Rico/Rica – “Cute”

Rico/rica normally means “ full-bodied ”, or “ affluent ”. When describing food, it besides means “ tasty ” or “ delightful ” .
however, rico/rica can besides be used with people, places, and things to mean “ cover girl ” or “ cunning ”. If you use estar to say that a person is deep – e.g. él está anti-racketeering law, it can besides be sympathize to mean “ sexy ” .

11. Mono/Mona – “Pretty”

Mono/mona is a password with many meanings. As a noun, mono means putter – but it ‘s not ( necessarily ) offensive to call a person mono or anglesey. When used as an adjective, it can mean “ pretty ” or “ cunning. ”
The noun infectious mononucleosis can besides mean “ overalls ” or “ jump suit ”, or it can be a slang term for “ craving ” or “ withdrawal symptoms. ” Just do n’t confuse it with moño, which means “ bun ” ( as in the hairdo ) or, in Latin America, a ribbon or crouch .

12. Macizo/Maciza – “Hot”

Most literally, macizo/maciza means “ solid ” – as in madera maciza ( “ solid woodwind ” ). however, it ‘s besides a colloquial condition in Spain for “ attractive ”. Saying that person está macizo/a is like saying they ‘re “ hot ”, “ hunky ”, or a “ baby ” .

13. Bombón – Sweet Like Chocolate

A bombón is a type of little chocolate or candy – the accurate type depends on your dialect. But it can besides mean “ an attractive person ” – a “ beauty ” or “ smasher ”. So margin call your lover a bombón if you want them to know that you find them sweet .

14. Sexy/Sexi – “Sexy”

No loot for guessing what aphrodisiac means – it ‘s a recent import from English. Like many such anglicismos, the spelling is n’t consistent. Sometimes it ‘s written in the original english way ( “ aphrodisiac ” ), but sometimes it ‘s written as sexi to better match spanish spell rules .

15. Estar Como un Queso – “Like a Cheese”

finally, an amusing slang term from Spain. If person tells you that you ‘re como united nations queso ( “ like a cheese ” ), how should you react ? Are they saying you need to take a shower ?
Believe it or not, you ’ re receiving a compliment. Estar como united nations queso means “ to be attractive/tasty/dreamy/hot ”. possibly a foreign room to put it, but don ’ thyroxine arrive offended if person says it to you. They ’ re being courteous ! Or possibly your feet precisely stink – who knows ?

A Warning about “Hot” in Spanish

Before we finish, a word of warning. If you want to call person very beautiful in spanish, you might think of the English gull term “ hot ” – but think twice earlier calling a spanish loudspeaker caliente .
While this adjective does literally mean “ hot ”, person who ‘s caliente is in fact aroused – and if you ’ rhenium not careful, telling person they ’ re caliente could earn you a slap. You have been warned.

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