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Great to have!

bang-up summation to my makeup counterpunch. I was so activated to try ! Always wanted this, and was golden enough to test it out. I went ahead and put some face products in the electric refrigerator, besides some masks. Fridge works excellent for eye creams. Leaves the skim cold, arrant for under center. I besides included serums. Works great ! My room tends to get hot, I included some chapsticks in there. Helps to avoid thaw in my hot room. I was not a huge fan on how it leaves my grimace creams. Water base face creams are capital, but for those whip face creams it tend to take away that balmy whip feel. I like how cold it leaves my face masks, do n’t rally like the face dissemble storage sphere, i have to fold the edges of some of my masks. The electric refrigerator does make a sound, louder than a regular electric refrigerator. wish I could change the temperature. overall great addition to my makeup room .

Most Helpful Critical Review

Never again, third time is not a charm

I purchased this intersection 3 … yes THREE times, each time was a completely different issue. The only constant among the 3 was, jointly, that all 3 did n’t chill anything … according to fridge thermometer placed inside after doorway being closed and motor running for 12 hours, the inside temperature never went below 60°. The inside of my house is set to 62°. I knew it was running because the little winnow that spins was audible, though there was absolutely no cooling procedure occurring. I tried clock time and time again because I urgently wanted this product to work, and had been gushing about its prettiness for months. I finally made the final examination return and gave up wholly. This product has no functional determination except to be adorable.

Reviewed by 137 customers

Power cord stinks

1 Taryn from Va beach We are on electric refrigerator total 2 and both of them the ability cord does n’t stay it ‘s unaffixed does n’t fit so it will not stay on. I ca n’t return it for a refund only store credit. Do n’t buy this .

Great…so far

5 nanometer from LA I ‘ve had this since September 2020 and have no had any issues with it since *knock on wood* It ‘s my first beauty electric refrigerator and it decidedly does the job. My lone “ ailment ” I wish I could adjust the temp

It was fun while it lasted.

2 ma from Collierville TN I bought this electric refrigerator to hold some beauty products and miniskirt drinks. It held all the beauty products I wanted it to, a couple serum and some eye patches. I even put three mini wines and three mini cokes. It worked great at keeping things cool. It was big fun to have when my daughter and I would have spa nights. I did notice that the back would freeze up quite often and it did leak a short. We went out of township one time and I had unplugged it then that it would not use up energy while we were aside. Unfortunately it would not get cool again after that. We enjoyed this electric refrigerator for about a full year before we had to get rid of it .

Leaks-not worth the money

2 PG from Louisiana I ‘ve had this electric refrigerator for about 3 months. It freezes up & leaks. identical defeated in this product !

So cute and cold!

5 Cassidy from Gastonia, NC Ordered this for Christmas and absolutely love it ! I can fit all of my skin care items and a can. It besides has a cunning little basket on the door to hold items such as sheet masks. Does collect moisture on the inside, but can easily be wiped out .

It’s okay

2 Sarah from New York I store my face mais and serums. It keeps everything courteous and cold but it ‘s besides little and I ‘d like to hold other thing. It besides brakes well .

Cute concept but…

2 Skincarelover02 from New York I got this is a Christmas giving this year, and while it is a very cute concept with a cunning exterior design and cunning stickers, the fan is so loud and annoying. I know this is supposed to remain on pretty much all the time, but I have no position else to keep it except right future to my layer and I can not stand the hum noise ! It ‘s besides truly modest unless you remove the shelf, so you ‘re about limited to what you can put in it. I very like other Flawless products, but this mini electric refrigerator needs to unfortunately go back to the drawing dining table. besides would not recommend to those who are clean sleepers .

White fridge turning gray

3 suzy from orlando I had this in the box for months. ultimately used it and was great for 3 days and immediately it ‘s starting to turn gray/black ? iodine cleaned it and it seems everyday that goes by, it ‘s darkening. ( electric refrigerator is white )

Beauty deal purchase

2 dali from Florida I bought it but did n’t use it for a wholly year. Did n’t even open it it, I wish I had. Been in use for a week and it ‘s actually loud to keep in my room, seems it gets louder by the day. It besides drips a little body of water in the inside, not a adult cover though and for half off, the water is not a deal surf. But the loud noise is and honestly I do n’t think this will last long .

Beautiful with some flaws

4 Olivia from Nevada It is a bang-up electric refrigerator ! Perfect for storing your skin care products and face masks. It is a effective size, but if you have a larger skin care solicitation you may need a bigger one. however, it does make a make noise 24/7 therefore if you are bothered by that, do n’t buy it. It sounds like a fan or white noise .

Good when it works

3 Xoxo from NV My first beauty grudge. Lasted about 6 months then died. Was hoping to get at least a full year, but did it ‘s job. Kept my masks, scrubs, serums and deodorants cool. decidedly getting another beauty electric refrigerator but probable not this like one. Worked well while it lasted .


1 Laura from US I had this electric refrigerator for only a few months and then it good stopped working. I would not recommend.


5 master of arts from Chambersburg pennsylvania It ‘s the best product I ever gotten at extremist

I love mine!

5 Jess from CA I used my points when I purchased mine and I got it for $ 20 ! ! ! ! ! I can not say enough effective things about it..it ‘s a decent cold temp, my moisturizers are nice and chilled when I put them on. Perfect size, does n’t make any noise. It does get watery in the back but merely got tantalum wipe it down.. not that big of a deal !

Don’t buy

1 Ty from Ohio not worth it


5 victoria from arizona iodine just got mine yesterday and it works big. it cools truly fast and it is n’t forte at all i have n’t had any issues with it and it fits all of my items absolutely .

Works great for me

5 bee from CA It ‘s unfortunate others do n’t constantly have the same experience with products. This does precisely what it should do and keeps my items pretty cold. originally used it for cosmetic items but when the weather warmed up I started keeping my sparkling waters in this electric refrigerator. Fits up to 4 12oz cans. I keep this on my amour propre. No issues truly you fair have to be surely your wiping the inside of it weekly, a little amount of body of water accumulates nothing excessively crazy in truth. I dust the outside of it and the fan on the back of it frequently a well. Overall impress and glad with it .

Love it

5 Ttone from Illinois It ‘s worth it

Do not buy this lol

1 Marissa K. from Baltimore, MD I thought I got lucky that I found one in shop until I took it home ( and realized person had returned it in-store from an on-line purchase ). It did n’t work initially and I thought it barely needed time to get cold. When it did start work, it stayed on for possibly 18 ( ish ) hours and now wo n’t work at all. It is way excessively belittled for normal sized skin care anyways. lay waste to of money unfortunately .

Super Cute

5 Laura from Pawtucket I purchased this a few months ago, to be 100 % dependable. I keep it on my desk at bring. it holds 4 cans of Diet coke absolutely .

Mine also stopped working

1 🌟 from CA Purchased for half off for myself and several friends. Mine stopped working recently and I fair feel bad contributing to godforsaken. I did call the company and they refunded the sale price but I would have truly just liked for my electric refrigerator to work for more than a year. Super cunning though .

Everyone Needs This Beauty item

5 electric refrigerator from Goodyear, AZ This smasher friadge holds all my creams, serums and rollers. It is bang-up. My products stay cold and feel indeed good on my skin. I do n’t use as a lot intersection as I used to because it is more firm. Does n’t take up space and runs restfully .

Great until it stopped cooling

3 Claudia from Az I bought this electric refrigerator in September of 2020 and granted I got it for half off but I would not pay full price for this. not worth it. Stopped cooling. Has not evening been a year yet. And when I tried contacting the company the telephone total does n’t work. I emailed them and they never reached out to me. Save your money !

Cute fridge

5 Shamarie from Maryland I waited 8 months to review this to make sure it still worked because I purchased a smasher electric refrigerator and it stopped working after 2. While its small and does not fit all of my skin care products I absolutely love it. This is my electric refrigerator for my masks and keeps them cool. I have so far had no issues with water leak or anything.

Love it 🥰🥰

5 Stephanie from Miami go I put all my grimace dissemble and tools

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