BeautyForever Hair Review (2022): Quality, Price, and Pros & Cons

I ’ thousand Dasia, a license cosmetologist who loves all things smasher related. Having worked in the diligence for over 4 years, you start to realize when the hair extensions you have purchased are deserving it or not .
With this in mind I am going to be doing a deep prima donna review of a product from an e-commerce store called BeautyForever .
The item I will be talking about is the HD pre-plucked human hair’s-breadth lace wig. This wig was purchased without any incentive and an indifferent honest reappraisal will be given .


BeautyForever is a caller based in China that has over 15 years of experience in the occupation. The company desires to provide high quality hair and customer military service. They have successfully created a mainstream brand of global real human hair products.

When you first arrive at the memory ’ s locate, you ’ ll find it a little underwhelming. It looks precisely like any other hair site. Although this is the case, a bountiful sum of helpful information is provided and even diverse ways to save some money aka discounts .
The site offers a wide range of products. While the store is known for trends like wigs, there are many more products and styles to try from BeautyForever that might work for you. Their range in hair’s-breadth concentration and variety show of color are some other aspects that make the stigmatize stand out .
One of the caller ’ sulfur main goals is to have outstanding customer military service. I can say from experience that they have succeeded in this aspect of clientele. adenine soon as my arrange was complete I was immediately updated with the condition of the dispatch .
The delivery of the items was one of the main areas I was not affect with. The package arrived not entirely after the suggest time but besides in a box that was quite damaged. While the products were fine, I would have expected more considering the sum of money that was spent on the hair .
While I was not intrigued by the company ’ s rush or way of delivery, many other loyal customers are. Plenty of reviews have expressed the fact that their products arrived at a reasonable time. They have besides pointed out the outstanding quality of the hair .

What I Like

  • Customer support – One of the easiest companies to get into contact with.
  • Products – They have a wide range of products that differ from other stores, specifically when dealing with wigs.
  • Lack of shedding – No matter how much the hair was messed with, little to no hair came out.

What I Don’t Like

  • Shipping –The hair came later than expected and in a damaged box.
  • Layout of site – The site looks identical to many other hair company’s, not unique at all.
  • Smell – The hair had a subtle artificial smell when coming out of the package.

Hair Quality

Hair strand

The haircloth was incredibly cushy and fell in a very flattering way. It was purchased in the texture straight but the hair’s-breadth had a insidious natural roll to it. The haircloth flush had natural layers which means less customization in the retentive run .
many reviews highlighted the fact that the hair didn ’ t have a spirit that is park with hair pieces. The intersection I reviewed did have a little smell but wears off after a while. It would be a estimable idea to in full wash it before installing .
Another big plus I found with the hair is the lack of shedding. Running your fingers through the hair and brushing a numerous sum of times is inevitable while taking care of the hair. While this is the encase, small to no hair came out as a leave which will increase longevity .


The site besides claims to have invisible or bleached knots on this firearm. As I was reviewing the hair I noticed the knots were distillery quite visible. They weren ’ triiodothyronine showing in an excessively obvious room, but I believe a fiddling spot of customization would be needed .
This specific piece had a intertwine closure. The dimension was 5×5 and set in a middle partially. The lace seemed durable and was besides present in the nape of the neck. Thicker spike can much be unmanageable to blend as you can see in the photograph, the intertwine is identical outstanding .
This unit besides came with child hairs. This is about constantly needed when styling a wig as it makes the unit of measurement look more natural. Having child hairs installed in a wig allows you to further protect your natural pamper hairs .


The wig was bought at a density of 180 %. The hair decidedly feel thick, but not excessively heavy. The longer length of the hair seems to balance out the high concentration perfectly .
The uncoiled texture besides worked well with this specific concentration. If the hair had any more texture, 180 % may have been besides much for this unit. The more dense the haircloth is it not merely starts to look forge but it can besides be heavy and harder to style .
The company doesn ’ t allow for the option to change the density. many lavishness companies allow you to choose between about 3 different percentages. While this unit doesn ’ t allow for that customization, the wide-eyed range of lengths allow for the thickness to give off different looks .


The structure of this cap decidedly lived up to the senior high school quality. The blockage seamlessly blended into the cap. sometimes this international relations and security network ’ t the case and ends up being excessively bulky looking fudge .
The hair on the side hairline was blockheaded adequate to cover the wefts. This is a big advantage of the unit because it hides the cap which can be a giveaway of fake haircloth if not properly covered .
The sew was evening and there were no loose strings attached. The closure was made from a good solid material angstrom well. While it may be difficult to blend the closing, you don ’ t have to worry about it falling apart well .

Cap Size

The wig lived up to all of the positive reviews. The haircloth was pre overcharge and had an adjustable flog that allows the hair piece to perfectly conform to the head. This allows for maximum comfort when wearing the unit .
The wig came with 3 combs pre installed, two on each of the sides and one in the rear. Having pre install attachments is always a summation because it means less work for the exploiter. They can promptly secure the unit to their lead without worrying whether it will fall off .
While you aren ’ thyroxine able to choose a cap size, the crown is made from a very durable material that is both stretchable and breathable. A stretchable capital allows for the unit to conform to the principal better and look less bulky .

Store Experience 

My foremost mental picture of the E-commerce store was how exchangeable it looks to many other companies ’ sites. While this is the case the site is overall very instructive. The web site is broken down into a very strategic so far understand way .
You may be looking for your account information, trying to learn more about the brand, or be shopping for a spirit for a extra occasion. No topic what goal is, you are probably to find it on the official locate .
The landing page highlights the latest deals which is dependable when staying on a mean budget. It besides highlights trending haircloth on the locate along with information about the ship’s company itself. If you opt for joining things like their electronic mail list, you get an extra rebate .

Range of Products

BeautyForever has an amazingly boastfully range of products. Their lace part wigs along with headband wigs are trending but they have a lot more to offer. Weaves along with either a closure or frontal are another popular option .
Their 100 % human hair comes in 4 unlike haircloth types with over 10 styles. The company has a wide array of wigs. They range from HD lace to transparent lace, lace closures to lace frontals.

There is besides the choice for the wigs to come in a density up to 250 % ! This results in agio quality haircloth. Picking your desire tinge is besides an easy thing to accomplish with BeautyForever .
If you ’ ve got a certain product in mind, Beautyforever most likely has an choice available .

Customer Support 

customer support can be one area many companies badly lack but I didn ’ triiodothyronine find that with BeautyForever. They have many unlike options to reach a spokesperson. The easiest option is their cognition based help center that has a collection of articles that answer their most ask questions .
arsenic soon as my order was placed I got a notification via textbook about the cargo. They provided not only whatsapp, but besides a customer service number to follow up with if any questions arised .
The web site besides provides an e-mail you can reach out to that deals entirely with customer service support. In order to have a conversation in a old world chat box with a representative all you need to do is leave an electronic mail and they respond in seconds .

Delivery Time

This order from BeautyForever took merely over a week to arrive, 8 days sum, 6 business days. The company provides spare standard shipping and for US orders they are sent from the warehouse in California .
The transportation time is estimated at 3-5 business days, this makes my decree a small behind schedule. If you want the products sooner they offer an express dispatch. This anticipated the box to arrive in 1-3 business days and is an excess $ 20 .
For all international orders the products will be shipped from a warehouse in China. ship is free and the services used are TNT, DHL, and UPS. Estimated arrival time is 5-7 days with regular free transportation .
While my box didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wholly align with the stated times, many early customers have received a rapid rescue. It ’ south besides quite crucial to note the product came in a box that was damaged .

What Others are Saying

This customer was distinctly satisfied with their merchandise. They received the wig in the intend measure of fourth dimension and were felicitous with the choice. She no doubt had many questions but the representatives were able to cursorily answer any concerns .

This was a inaugural time experience for this customer. Beautyforever seems to be a plump to company from now on. The intersection was received in a reasonable total of clock time and the customer got a bang-up measure of compliments on the hair. She besides highlighted the lack of both shedding and olfactory property from the hair .


Who does BeautyForever ship with?

The company ships with TNT, DHL, UPS, Fedex, and USPS. When located in the US orders typically take 3-5 business days. International ship via other services. These orders typically take 3-5 days a well. once your regulate has shipped the company will provide you with a transport number via electronic mail which you can locate .

How long does BeautyForever hair last?

Hair extensions from this company are expected to final up to 12 months. To ensure this is the event, it is vital to look after your extensions with care. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate front after the extensions you can expect to replace them every 3-4 months. The more you look after them the longer they end .

Can you return BeautyForever hair?

Yes, but some rules apply. All returns must be done within 30 days of the purchase date. All items must be in their original factory made condition. Any items that are damaged are ineligible for rejoinder and if you are located in the US a offprint return key and switch over instructions are to be carried out .

Do we recommend BeautyForever?

This hair was overall a big buy. It is very high quality for a reasonable price and you ’ re probable to find a discount code .
If you ’ re looking for something while in a time crunch you may need to be cautious with shipping but overall Beautyforever is a great bet. The hair is incredibly soft and you ’ rhenium certain to receive a wide range of compliments .

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