Beauty Forever Hair Reviews (My Honest 2022 Review)

It ’ mho time for Beauty Forever hair review – because their products look very promising .
sol is this product besides good to be on-key ? well – it might have some slippery issues behind .
For this rationality, I tried to dig deep into this mark and find out the truth behind it .
note : This recapitulation is based on my opinion + research on Beauty Forever. And it ’ s an unbiased follow-up, not a sponsoring positive post.

So Lets Get To The Review

Brand : beauty Forever
Versions : They offer 4 different kinds of categories :

  • Hair Weave
  • Closure & Frontal
  • Hair Extensions
  • Wigs

however, there are plenty of hair products in each category. Plus, all of their products are made of human hair’s-breadth .
Best Actual Price : From $ 49 ( depending on the product )
Best Choice To Buy : Beautyforver’s official website
My Rating : 9.4 out of 10
Worth Buying? : Yes – I decidedly recommend it for you :

  • Really good price overall
  • An enormous variety of human hair(absolutely no animal or synthetic fibers are mixed)
  • With high-quality products and excellent customer service
  • Support installment payment, like Klarna, Afterpay, Quadpay, Paypal

Plus – it has a 15 days money back guarantee .
And if you have a rigorous budget, this brand might be a good option !

What I Liked About It

  • Very soft good quality and and has a nice luster
  • Minimal shedding and tangling
  • No corn-chip or pungent chemical smell
  • Different hairstyles for your choice
  • Almost no gray hair was in it
  • It can be last long if we treat it well
  • Many satisfied customers and positive opinions
  • 24 hours online
  • FAST Shipping(overseas warehouses in the United States)
  • Available on several retailers
  • Diversified payment methods, like Stripe, Klarna, Afterpay
  • 15days money back guarantee

What I Didn ’ thymine Like About It

  • Their hair is NOT sourced from a single human donor
  • The “exotic” hair is untrue(marketing tactic)
  • It gets very thin towards the ends of hair
  • Real products don’t look as perfect as pictures.For example, some products have a few red filler hairs that you can’t see in pictures.

What Is Beauty Forever? A Quick Overview

Beauty Forever is a popular based-China hair brand for women looking for choice hair extensions .
Beauty Forever Website
This trade name offers many products for different affections .
specifically, they offer a variety of textures to a wide range of women. From straight, wavy, curly and even blonde hair, Beauty Forever hair’s-breadth has it all when it comes to human hair’s-breadth bundles .
In the class of the research, I found a very interest thing .
In fact, Beauty Forever and UNice belong to to the same company. And most of the products sold on Beauty Forever are the lapp as Unice. The only difference is the label of the intersection .
now you may be surprised .
well, it ’ s time to plowshare how I discovered .
I unwittingly saw the clues from these two Youtube videos ( Video I and Video II ) .
unice vs beautyforever
From the movie above, you can easily see that both brands have the like factory ( logo on staff ’ clothes ) .
That ’ s the first degree that makes me doubt .
next, I went to the official websites of the two brands to compare the prices of the products .
Price:unice vs beautyforever hair
When it comes to prices, I compare 2 of the peak human haircloth brands : UNice VS Beauty Forever .
If you make the calculations, the price of the same product is about exchangeable. This confirms my original intuition .
sol in my opinion, the truth is as I said above, Beauty Forever and UNice are precisely the same merchandise – nothing changed, except the name and label .
however, this is a common phenomenon in China ’ s hair companies. There are many brands in one company, which is a way to increase sales .
If you are here in the hair diligence, chances that you have heard of Alipearl, Westkiss, Supernova, Asteria, Wiggins and Yolissa are great. actually, all six brands belong to Xuchang Longyi Hair Beauty Co., Ltd. Located in Xuchang, Henan, China, the largest base of human hair production .
If you love UNice haircloth – choosing Beauty Forever might be easier for you .
here ’ s a list of the 10 overall best deal of Beauty Forever in 2022 .
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.
so now that you know the main things about Beauty Forever, it ’ south clock to analyze it closer .

#1 – Authenticity (9 out of 10)

beauty Forever has many of the same great claims as most circus tent haircloth mark ( in a thoroughly way ) :

  • All hair products are sourced from 100% human hair and never mixed with animal hair or heat-resistant synthetic fibers.
  • Never chemically processed, treated with dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes
  • The cuticles are kept intactand run the same direction from root to end
  • All kinds of exotic hair, such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian

honestly – there must be some exaggeration in it. The lone thing I amply agree with is the foremost claim .
All hair extensions and wigs consist of 100 % human hair. You will never find a synthetic or animal character mixed in their haircloth .
In my opinion – when it comes to chemical treatment, 97 % of all human hair out there has been chemically treated in one form or another .
Why ? The original hair’s-breadth material is dirty. So these haircloth need to be disinfected and washed repeatedly first .
If you frequent stream political news websites, you will notice that the local anesthetic government much adopt a series of measures to some hair’s-breadth factories. That ’ s because environmental contamination is a major concern of global organizations .
So the one fundamental cardinal we need to know is if and how these hair is being processed and untreated .
The good newsworthiness is that the hair from Beauty Forever is minimally processed in the production process. But I ’ megabyte not surely about all the details of their production action .
One thing is clear – there are a distribute of complex processes to manufacture quality hair extensions. obviously, it ’ s incredible that the cuticles are 100 % intact .
hair cuticle layer
well, it ’ sulfur time to tell you the truth about all of these alleged “ exotic ” hair types that are flooding the market, particularly the most popular — brazilian hair .
In most cases, when you buy brazilian hair or any other exotic hair… what you are very getting is some pas seul of indian or asian hair .
however, Beauty Forever Hair party didn ’ thymine make a call that all the “ Exotic ” hair originates from the countries and areas they are named after .
It ’ s a clever selling tactic .

#2 – Appearance(9.6 out of 10)

Beauty Forever offers authorize, attractive product pictures online .
After doing a deep research, I found that their products are actually beautiful and piano. And it feels smooth when you ran your fingers through hair from top to bottom .
Plus, the hair’s-breadth bundles come packed in beautiful boxes. It is easy to unpack, but be careful when taking the hair out of the box .
real beauty forever hair products
According to some reviews I read :

  • hair did have a slight smell but it wasn’t bad
  • it has few strands gray or red hair inside

But I didn ’ metric ton have the problems mentioned above .
And apparently, they ’ ra amazing in terms of looks .

#3 – Processing(9.4 out of 10)

In this chapter, I ’ megabyte going to share the main steps in the production process. I think it ’ s completely necessary to know what they ’ ve done behind your back .

Picking Gray Hair Out

In fact – haircloth materials that are collected probably have some strands colored hair inside ( specially grey, loss hair ). This is a common question .
Some hair factories will ignore it on production. That ’ randomness because every extra step needs to put much more feat, time, and money .
However- from the information I found, Beauty Forever hair company normally raises an supernumerary step to pick the grey or red hair’s-breadth out on production .
thus you couldn ’ thyroxine find besides many complaints about grey hairs in their hair products .

Mixing Hair

If you are not new to the hair industry, you may have heard these terms that are called “ individual draw and double draw “ .
actually, both terms are chiefly embodied in this step of the production process .
specifically – during output, most hair factories mix lengths together to make the hair .
I ’ ll explain…
If I take a pack of 24 ” neat haircloth as an example, around 30 % of the hairs are likely to measure approx 24 ”, with the extra 70 % consist of a combination of lengths which are likely to be between 16-22 ” in distance .
mixing hair
As you can see from the above proto-indo european chart, a 24 ” hair’s-breadth pile might contain around 30 % wax distance hairs, and 70 % change duration hairs .
That ’ second why the hair’s-breadth is thick at the tiptoe of the pile and then taper off slightly towards the end .
honestly, the percentage of full-length hair is the major gene affecting the price of hair bundles .
As a general principle, the higher the share of shorter hair, the lower the monetary value .
According to my in-depth research, Beauty Forever haircloth contains less than 35 % of full-length hairs .
Though it ’ s not best, they are OVER most hair brands from the market at this price .

Steam Processing

steam work is a terminus used frequently in the hair annex diligence .
Steaming allows for the creating of those hot alien and alone styles like body wave, deep curl, kinky curl up, 4C Afro kinky, lax deep wave, unleash wave, and so much more .
In fact, steam work is a common dance step in the production procedure. That ’ sulfur because women have higher standards for the hairdo nowadays .
But keep in judgment, with the trust hair company that has perfected their steam summons, your hair can last you a very long meter while preserving the expressive style and pattern you bought it in .

#4 – Hair Shedding(9.5 out of 10)

merely like your natural hair, extensions will shed. This is a common happening .
well, there are thus many reasons why your haircloth bundles shed. But today It ’ mho worth mentioning that the lawsuit behind hair shedding is quality .
Extensions are created through a process called “ wefting ”, in which hair’s-breadth runs through a machine woof that brings the hair’s-breadth together to form a straight, laced bunch .
Basically –extensions are prone to shedding because they are not sewed besotted adequate to the woof .
In terms of shedding, they chiefly used 2 ways in the production serve to solve this problem .

  • Machine Double Weft
  • Repeated Shedding Test

Double-weft hair’s-breadth means that two tracks of hair sewed together. The double-wefting summons reduces shedding because it is thick and sewn more securely .
double wefted
Plus – they did the shedding test in versatile ways, such as repeatedly brushing hair with fine-toothed comb from top to bottom .
That ’ second why I think Beauty Forever is wholly worth it at this point .
however, keep in thinker that even the best hair will NOT be 100 % shed exempt. So it is necessity to learn about how to minimize spill .
thankfully, there are some simpleton ways to reduce shedding. But that ’ s another report : )

#5 – Hair Tangling(9.3 out of 10)

Matting and embroil is another a normal happening with not equitable your natural hair’s-breadth but with all types of hair extensions .
This can happen due to tons of cause, such as the quality of hair extensions, a lack of constant brush, weather, or dispassion, etc .
But when it comes to hair quality, Beauty Forever haircloth won ’ triiodothyronine be a big deal .
They use original human Remy hair in its extensions, so the strands do not get tangled or matted easily .
Although the hair material they use is not the best, I shouldn ’ triiodothyronine expect more from it ( due to its price ) .
At this point – it ’ s one of the best products of this kind I know .

#6 – Hair Life Expectancy(9.3 out of 10)

To be honest – I can ’ thymine give you a specific act .
That ’ second because the life of Beauty Forever Hair extensions is determined by how well they are taken care of, what products are used on them, and how much they are wear.

normally, the life of Beauty Forever Hair extensions is 3-6 months up to a class or longer, depending on their usage and how they are cared for and maintained .
In order to wear your extensions for months, I recommend watching the Youtube television Luxy Hair party has created about Care and Tips .
To summarise, your hair extensions don ’ t have a natural hydration source like your own hair does, indeed keeping them moisturized and reducing sobriety is all-important to prolonging their life .

#7 – Shipping(9.4 out of 10)

Though they have headquarter and manufacturing units in China, they have partnered with some of the best package and messenger companies to deliver products all over the world .
early than that, they ’ ve built warehouses in the US. Your ordain can be shipped from the United States using USPS. 2-4 shape days and you will receive the goods .
No extra charges if are to ship out from the States. This will save you custom-made tax if your city drill that .
That ’ south cool .
If you place an order in other countries from their official web site, including Canada, African, Europe, Australia, etc .
They will ship your order from China. fortunately, you don ’ t have to wait besides hanker. 3-6 work days and you will receive your ordering .
At this point, I personally recommend you to buy from their third-party stores in AliExpress, Amazon .

#8 – Results(9.3 out of 10)

In order to create an indifferent inspection – I decided to include some other real users ’ opinions and reviews .
First of all – Beauty Forever has a bunch of reviews on its official web site .
however, I normally tend to avoid official websites – as they ’ re normally biased and only show reviews that are faithlessly incontrovertible .
Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

What People Say

beauty Forever has respective reviews on websites like Amazon, AliExpress, Glassdoor, Trustpilot, Bizratesurveys, etc .
therefore here ’ s what users say about Beauty Forever ’ mho products :

  • A few others saythey were skeptical about it at first because of the price but it’s definitely a great buy.
  • Some claimthe hair is no funny smells, no shedding, no tangling.
  • Other praise their hair with very soft, nice, full.
  • On the other hand, there are enough complaints as well.
  • Some people say they tried to bribe her with cash to remove the negative review.
  • Others complain about very thin, split hairs.

basically – opinions are quite mix up, as they should be .
But over 75 % of their users were satisfied, which tells a draw about these products .
To be honest – it ’ second completely normal that a product can not satisfy every single exploiter .
well, let ’ s take a closer expect at the negative slope arsenic well .

Biggest Complaints

Most restless customers criticize Beauty Forever for :

  • These YouTube gurus exaggerate promoting.
  • Their hair is synthetic hair.
  • Hair sheds and isn’t very full.
  • Bundles are very thin and have a weird smell.
  • Size issues

even though the reviews are surely true, I don ’ triiodothyronine think they are 100 % relevant .
That ’ s because there was about 1 drug user complain of each thing .
But in this sheath, I wouldn ’ metric ton worry excessively much about these complaints .
overall – judge after most customers – it ’ s a merchandise worth trying .
so considering its price, quality, and military service, Beauty Forever is a product I would decidedly recommend for women .

#9 – Price(9.5 out of 10)

This is one of the biggest advantages of Beauty Forever ’ sulfur products .

The Exact Price

To let you see clearer, I will take 3 bundles of neat hair weave as an exemplar .
real price:beauty forever hair
Basically – 3 bundles of Beauty Forever costs about $ 130 ( 16 ” 18 ” 20 ” ) .
Shipping taxes are free, which means $ 130 in sum .
$ 130 for 3 bundles international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that much, if you check out the market .

Competitor’s Price

immediately let ’ s talk about its rival – Diamond Virgin Hair .

  • Same style, size, color, quantity
  • costs $270 per 3Bundles
  • shipping is 0

That ’ s a sum of $ 270 per 3Bundles– compared to $ 130 of Beauty Forever ( more than 2X ) .

That ’ second why I think Beauty Forever is wholly worth it as this compass point .

#10 – Where To Find It (9.7 out of 10)

fortunately, Beauty Forever hair is available in many retailers – including :

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • AliExpress
  • Other online platforms

You can besides find it on Beauty Forever ’ s official web site .
They often offer rebate codes, giveaways and some of the best hair’s-breadth pack deals about all class orotund .
many people love their web site because not merely do you get to free gifts, but you can enjoy the cashback plan for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram posts about their products .
But as I said above, most of the prices are higher than on Amazon .
so if you want the very best monetary value – Amazon remains the best choice .

My thoughts

here ’ s how I would sum up my opinion on Beauty Forever :

  • authenticity

  • appearance

  • Processing

  • Hair Shedding

  • Hair Tangling

  • Hair Life Expectancy

  • Shipping

  • Results

  • price

  • Where To Find It

The Goods
  • Cheap price.
  • High quality (not best).
  • Fast Shipping(US warehouse).
  • Excellent customer service
The Bads
  • Thin from the bottom

Based on 116 reviews 9.4 average grade
Pro Tip : Whenever they claim that haircloth reference is typically sourced from a single human donor, it is frequently untrue .

My Verdict – Is Beauty Forever Hair Worth Buying?

Short answer : Definitely – it ’ s one of the best hair brands I ever tried :
If you need something promptly and cunning and you have a rigorous budget – I recommend Beauty Forever .
therefore that ’ s it for my Beauty Forever hair reviews .
And now I ’ d like to turn it over to you :

What ’ s your feel with Beauty Forever hair ?
Or possibly you have a interrogate about something in my review .
Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now .

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