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They ’ re omnipresent tools for studio ignition but how much do photographers stop to consider smasher dishes ? We ’ re guessing reasonably rarely, which is strange since smasher dishes are absolute indispensable lighting accessories for portrayal and fashion photography .
serious pros don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stint on their cameras or lenses so why buy a brassy beauty cup of tea from a manufacturer with no chase criminal record of making modifiers good to a save a few bucks ? We guarantee you ’ ll repent it in the long carry, which is why we ’ ve created this merchandise usher to our five front-runner beauty dishes for studio photography .
If you want to please your clients by capturing striking portraits with flattering and/or dramatic light, you should powerfully consider trying ( and buying ) a smasher smasher from our list. You should besides check out this holocene tutorial with five classic techniques for using a smasher dish in the studio.

Editor ’ second note : If you ’ re looking for more ignition gear buy advice, read our recent template to the best stroboscope and LED continuous lights on the market .

Profoto OCF Beauty Dish

Profoto OCF beauty dish photo

Profoto is a celebrated name in studio lighting so it ’ s no surprise that two of their beauty dishes make our top five. Designed for Profoto ’ randomness B1 and B2 OCF heads, the Profoto OCF Beauty Dish ( $ 199 ) is a 24-inch beauty dish that comes in white or silver department of the interior colors. What we like about this dish is that while it provides ample reflective area when fully outdoors, it ’ sulfur collapsible and lightweight so it ’ sulfur comfortable to transport if you ’ ra shoot at a customer ’ s space. ( It literally takes up no more board than a close up umbrella and comes with a carrying bag. ) When in habit, this Profoto dish creates a classical beauty light consequence, with crisp but creamy illuminance for attention-getting portraits. The dish comes with a deflector plate, which bounces the unhorse and directs it to the edges, and a front man diffuse for softening the light. When used with the individually purchased OCF speed closed chain, set up is a breeze : equitable pop the rods in before they are tensioned and then snap them into rate .
Check the price of the Profoto OCF Beauty Dish at B & H

Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector

Broncolor Beauty Dish image
If you want top-of-the-line timbre in your smasher serve and don ’ triiodothyronine thinker spending a little supernumerary, the Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector ( $ 560 ) is about a good as it gets when it comes to this type of light modifier. With a 20.4-inch diameter and a astuteness of 7.7 inches, the interior of the Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector is coated with a deep white color that ’ s designed to reflect sparkle evenly on your subjects while producing deep shadows with soft edges. Add in the counter reflecting telescope on the department of the interior, and you ’ ll be able to sculpt a person ’ s side with light while defining specific features such as the kuki, nose or forehead. Designed for portrait or beauty photography, the Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector is a effective option to softboxes, providing fall that ’ second more directional but even cushy and flatter. For extra mince, a ½-stop framework diffuse windsock that flips over the front of the dish is included. The Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector works with any Broncolor flash or monolight including the two we mentioned in our guide to the best stroboscope and LED continuous lights you can buy .
Check the price of the Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector at B & H

Westcott Switch Beauty Dish

Image of Westcott Switch Beauty Dish
The “ Switch ” in the Westcott Switch Beauty Dish ’ randomness name is for how quickly you can set it up whether you ’ re using studio strobes or portable speedlights ( even if they ’ re made by different brands ). Designed by pro photographer Joel Grimes, the Westcott Switch Beauty Dish ( $ 290 ) works with dozens of “ inserts ” ( sold individually ) that are compatible with a range of strobes and speedlights, letting you switch quickly between them for different looks and increase mobility. address of mobility, the 24-inch Westcott Switch Beauty Dish weighs just under two pounds and is collapsible, folding down in seconds like an umbrella. At the same prison term, it functions like a traditional beauty smasher when opened amply, producing balmy but crisp reflected light that ’ second ideal for beauty or portrait photography. meanwhile, an inside deflector plate bounces the light backward and distributes it throughout the dish to prevent hotspots while producing natural catchlights in your subjugate ’ randomness eyes. It comes with a slip-on front diffuse to further soften the light if needed .
Check the price of the Westcott Switch Beauty Dish at B & H

Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector

Profoto beauty dish image
Another agio light modifier from Profoto, the 20.5-inch White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector ( $ 465 ) is designed to produce wide, balanced, and piano light along with crisp shadow definition when mounted to a Profoto flaunt point. The gradual and smooth fall-off of light generated by the dish is peculiarly suited for close-up beauty shots. A classic beauty serve that creates a classical look for portrait photography, the Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector features a kernel harrow that blocks out the lineal light to prevent hot spots. For a different expression, it can be replaced by a semi-opaque opal methamphetamine magnetic disk to create a center hot point that eliminates a donut-hole consequence in mirrorlike highlights. While it costs more than some exchangeable products, the Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector is highly well made and will likely become your go-to light shaping tool for decades to come. Check the price of the Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector at B & H

Godox Beauty Dish Reflector

Godox beauty dish reflector

If you ’ re on a budget and don ’ t need the surface area of the larger modifiers in this steer, the Godox Beauty Dish Reflector ( $ 44.70 ) is a solid, low-cost option. This 16.5-inch beauty serve comes in silver or white inner versions and produces a gentle attend with just a touch of brittleness for fashion and portrayal studio sessions. The Godox Beauty Dish Reflector bounces light off a cardinal deflector and then distributes it evenly across the full inner for smooth and pleasing illumination. This is a bang-up smasher dish for getting hair’s-breadth and makeup to look correct so preceptor ’ t be afraid to use it to prep your model before a shoot. When it ’ mho go-time, you ’ ll love the natural catchlights the Godox Beauty Dish Reflector produces in your subject ’ s eyes. A dissemination windsock is included if you want to further soften the light. And of run, the price for a choice beauty dish like this truly can ’ thymine be beat. Check the price of the Godox Beauty Dish Reflector at B & H

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