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I have never had a foundation stay looking smooth and silky the whole day of me wearing it. I normally wear Estée Lauder doubly wear ( shadow 2W2 ) and it does end up looking a little pugnacious by the time my shift is over. I do have identical oily skin though thus I merely bring a affect up powderize ( CT airbrush gunpowder ) but this foundation ( T1N ) I can not believe it stayed the unharmed sidereal day looking like I good recently applied. This formulation is unbeatable. The entirely thing I noticed is that the warmly interpretation of T1 beloved honey was a fiddling besides leaning on orangy but the neutral nuance is more complimentary to my jaundiced undertone. I do wish there was a Honey Honey T0N being like T1N but just slenderly lighter bc the formulation left me speechless but the nuance T1N is merely slightly excessively benighted. I seriously love this. This is my modern basic liquid foundation garment .

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I wanted to love this, but it didn’t live up to the hype 🙁

I reeeeallly wanted to love this intersection. After seeing all the hype on youtube one was like “ oooh ! This may be courteous. ” But it good did n’t live up to my expectations. The complete is nice/smooth and it is very wax coverage ( a little goes a farseeing means ! ). however, it is not as retentive wearing as iodine was lead to believe ( i found that it does move when petroleum builds up ) and every color leaves a eldritch undertone – literally every color in each shade range starts off looking good, but as it starts to settle the ending looks about grey ( it ‘s hard to describe cuz it ‘s not grey grey, but there decidedly is some eldritch undertone ). I ‘m inactive using it since it is reasonably costly and it is besides late for me to return it ( iodine bought it from the uoma web site immediately ). however, i am uncertain if i would repurchase this in the future. possibly i would if the undertone was n’t thus weird, but i found that in all my photos i am looking rather ailing always since wearing this initiation.

Reviewed by 200 customers

This is SO hard to clean

3 Roxy from Kentucky overall, I do like this foundation. The tad match is good and my hide feels big after I wear it. however, it starts breaking up after about five hours, and that ‘s hush if I use a fascinate flat coat and set it down. My biggest gripe is that it ‘s about impossible to clean this extinct of a foundation garment brush. It dries down and cakes in the bristles so hard that there ‘s no total of soap or scrubbing that can get it out. I had to throw out a beneficial Sigma brush fair because I could n’t get it clean from this foundation garment .

Cakey and gross

1 m from Saginaw, MI perform n’t buy this at Ulta, but no matter how much skin homework I did, my skin looked cakey and disgusting every single time ! wish I could go back and get my money binding because I am super infelicitous with this intersection for how much I spent on it .

This just wasn’t for me

2 Dee, Geek of Makeup from Saint Paul, MN I tried this when it was during Summer to Fall and my view on it may not be equally good as I had hope it would be for this basis. I have dry, oily and normal skin depending on the season changes and when I tried this on it is blend-able it does cover the discolorations and some freckles on my face but not the pimples and scars. During the 8 hour clothing, it will become patchy and if I do use blushes and bronzers at times it will make my skin look cakey and or patchy, when I use other products lightly it ‘ll be o but improving close you can actually see the “ yikes ” spots. Some Uoma products are identical commodity but by far this merchandise was n’t meant for me .

It’s just okay!

3 carissa from Wilmington, NC I did n’t buy mine from Ulta, but I wanted to put my two feel in. First of all I am a foundation garment drug addict, I credibly have over 100 of them in my collection. This foundation is all right ! It ‘s a flatness ending, medium-full coverage, and lasts very well. I have dry skin, and I ‘m in the fair-light shade roll. 170 in fenty for reference. I bought fair dame T1C. The shade is perfect when I first put it on the grimace, but it oxidizes when it dries down, so I would say go one shade down. I can make it work, but pulling it all the manner down my neck, but the undertone, is what ‘s off ! I am a cool tonicity, and fair lady T1C is supposed to be a cool shade initiation, and it ‘s decidedly not. It pulls more warm/yellow on my clamber. Compared to my chest and hands, I about look sallow. besides I ‘m 34, therefore not unseasoned. An I will say if uranium put excessively much, it will look cakey, and superintendent dry. indeed less is more. I think people think, bc of YouTube that you have to load foundation garment on, and you do n’t ! That ‘s for camera, in real number biography you lone need a little piece. Use concealer to finish covering up what you want covered. All in all, this foundation is precisely all right. It ‘s nothing special, but it ‘s not atrocious. I would say if your looking for an option try the L’Oreal infallible fresh wear foundation, or Colourpop ‘s pretty fresh foundation ! They ‘re both the lapp thing, but to be honest both of those are less dry, and do n’t oxidize .

Cake face

1 Jess from Arkansas The fair lady tad I got made my face expression dirty. And it was sol so Cakey ! I had to take it off .


5 gr from florida I ‘m super extremely super pale and it ‘s impossible to find a ghost that truly works with me. this saved me

Great Buy Great Match

5 T. Ann from Royal Oak, MI I truly appreciate Ulta ‘s GlamCam, which I recommended to others with helping with coloring material match. As I arrived in the shop to limit my colors from 3 to 1 the employees were very helpful. They were even explaining the benefits of the product, constantly helpful to have knowledgeable staff❤️

Almost good

4 Greengirl from USA hera ‘s the thing love the formula of the foundation but the shade rate is confusing ! So I could n’t get the olives shades because it was excessively blue for me. I ‘ve seen a pair of reviews and I feel like the olive shades mean medium tan hide then olive undertones. I ‘m gladiolus they came out with like “ cool olive “ and “ achromatic olive “ because olive undertones has a spectrum but my trouble is it ‘s more skin astuteness then skin undertone so I went with the average shades and I felt like I had to to use a blue mixer to get the greens because there ‘s no light olive shades. I hope Uoma adds lighter olive shades specially in the neutral and cool olive spectrum. other than that beautiful basis !

Allergic reaction and wrong color

2 NoelleThe4th from UpperWestchester I do n’t know what the heck the color was, I thought I did a pretty effective job figuring out what I needed based on the shade finder and other reviews, but when I got it and put it on I looked like an excess in Willy Wonka, I was extremely orange. The finish was nice, it was precisely what I was looking for, but for a cool toned basis it should not have made me orange at all. I ended up blending it with the foundation I had been using to try to make it work, but for the price point could n’t justify having to do that on the daily. The final examination smash in its coffin was when I took off the foundation and saw how red and irritate my skin was. I ‘m not sure what ingredient in this foundation garment did it, but something gave me an allergic reaction that took a day to calm down .


1 Madi from Oklahoma City I do n’t know how this basis managed to be cakey and sheer-medium coverage. It barely lasted a few hours tied with flat coat, setting spray, and setting powderize and transferred into everything. When I returned it, the teller said she had only seen people return it .

First foundation that covers and lasts without looking dry!

5 erin from Ohio I have combo/ oily bark and this is my new go to/ darling foundation garment. It just has adept coverage, does n’t look cakey or dry and has a big wear clock time. This initiation has lasted long hours and kept my confront looking bang-up. I ‘d decidedly recommend it for anyone that has more oily / jazz band hide .

Dry and Cakey

1 Pagoda from CO I have greasy skin and purchased one of the fairest shades with the imperial ceiling. I mention the crown color because apparently the rule varies with each ceiling color, which I do n’t wholly understand but that seems to be the case. The first time I tried this it was so extremely liquidy, even after shaking well, that it spread over my skin and sank directly into my pores and lines ( and merely there- leaving the perch of my skin basically uncovered ). It besides sank into the sketch of any “ dry patches ” I had, which is signally because I have very greasy peel. It was therefore badly … the worst my clamber has always looked with any initiation. The next day, I shook the container for about two minutes square, banging it against my early bridge player to mix well, and gave it 5-7 pumps until the consistency became thick. I primed my skin well with a dense moisturizer, which I never do because of my bark type, and this time it went on better but still accentuated any even remotely dry areas and overall looked identical grave. It was very visible sitting on top of the skin and very flat. With clock, as my natural oils inevitably broke through, the foundation started to break up. It was n’t good and I wound up returning it, which is the first time I ‘ve ever returned a product. I was so disappoint because I ‘ve seen sol many great reviews, but I REALLY think your feel and the conceptualization varies depending on that crown color. For me, the purple ceiling was a catastrophe.

Not For Dry Skin

2 noah from Chicago, IL I then wanted to love this basis. The claims were bright, as was the thinly consistency and high coverage I observed when I sampled it. Alas, it does n’t last more than two hours on me without creasing and cracking, no matter what I do. I ‘ve tried different primers, lotions, and oils, sponges and brushes – every flim-flam in my kit – but soon after setting my face I notice creases around my mouth, nose, and forehead that continue to crumble and spread throughout the sidereal day. It clings to dry patches and breaks up sol bad it looks like I have white cheetah print on my face after 5 hours. aside from those mobile areas and some particularly chronically dry places, this formula wears fabulously on the rest of my hide. I merely wish it looked good on my integral face. I decided to keep it to wear as a soundbox makeup for when I want to blend out tangent lines or downplay annoyance from shaving – the thin consistency of this convention is perfect for buffing onto the body – but I wo n’t be repurchasing .

I wanted to love it

2 alaska from Philadelphia, PA This foundation got such glow reviews from some YouTubers I watch, so I was in truth excited to try it. unfortunately, it merely was n’t for me. I gave it 2 stars because it does provide good coverage. however, it settled into my fine lines about immediately. On my brow was the worst, I had 2 lines of basis right in my creases. I have never had it look that bad with another foundation I have used. It besides was patchy in places, specially around my nose. I tried it multiple ways, with multiple moisturizers and powders. I merely could n’t make it look courteous and stay well on my skin. sadly, I ended up returning it .

doesn’t work for me

2 TXMama from New Braunfels, TX I truly wanted to love this, it accentuated my dry spots & broke apart in others .

blahhhh !

2 Asha from Maryland I ‘m not a huge sports fan at all it does nothing special.. nothing about this foundation is memorable and makes me what to grab for it. the undertone was very off and besides red ; nothing about it was neutral. The coverage was all right from what I remember .

Best foundation!

5 Aaliyah from California It ‘s a thin formula so do n’t even feel it on the skin. identical buildable ! It ‘s lasts 8+ hours, I ‘m an necessity actor and the coverage does n’t rub off with a masquerade. I have combination skin so only my T-ZONE gets oils and nothing fail through. If your on the dry side I recommend to make certain you moisturize it can get a allude dry. I love this foundation garment ! Holy grail for me !

I don’t like it

1 MM28 from Raleigh It streaks and oils up direction excessively quick

dry patches

3 jes from tennessee this initiation accentuates my dry spots which is saying something as I have buttery skin. it ‘s besides highly liquidy and has an curious smack. will be returning, unfortunately. it looks very pretty on the spots where I am not dry so that ‘s why there ‘s three stars. so decidedly use a hydrate flat coat first I would say !

Dang good foundation

5 Hammy4315 from Atlanta I was excited to support a black owned post and the ballyhoo over this foundation made me want to try it. The breakdown of their shades is amazing ! ! ! First pick on-line was a winner for me which about never happens. My only review is it seems to be very liquidy, and I do shake it vigorously. I do n’t think it takes aside from the quality just a heads astir. I have to wear a masquerade at work ALL day and while there is transfer bc it ‘s pretty impossible not to have that, this foundation garment has the least sum of transfer. It ‘s not heavy or cakey. It does n’t settle into the fine lines on my face. It looks like my natural peel just good. I will decidedly buy again and recommend this to my friends .


5 erin from your florist’s chrysanthemum I feel like this initiation is the one one ‘ve been looking for. medium buildable coverage with a beautiful finish. love it !

My new go to foundation

5 Hannah A from MI I have very cool toned fair clamber. I normally have to buy either very expensive foundation garment or color correct cheaper ones to better match me. I bought the lightest shade ( white drop ) and this is the first base initiation to match me right out of the bottle. If you have the fairest of skin this is a must have ! I have never seen a foundation range this low-cost go this light. It blends nicely and sits very well on the hide. The ending is matte without being being excessively textured. My alone complaints are that the foundation did fold in my under center area and I found it lone stopped with setting powderize. second, This basis is sold as “ medium- buildable ” which I found was n’t the case. It ‘s actually entirely medium coverage .


3 yellowish pink from USA I have to use a primer with this initiation. It does not apply smoothly for me and I ‘ve found that I have to rub it between my fingers and blend in by handwriting. If I use a smasher blender it applies in patches and does n’t stick to my nuzzle at ALL. I in truth wanted to love this but I ‘ll be finishing the bottle and never buying again. undertone is besides excessively scandalmongering ( T1N ), I was hoping this would be a good victim for the discontinued UD Naked foundation but I guess my research continues .

You can see it on the skin

2 Allie from Atlanta I have dry skin that gets greasy in the T-zone and I purchased white drop T2N. The color is off but it was hard to tell online- it ‘s way besides yellow and colored, and I would probably need the lightest cool shade in this foundation garment, so a true porcelain skin might not find their shade here. I agree with other reviewers to shake it. If you do n’t, it ‘s an oily slippery mess. I apply it with a dry beauty blender and get full, felt coverage. It does n’t look bang-up, it shows a lot of texture and it ‘s not farseeing persistent. Sort of a drug memory quality initiation IMO. Wish it worked better for me !

Bad Undertones

2 head Keish from Columbus, OH first gear, this initiation is not soft matte. It ‘s very greasy deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as I put it on my face, and no sum of powder was helping. It would not set ! besides, the undertone was good awful. I got the shade T2W and it was identical orange. The alone thing that saved it was my concealer and bronze. It ‘s getting returned .

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