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Pedicure Descriptions:

CBD Pedicure – Let your take care weave to a state of dreamy relaxation as this pedicure goes to work. Begin with a review, all natural rosemary-spearmint bathwater foot bath and find a swellness fortune at the end of your pawn ! Next, organic sugar crystals provide easy scale of dead skin cells, revealing healthier, glowing clamber. To finish, legs and feet are massaged in a blend of watermelon and Hi-Bio hangman’s rope CBD petroleum guaranteed to leave your soles glistening. This pedicure includes a CBD Mary ’ s Mint Julep cocktail from the bar .
Signature Pedicure – Sit back, slack, and enjoy our signature pedicure service. We will begin by soaking your feet, trimming your nails and treating your cuticles. adjacent, our nail down artists sooth away tension with our signature metrical foot massage and polish with a fresh coat of traditional polish .
Ultimate Pedicure – The Ultimate Pedicure is our resort hotel ’ randomness forte. This indulgent service begins with a nail shipshape and cuticle work, then callus removal to leave your feet feeling soft and placid. We finish up with a sugar scrub to exfoliate and a foot and leg massage with cooling gelatin to help with aching muscles. Get a fresh coat of traditional polish and leave feeling brand new.

Seasonal Pedicure: If you are in the climate to try something new, our seasonal pedicures are for you ! They include the Ultimate Pedicure service, with a seasonal device and change throughout the year. If its Fall aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin are sure to warm you up as the season gets colder. In the Summer your senses will transported to a tropical island with scents of coconut and love yield. This pedicure besides includes a complemental absolutely paired cocktail or mocktail. Call us today to see which pedicure we are featuring for this temper.

Heavenly Pedicure – You can have it all ! This deluxe pedicure includes complete shaping and cuticle sour followed by callus removal to make feet smooth. adjacent comes a carbohydrate scrub to exfoliate dry skin, which is followed by a foot mask with a hot towel wrap to further soften feet and replenish moisture. Our cooling mousse is then massaged into the feet and legs to relieve aching muscles, followed by another hot towel envelop to stimulate circulation. A paraffin wax treatment is applied to feet, which opens up pores while the paraffin ’ s essential oils leave you with soft, celestial bark. Finish it all up with a fresh coat of traditional polish. This pedicure besides includes you cocktail or mocktail of choice from our bar menu .
The Sportsman Men’s Pedicure – Guys need good feet, besides ! Our Sportsman ’ s Pedicure is an invigorating service that begins with a freshen foot drench followed by nail formative and epidermis attention. next, a foot cancel is applied to soften bark and calluses, followed by a foot and leg massage with cooling gel to relieve aching muscles. To finish, nails are buffed to a glow .

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