NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 4 Poem Beauty

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 4 Poem Beauty

The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Unit 4 Poem Beauty have been given here for your citation. It contains answers to all the questions of the English textbook Honeysuckle. These NCERT Solutions for Class 6 will aid students in getting a clear understand in framing standard solutions .
If asked what are the things that are beautiful, what would be your reply ? Isn ’ t the number excessively long ? Everything around us, the sun, trees, birds, mountains, happy moments, kind gestures- all of them are beautiful. The poem ‘ Beauty ’ of NCERT Solutions says that smasher is everywhere around us .
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NCERT Solutions Class 6 English – Unit 4 Poem

Working with the Poem

Question 1. The poet says, “ Beauty is heard in … ”
Can you hear beauty ? Add a sound that you think is beautiful to the sounds the poet thinks are beautiful .
The poet, Keats, said :
Heard melodies are gratifying ,
But those unheard are sweeter .
What do you think this means ? Have you always ‘ heard ’ a birdcall in your head, hanker after the birdcall was sing or played ?
Answer: We do learn beautiful sounds. For example, when a guitarist plays a guitar, when a fathead sings, when the rain drops fall on the ground, when a soft cinch flows, etc .
Heard melodies are fresh,

But those unheard are sweet.
This means that our resource can go beyond and be tied more beautiful than reality. Heard melodies are the ones which are actually being played around. But the unheard are the ones that our heed plays in our heart, and such sound is dulcet and closer to our heart .
Yes, I have heard songs in my head, retentive after the sung was sing or played. Those are my most favorite songs .
Question 2. Read the first gear and second stanza of the poem again. Note the follow phrases .
corn growing, people working or dancing, wind sigh, rain falling, a singer chanting
These could be written as
• corn that is growing
• people who are working or dancing
Can you rewrite the other phrases like this ? Why do you think the poet uses the inadequate phrases ?
Answer: here are some more examples of such inadequate phrases : stream menstruate, wind fellate, children laughing, gang yelling, etc .
I think the poet uses the short phrases to give a musical rhythm method of birth control to the poetic lines .
Question 3. Find pictures of beautiful things you have seen or heard of .
Answer: Do it yourself .
Question 4. Write a paragraph about smasher. Use your own ideas along with the ideas in the poem. ( You may discuss your ideas with your spouse. )

Answer: “ Beauty lies in the eyes of the perceiver.
The statement is true to its effect. Beauty is how you perceive things. Everything in nature is beautiful. Every worm, tree, implant, human, mountain, river, rain, territory – all of them are beautiful in their own ways. It depends on the person who sees it, whether he/she considers it to be full of beauty or not .



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