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Worth the hype!!

I ‘ve always been besides cheap to pay $ 20 for a blender when I can get one that works for $ 5. I ‘m not afraid to spend however much money on good makeup or even brushes but it precisely seemed airheaded to spend it on a short pink egg ( spoiler alert : I was wrong ! ! ). Well since they came to Ulta I was dying to try one and get it “ free ” when I cashed in my points recently. immediately I ‘m in beloved ! It ‘s indeed different than all my other blenders, it soaks up less product, it ‘s so much bouncier and softer and it precisely merely works better international maritime organization. So glad I went ahead and got two ! Ultas reward system actually is the absolute best besides .

Most Helpful Critical Review

Advice: Don’t Waste Your Money

I was so delirious to try the original Beautyblender. Being a budget buyer, I ‘ve used many Real Techniques sponges before I got about to last using the original. Of course I expected it to be much better than the Real Techniques sponges. There were a couple things that led me promptly fall out of love with my bb : 1. The sponge releases a fortune of pinko color. Pink has not stopped washing out of the sponge since I got it over a calendar month ago. The merely thing I use to clean my sponges is soap and water and it works wholly all right for my other sponges. But for whatever reason, the water was always coming out pink even after I ‘d gotten every last moment of the makeup out. I even found pink color getting on my face from the sponge. That ‘s a huge no-no. 2. The pores are HUGE and do n’t be surprised if you find an abnormally large concentrate or two on the quick study. probably besides the cause why it ends up absorbing and wasting so much makeup even after it ‘s been soaked in water properly. I found myself to be using twice vitamin a much merchandise as I did with my substantial Techniques sponge. 3. Does n’t spread makeup evenly. I ‘ve actually found some knockoff sponges doing a better job of laying down initiation evenly and flawlessly. My advice : Do n’t waste your money. seriously. You ‘re better off buying a real Techniques sponge. not only is it half the price, it besides works much better, does n’t absorb equally much product and decidedly does n’t leave tap spots on your grimace. possibly if you ‘ve never used a constitution sponge before, you ‘d be wowed by the BB, but if you ‘ve used any other sponges, you know the BB could be indeed much better and is n’t at all worth the hype. so for budget buyers and non-budget buyers alike, save yourselves and get you a veridical Techniques quick study. This nonsense is n’t worth your hard earned money. Go buy yourself some good food with that money. Or another lipstick.

Reviewed by 277 customers

The worst

1 Ey from Las vega It feels synthetic and does n’t glide over the hide. Returning

Used to be great, what happened?

3 ELLIE from Lake Elsinore This used to be my holy grail leech. No other brand could compare. I purchased 3 sponges in the past year both cracked by the 2nd use. not only that the quick study has big “ pore ” like holes or something when I look close at it, it ‘s not smooth so when I apply to my foundation it looks like the foundation garment is being applied with a smasher sponge ! no lie. what happened tho ? ?

Best blinder ever

5 Angelab1991 from Clarksville, TN Best blind I ever used. Definitely blends your make up very good .


5 Normita from Antioch good product

The best

5 LaEl from Atl, Ga Love

The holy grail of sponges

5 rachel from Omaha The OG pink is the best and the entirely one I ‘ll use ! !

Price is no longer justified

3 Natasha from USA The OG blend sponge. Very soft and one of the best tools for applying foundation around. The reason I ‘m giving it three stars is the price, which is way besides high. When it first came out, it was hard to find any good alternatives for a lower price, but the commercialize has since become flood with countless more sponges and many of them are just angstrom good and even better for lower prices .

Great sponge!

5 Victoria from Indianapolis After years of only ever using Beauty Blender dupes, immediately I know why people would rave about this. It ‘s indeed airy and blends my makeup easily. It does n’t hold excessively much water system. The merely matter I would change is the shape, but it is n’t atrocious


1 Lucinda from Florida Why is this twenty dollar bill dollars ? ? I do n’t get it. It ‘s no better than any other sponge. Nothing particular about it ! complete heist, they ‘re robbing people blind .

Beauty sponges and I don’t often get along

5 KrysD from Michigan When I beginning started getting back into makeup bb was all the rage from all the smasher youtubers. once I saw the price I said there ‘s no direction I ‘m always buying that ! Over the last 7 years or so the count of smasher sponges I ‘ve tried is astronomic, I ‘ve tried all the ones everyone swears by and even some I ‘ve heard no one citation, beauty sponges and I just never got on very well no count what formula initiation I was using them with. It was like it would lift and move the intersection. inescapably I broke down and bought this master bb and oh my good what a game changer ! No lift and moving the product, even blending of merchandise, does n’t absorb besides much product, leaves my skin looking flawless ! I ‘m in awe, like who knew a quick study could be thus good ? What is this charming !

Great application

4 JMB from California I ‘ve used the beautyblender sword in different colors over the years. My first was the original and I absolutely fell in love, I have n’t stopped using this trade name of sponges ever since I started using liquid foundation many years ago. I had a couple different colors after the original, and now I have purchased the original again possibly 7 years late and it has decidedly changed. It however does a bang-up job on applying my constitution smoothly but the pink color rinses out every single time I wash my blender. I ‘ve used it about 20 times nowadays and it still bleeding pink. It besides tends to keep excessively much of the intersection. But I will continue to use it .

There’s no substitute

5 Jennifer from Chicago I ‘ve been using this OG smasher blender for years. I ‘ve tried others, and none of them compare. I wash with soap every manipulation because it should be used damp – never dry and not sopping moisture. Can be used for any texture product from cream/liquid to pressed and at large powder. tip : Dot or spread liquid foundation onto my face with your fingers and then blend. Do n’t apply your foundation directly to the quick study. then press and bounce ; do n’t rub or drag. I have dry skin and believe the dampen Blender helps with the finish of my foundation garment and fluent appearance. If you take care of it ( clean it every practice ) it ‘ll last longer than it credibly should, lol. I replace every 3/4 months. worth every penny.

I love this blender

5 Kristen Burns from Pittsburgh, PA I am then shanghai with this product because I always blended my initiation with my fingers. well this blended out to a flawless finish with no streak. It actually made my foundation look amaze .


5 ana < 3 from Cali I used to use the real techniques sponge but splurged and bought a beauty blender just to see what the ballyhoo was all about. SO WORTH IT ! It blends my constitution so well and leaves me with a smooth airbrushed, its like magic ! highly recommend : ) worth the money in my opinion .

Love it

5 Jess the Chill Girly Girl from McDonald PA Use this to put on my gunpowder foundation. Moisten it a little bit, beautiful results

Fab, but too much $$$

4 Anaserre from Oklahoma The master Beauty Blender is fabulous. Super bouncing, spongy, not stiff ( like very techniques😬 ) It ‘s just besides expensive and now that there are options that are fair american samoa good at a much lower price..not necessary to buy this. Morphe and Colorpop sponges are amazing. I actually prefer the Morphe leech to the Beauty Blender. It ‘s more bouncy and bouncy. Save your money and try the Morphe mooch !

Not worth the price

2 Giiss from Charlotte Two minor for the price ! ! !


4 Omph from Texas US It ‘s small, but it works in truth well


5 Steph M. from South Carolina It is a capital sponge and I do use it all the time. I would besides note that the price is a little besides high for what it is. There are som drugstore and Indy brands that make beautiful delicate sponges for a fraction of the price .

first time for everything

5 BigM from 0000000 this was my very first beauty blender and I have to say it did my make up truly well. it feels unlike then the others I ‘ve used before and it ‘s so small, but cute, when wet it does get bigger im glad I got 1 now.. Will buy another..

Great product!!

5 Lisa from Clovis Great merchandise and it arrived quickly !

I love it

5 CocoChanel35 from Los Angeles I try so many different Sponge Cheaper ones but nothing shape like this one so that ‘s the argue it ‘s expensive People are complaining About price but if you want something well you need to pay for it

Great Sponge but expensive!!!!!

3 blxndesxoxo from fresh york While this sponge is sol good- it is NOT worth the money. It ‘s a actual sponge ! ! ! ! ! For twenty dollars ! ! ! please save ur cash and buy E.l.f. sponges they are practically the same but literally 1/3 of the price .

Best sponge, still not worth the price

3 AliB from Moscow, ID It ‘s true, I ‘ve tried dozens of sponges across brands and this lil gal is the best. balmy and placid, it plainly helps blend. My skin is not the best, and no early mooch works on me aside from this one. That said, it ‘s a sponge. It ‘s not magic trick and despite its potency, it still needs to be replaced every 3 months. It is plainly overpriced for what it is and it ‘s duration of liveliness. I will use the one I have, but wo n’t be buying another.

Makeup staple

5 Stephhh from TN I always use these ! I apply foundation garment, blush, highlighter, and whatever else that needs to be blended .



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