The 10 best beach towels to consider: Amazon, Wayfair and more

Select is editorially freelancer. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. pricing and handiness are accurate as of publish time. This summer might look a little different than last as some are already preparing for alleged “ vaxications, ” overnight outings and early travel plans. Beach destinations, including Myrtle Beach and Miami Beach, have been top of judgment for travelers, according to data from hotel monetary value comparison locate Trivago. If you ’ ra plan on being by the water this summer, you could besides be searching for a beach towel to bring with you. Unlike other towels you might have at home, a beach towel has to be able to handle the estrus, indeed to speak. “ A beach towel goes through a set of tire and bust. It will be stepped on, exposed to the sun, seawater, chlorine — and used as a tanning bed, cover-up and blanket, ” said Johanna Lundgren, the film director of product and plan at cordial reception tech party Jurny. “ While our instinct is to want a big, easy and downy towel, it is significant to find a impregnable towel that international relations and security network ’ thymine besides thick or it will take besides long to dry, ” Lundgren added. In order to help you find the right beach towel for the summer, we spoke to experts about the common types of towels you ’ ll interpret and gathered a few of the best beach towels out there based on their steering.

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What is the difference between a bath towel and beach towel?

Simply put, experts say a beach towel tends to be bigger than a bath towel. The size of a standard beach towel can range between retailers — popular brands like Brooklinen and Parachute crack options that measure 30 inches by 58 inches and 30 inches by 56 inches, respectively. broadly, most bath towels come in at around 27 inches by 52 inches. part of the rationality that beach towels are bigger is hardheaded : Oversized options are well for lounging on the beach or covering up, explained Lundgren, who oversees the interior purpose and furnishing of guest rooms at Jurny. And bath towels are normally made to be thicker than beach towels in holy order to absorb more water — but that thickness besides means a bath towel can take longer to dry, which isn ’ thyroxine ideal when you ’ re at the beach, she added. stylistically, the two aren ’ t so exchangeable, either — bath towels are likely to be one solid shade as opposed to beach towels, which may come in more colorful prints and patterns, said Susan Tosches, the towel fabric technical on The Company Store ’ s product development team. You can see that fault at companies that carry both types of towels — for example, L.L Bean ’ s cotton bath towels come in colors like “ Bluestone, ” while this beach towel is covered in red lobsters. This might be more about aesthetics than anything — like how white towels can look classic in many bathrooms .

How to choose the right beach towel: Fabric and GSM

How a beach towel feels, dries you and dries itself off : these are important considerations when buying a beach towel. “ People can end up going into a trench rabbit trap when it comes to towel shopping/selection, ” said Mohan Koka, the general coach of the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel in Miami ’ s South Beach. “ As a first pace, it ’ s important to consider your budget, whether you want a towel that is lighter system of weights ( and may not be as durable over clock time ) or if you are will to invest a sting more and have choice and ease with a longer rack-life. ” And while you might think you need to feel a towel in person to tell if it ’ south right for a pool or the beach, experts emphasized the importance of looking at the kind of corporeal a beach towel is made of and the grams per square meter ( GSM ) when shopping on-line .

Fabric: Cotton, microfiber and terry

When it comes to beach towels, three of the most common fabrics you ’ ll see are cotton, microfiber and terry ( aka terry cloth ). “ Towels are woven in unlike ways and the different methods create different feels, ” Lundgren explained. All the experts we consulted agreed that cotton is the best fabric when it comes to beach towels and they recommended those made with 100 percentage cotton .

  • Cotton can be more soft and absorbent while also drying quicker, said Lundgren. There are also common types of cotton you’ll see on towel tags, including Egyptian and Turkish cotton. Egyptian cotton has a finer yarn, making it softer and stronger than traditional cotton, said Koka. Turkish cotton features longer fibers compared to standard cotton, which helps make it much more absorbent, he added.
  • Terry can be made from either cotton completely or a mix of mostly cotton and other materials, Koka explained. Terry towels are woven with loops — similar to how some sweat shorts are. This weave is important in terms of absorbency and weight — with terry, these loops mean there’s more surface area to absorb water but can also make a towel feel heavier, Tosches told us.
  • Microfiber is made from synthetic fabrics, experts explained — often meaning man-made polyester, Tosches said. Microfiber also has an “almost magic ability” to absorb water, making it ideal for cleaning, Koka said. But while microfiber is absorbent, it doesn’t have the same comfortable feel as cotton, Lundgren argued. Those “sand-free” beach towels you may come across are typically made of microfiber.

GSM: The ‘thread count’ of towels

You can think of GSM as the train of thought consider of towels, Koka explained. It ’ south how the slant of a beach towel can be measured, Lundgren said. And like traditional screw thread counts on bed sheets, a higher GSM can come with some caveats. A heavier system of weights can help a beach towel be more absorbent material but might mean it takes longer to dry out, Tosches told us. Koka suggested going for a GSM of 500 or above for a “ hotel quality beach towel ” but besides mentioned that a more medium weight unit could be an option for those on a budget. “ A mid-range GSM around 400 to 500 will ensure a thick and more absorbent towel, but not excessively blockheaded that it won ’ thymine dry, ” Lundgren recommended .

Best beach towels to consider this year

Given the expert guidance we received, we compiled a few of the best beach towels from retailers like Amazon, Target and Wayfair. A few have previously appeared in our guide to the best low-cost beach towels, adenine well.

Best overall beach towel: Amazon Basics

For its affordability, absorbency and average star rating, the Amazon Basics set of beach towels is the best overall beach towel. Each towel is made from 100 percentage cotton. This cotton has been ringspun — Lundgren recommended looking for ringspun cotton as ring spinning creates a narration from twisting and thinning cotton strands — which can help a towel last long. The two towels measure 30 inches by 60 inches each and come in colors like Sky Blue and Navy Blue. It has earned an average 4.5-star rat over more than 6,200 reviews .

Best highly rated beach towel: Utopia Towels

This highly rated set of four beach towels is made wholly from cotton, which experts recommended to us. While the dress is presently listed in the lead three of Amazon ’ s bestselling beach towels, it ’ s the most highly rated out of the 50 featured. It boasts a 4.4-star average over more than 6,300 reviews. Each towel measures 30 by 60 inches and includes ringspun cotton. You can choose between colors like Green and Plum for a meet fixed .

Best affordable under $15 beach towel: Sun Squad

Made from 100 percentage cotton, this towel is besides OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it has been tested for harmful substances. We covered it previously in our usher to low-cost beach towels. While the towel doesn ’ triiodothyronine detail its particular GSM, it ’ randomness described as being in the 300 to 450 range. The towel features contrasting stripes when flipped over and presently comes in four colorways : Black/Gray, Mint/Pink, Pink/Orange and Green/Navy .

Best affordable under $20 beach towel: Wayfair Basics

Another top rated choice, this beach towel from Wayfair ’ s in-house telephone line called Wayfair Basics has earned an average 4.7-star rate over more than 1,800 reviews. The towel is made with 100 percentage cotton with a terry fabric weave that ’ s designed to be absorbent material. The brand says this towel features a GSM of 450. While many colors are presently sold out, the Coral, Green and Orange shades are still in stock .

Best higher-end beach towel: Parachute

Parachute ’ s beach towel is slightly pricier than ones from Brooklinen or, which are below — and it ’ s designed to be a blend of a beach blanket with a turkish towel. The tasseled towel is 100 percentage long-staple turkish cotton with a 380 GSM for a lightweight feel. It measures 57 inches by 70 inches. You can choose between two colorways : White and Clay and Putty and White .

Best terry beach towel: Brooklinen

The post says the towel has a 600 GSM that ’ s slenderly thicker than its authoritative Towel. The towel is made from largely cotton with a terry back that ’ mho supposed to be absorbent. It ’ mho towel measures 34 inches by 70 inches. Brooklinen ’ s beach towel is besides designed with three colorful patterns that are meant to resemble waves. There are three prints to choose from : Cabana, Sunset and Wave Runner. It measures 34 inches by 70 inches .

Best microfiber beach towel: Dock Bay

Another choice that was featured in our roundup of low-cost beach towels, this beach towel is made from microfiber, a blend of both polyester and polyamide. This fabric is meant to help the towel be both sand-resistant and quick dry, the post says. You have two choices for sizes — Large, which measures 63 inches by 35 inches, and Extra-Large, 78 inches by 35 inches. You can besides decide between colors like Cayman Khaki and Waikiki Coral Red for the stripes on this towel. It has earned an average 4.6-star rate over near to 1,500 reviews .

Best round beach towel:

This bangle towel is made from terry fabric and features a cotton tassel trim all along the border. It ’ mho designed to be oversized, measuring 60 inches by 60 inches in sum. It comes in three distinct designs — including an orange slice, a daisy and one that ’ sulfur printed with the words “ one with the sun. ” Out of the three, the orange cut seems to be the most popular with shoppers, earning an average 5-star rate over 100 reviews .

Best oversized beach towel: Laguna Beach Textile Company

We previously covered this top rated beach towel alongside other low-cost beach towels. The company claims the towel features a 630 GSM. It measures 70 inches by 35 inches for lounging round by the pool or staying on domain at the beach. The 100 percentage cotton towels presently come in six colorways including Black & Gray and Marine Blue & Seaglass Green. It has earned an average 4.6-star military rank over more than 1,400 reviews.

Best personalized beach towel: Mark & Graham

With this beach towel, you can choose between monogramming or personalizing it with a phrase or mention for an extra tip. The towel is made from turkish cotton that the brand says has been treated with a spinning proficiency to make it more soft and absorbent. This towel measures 40 inches by 72 inches, with tassels trimming the bottom. It comes in five colorways : Orchid, Red, Turquoise, Sky Blue and Yellow. Catch up on Select’s in-depth coverage of personal finance, tech and tools, wellness and more, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

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