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Result Driven Skincare for All Skin Types

As a cosmetic pharmacist founded company, we ’ ve seen firsthand how the current market is saturated with products that are basically equitable smoke and mirrors. We promise to be diaphanous and help you cut through the clutter because at the end of the day, our finish is the same – to feel confident in our own clamber.

We only use premium choice ingredients that have been scientifically provento be effective.Combined with our patent engineering, we elevate these performance-driven actives to deliver formulas that not only work but function flying.

Our report

Hello, my name is Ron Robinson.

(CEO of BeautyStat)

I started in the beauty industry over 20 years ago working as a cosmetic chemist where I developed many of Clinique ’ s best-selling products, before taking on product development roles for other brands like L ’ Oreal, Revlon ,
and Avon.

As my have in the industry grew, I was systematically approached by beauty editors to help clarify any confusion surrounding raw ingredients and formulations. I realized that I could help consumers cut through the clutter to make better leverage decisions. I felt there needed to be an on-line community where people could connect with beauty experts. then, I stepped out of the lab and created the BeautyStat web log.

During this time, I had many colleagues, friends, and family ask me if I would consider starting my own brand. I constantly answered the same way, “ The world doesn ’ thyroxine need another smasher brand. ” There were already so many out there, and my finish was to help consumers maneuver around the confusion, not add to it.

That was until an old colleague and beloved friend approached me with a revolutionary newly technology to stabilize active ingredients such as pure vitamin C which has so many benefits for our skin but is ill-famed for being unstable. I ’ ve spend my entire career trying to solve this trouble and we finally did after spending the next 5 years in the lab, research, and experimenting .

5 patents late, BeautyStat Cosmetics was born and with it our leading product, the Universal C Skin Refiner – the world ’ mho inaugural serum containing 20 % static and pure vitamin C that stays potent from first gear drop to last, never oxidizing or turning brown.

Since our launch in 2019, we ’ ve grow quickly as a company, developing a wholly line of award-winning skin care products. As we continue to seek out advanced newly ingredients and technologies, we are always guided by the belief that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own peel .

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