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RN to BSN Nursing Programs

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General Education Courses
Total Quarter Credits: 180
Total Hours: 1155
80 weeks, Average Hours/week: 15

Transfer of Credit

The RN to BSN program is composed of 180 quarter credits. Azure College will transfer a sum of 76.5 credits from the scholar ’ randomness conferred Associate academic degree of nurse. The 76.5 remove credits are broken down as follows : The RN-BSN broadcast requires a scholar to complete a total of 54 general education courses. The scholar will complete 22.5 cosmopolitan department of education courses during the program sequence and the remaining 31.5 will transfer from the Associate degree. The remaining 45 credits will be transferred based on the scholar ’ south RN licenses .

Additional Admissions Requirements

entrance fee to the RN to BSN choice requires that the comply requirements be met :

  1. Associate Degree in nurse from a Board of Nursing approved nurse platform
  2. Current, unrestricted license to practice as a register nurse in USA ( International applicants must validate credentials with an approve National Association of Credential Evaluation Services NACES agency ) or an NCSBN-compact state of matter .
  3. satisfactory completion of prerequisite general department of education courses
  4. Pay the application fee required
  5. scholar must provide proof of stream CPR card and HIV/AIDS aim .
  6. The College reserves the right to conditionally accept students into the course of study based on the keep up criterion .

  7. Associate Degree in nurse from a Board of Nursing approved nurse program
  8. Proof of Authorization to Test ( ATT ) letter from a Board of Nursing
  9. student will have the duration of the course of study to provide a stream, nonsensitive license to commit as a record breastfeed in USA ( International applicants must validate credentials with an approved National Association of Credential Evaluation Services NACES agency ) or an NCSBN-compact state before a diploma can be issued.

Program objectives

The primary educational objective of the RN to BSN plan is to increase the career and educational opportunities available to registered nurses in the Azure College ’ south service region. Graduates of the program will have a broader sympathy of the nursing profession and will bring that sympathy to the practice of nursing in their places of use. Graduates will be prepared to assume some Leadership and management roles.
Upon graduation, students will be able to :

  1. Synthesize cognition from the biological sciences, social sciences, behavioral sciences, humanities and nurse to provide appropriate culturally sensitive care to individuals, families and communities .
  2. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication, collaboration with other professionals and leadership and management skills .
  3. critically analyze and lend oneself research findings to nursing practice related to disease prevention, health promotion, illness care and renovation of health .
  4. Utilize critical think skills to evaluate the outcomes of harbor care .
  5. Serve as customer advocates by providing health education and in monitor and promoting access to cost-efficient concern .
  6. encourage lifelong memorize and create a foundation for graduate study .
  7. Integrate professional values and ethical, moral and legal aspects of breastfeed into drill in a variety of structured and unstructured settings .

Course Descriptions

Program schedule

The program can be completed in 54 weeks .

Program delivery

Residential .


knight bachelor of Science in nursing



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