Face care

How do you take care of your face?

A facial care everyday that benefits your skin is based on elementary but regular steps : cleansing, scale and humidify. Depending on your peel type and your problems, other facial products can be used to complement the three main stages of facial care .

Cleaning and removing makeup from the face

Cleansing and/or removing makeup is the mandate step before bedtime. Whether it ‘s a milk cleansing agent or a micellar body of water, these cleansing products remove impurities and makeup from your skin, arsenic well as contamination, perspiration, sebum, etc.
For complete cleaning, choose a facial cleansing agent suitable for your clamber type. Whether it is a cleansing gel, bar, mousse or lotion, Avène expression products have been formulated with respect for sensible and intolerant skin. Their gentleness preserves the bark ‘s hydrolipidic film, unlike soaps that are besides aggressive.
In the dawn, the first dance step to radiant hide is washing your boldness. It removes excess sebum, sweat and dead cells accumulated during the night.
Cleansing around the eyes requires even more care. Our eye constitution removers are designed to respect the fragility of this area of the face.
The last necessity footfall for docile ablutionary is a spritz of Thermal Spring Water Spray. It perfects cleansing and makeup removal by removing traces of the milk cleansing agent or micellar water. In the case of cleansing mousse or foam, it gently removes chlorine and limescale from solicit water thanks to its comfort, softening and anti-irritant properties.

Moisturise your skin daily

Using a humidify font intersection every sidereal day will :
• Revive the complexion
• Protect your skin from external aggressors ( contamination, cold, wind, sun )
• Prevent dryness and dehydration
• Meet your hide ‘s needs and delay the signs of ageing
We recommend these face care products, to be applied with docile strokes on clean skin :
• Use a humidify skim with SPF in the dawn.
• Comfort your skin with a night-time intersection desirable for your skin before bedtime.
• Use particular treatments for localized areas such as the eye contour, acne spots, scars, inflammation.
To reinforce the effectiveness of the creams and provide your skin with a real manage treatment, our laboratories have designed face serums adapted to different skin needs ( radiance, hydration and anti-wrinkle )

Weekly facial scrub

To remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell refilling, complete your facial routine with a hebdomadally skin exfoliation. You should only use this product once or twice a week maximal to respect the sensitivity of your peel.
Avène Gentle Exfoliating Gel gently exfoliates the skin on the confront thanks to its cellulose and jojoba wax microbeads. Skin texture is refined and the complexion is more beaming.
The facial scrub should be used on clean skin. To fully benefit from this discussion, finish by hydrating your skin intensely. The ideal solution : the Soothing Radiance Mask to very bathe your skin in hydration.
complete your facial care routine
Taking care of your face besides involves a healthy life style that will benefit the health of your skin.
• Limit exposure to the sun, protect yourself from UV rays with sun protection suitable for your phototype.
• Keep yourself sufficiently and frequently hydrated.
• Eat a balance diet.
• hire in regular physical natural process.
note besides that stress, lack of sleep and smoke are other factors that cause clamber problems and previous ageing.

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How do you choose the right face products for you?

Having beautiful skin requires implementing a everyday adapted to every person. Age, gender, skin type and needs all play a contribution in determining the right boldness products.
• The Cleanance range offers products for buttery or acne-prone skin.
• The Tolérance Control range soothes irritated skin.
• The Tolérance Extrême range takes manage of reactive skin on the boldness.
• The Hydrance crop provides acute hydration for dehydrate sensitive skin.
• The Les Essentiels scope offers a protective and energising routine to make sensitive skin glow.
• The Antirougeurs range reduces red.
• The A-Oxitive range offers antioxidant and anti-ageing action for your face.
• The Physiolift scope slows down the appearance of wrinkles and tightens and firms the skin.
• The DermAbsolu range restores density, animation and consolation in suppurate hide.
Avène laboratories have besides formulated face products adapted to different imperfections and areas of the face to be treated.
• The Cicafalte scope soothes, repairs and purifies irritated skin.
• The Cold Cream face range nourishes and protects dry areas or areas damaged by the cold .



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