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The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance ( ANZIIF ), besides known as the Institute, is a professional association and education supplier for the indemnity and fiscal services industry in the Asia-Pacific area. ANZIIF was founded in 1884, making it one of the oldest professional associations in the area .

history [edit ]

The victorian Insurance Institute was formed in July 1884 and was followed by the New South Wales Insurance Institute in August 1884. In 1911, the Western Australia Insurance Institute came into being and the South Australia Insurance Institute did then in 1913. Across the Tasman Sea, the Insurance Institute of New Zealand ( IINZ ) formed in 1937 through the amalgamation of the Insurance Officers Guild of New Zealand ( formed in 1920 ) and the Faculty of Insurance ( formed in 1933 ). The federalist Institute model had been proposed in the first place in Australia in 1887, but it was not until 1919 that the express Institutes formed ‘The Incorporated Australian Insurance Institute ‘ ( the news ‘Incorporated ‘ was dropped in 1960 ).

In October 2000, members of both the AII and IINZ voted to merge the two professional associations and the new name of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance was adopted. The australian state-based Institutes, who continued to operate, followed suit in the adjacent twelve months, becoming fully affiliated with the new body. The year 2004 marked 120 years since the first Institute was established and in 2015 ANZIIF celebrated eleven wins as the leading provider of insurance and fiscal services education, education and master services membership in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific. [ 1 ] In October 2013, Prue Willsford was appointed CEO of ANZIIF. [ 2 ]

cap [edit ]

The Institute ‘s master coat of arms, granted in 1982. The ANZIIF coat of arms, peak and badge were granted in 1982 by the College of Arms. [ 3 ] The coat of arms of the carapace on the coat of arms consists of an azure cross potent symbolising insurance, in particular accident and life indemnity. Two anchors and two flames represent nautical insurance and security/hope and the flames symbolise learning. The crest incorporates a helm with a wreath and four books that are dedicated to the study of life, fire, accident and marine insurance. They are encompassed by a chain which symbolises security and integrity of purpose. The badge of the carapace symbolises policy and teach. The supporters, a lyrebird ( Menura superba ) and a wedge-tailed eagle ( Aquila audax ), were chosen to be different from the traditional australian kangaroo. The wedge-tailed eagle in particular because it symbolised military capability and imagination. The motto E Scientia Utilitas translated to the Institute ‘s motto Service through Knowledge. The Institute ‘s logo was modernised in the late 90s with conventionalized versions of the two birds, shield and books .

membership [edit ]

membership Levels [edit ]

ANZIIF offers six membership levels with a concentrate on providing a pathway for insurance professionals throughout their careers. [ 4 ]

Student Membership ANZIIF students enrolled in an award course module will automatically be awarded student membership status. Students who successfully obtain a qualification for an award course will receive a free membership upgrade for the rest of the year in which they completed the course.
Allied Allied members predominantly work in the service provider area and support the insurance industry but do not have insurance or finance qualifications.
Affiliate CIP Affiliate Certified Insurance Professional members have completed the levels of education and knowledge that are required and regulated in each area that ANZIIF operates. In Australia the criteria for entry into the Affiliate level is successful completion of ASIC Compliance (Tier 1 or 2) and in Hong Kong the Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination (IIQE).
Associate CIP Associate Certified Insurance Professional Membership is open to financial services professionals who have completed a specific insurance/finance qualification equivalent to the ANZIIF Certificate IV level.
aged Associate CIP Senior Associate Certified Insurance Professionals are financial services professionals who have completed a specific insurance/finance qualification equivalent to the ANZIIF Diploma level.
Fellow CIP Fellowship is the highest level of ANZIIF membership, representing insurance professionals who have completed post-graduate qualifications in financial services and have strong technical knowledge of, and experience in, the industry.

CIP program [edit ]

The ANZIIF CIP ( Certified Insurance Professional ) program is recognised [ by whom? ] as the standard of professionalism for the policy and fiscal services industry. [ 5 ] CIPs are policy professionals who have obtained an ANZIIF qualification or recognised equivalent, sustain up-to-date technical skills and cognition through a broadcast of professional development and bide by the ANZIIF Code of Ethics.

Faculties [edit ]

ANZIIF members are grouped into Faculties which concentrate on specific areas of expertness. [ 6 ] These groups get specialised content, forums to discuss and network, a tailor library of articles and are led by industry specific boards. The Faculties are :

  • Faculty of Insurance Broking
  • Faculty of Risk Management
  • Faculty of Claims
  • Faculty of General Insurance
  • Faculty of Reinsurance
  • Faculty of Life, Health & Retirement Income

Member Services [edit ]

Members of ANZIIF have access to a range of penis benefits including : on-line master development, a library of newsworthiness and articles, networking forums, Faculties with sew content, scholarship programs, an diligence journal, mentoring program, events & conferences and advocacy. [ 7 ]

education [edit ]

ANZIIF is a read train Organisation ( RTO ) and provides education and trail products and services to the indemnity and fiscal services industries. AQF qualifications are offered via distance learn and on-line and are open to members and non-members of ANZIIF. They are offered in the sectors of general indemnity, policy broking, passing adjust, life policy, gamble management. ANZIIF runs Tier 1 and Tier 2 RG146 programs, the minimum train required by the australian Securities and Investments Commission ( ASIC ) by individuals selling fiscal products. [ 8 ] bodied train programs and RTO options are provided for companies in the diligence who do not have their own RTO or train arms. On the shortstop path level, ANZIIF provides a compass of conferences, seminars, trail and network opportunities to members and non-members to support the careers of insurance professionals. [ 9 ] In 2015 ANZIIF announced a collaboration with the National Insurance Brokers Association, wherein ANZIIF would become NIBA ‘s prefer supplier of broking education. NIBA College ceased to take new enrolments from this point ahead. [ 10 ]

Community [edit ]

corporate Supporter Program [edit ]

The Corporate Supporter network comprises a diverse group of companies, large and minor, who all have the lapp desire to see the diligence and its people succeed. The corporate Supporter plan was introduced to fund projects that benefit both the indemnity industry and the public. The plan has three main goals :

  1. Promote and lift the profile of the insurance industry
  2. Support people working in the industry
  3. Help communities understand the role insurance and risk play in their lives.

Careers [edit ]

A miss of understand of indemnity and opportunities to work in the industry prompted ANZIIF to create the Careers in Insurance enterprise. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] This inaugural highlights the scope and size of the industry, ampere well the huge hint of work opportunities. 100,000 copies of a ‘ Careers in Insurance ‘ booklet were given to every high school, university, clientele school and TAFE in Australia and New Zealand. A web site was besides designed to educate the public on the importance of the insurance diligence to the community and its career opportunities .

diligence Awards [edit ]

ANZIIF hosts both the australian policy Industry Awards and the New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards to honour the achievements of companies and individuals within the indemnity market each year. [ 13 ]

References [edit ]

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