Among Us: 8 Hilarious Impostor Memes

This is one of the most meme-ified games in history, but these are in truth hilarious. While Among Us was initially released back in 2018, it alone sincerely gain popularity much later in 2020, after many popular Twitch streamers played the game with friends online. Since then, Among Us has been solidified as a huge contribution of pop culture ; not alone being updated with modern maps, modes, roles, and cosmetics but besides getting tons of democratic physical merchandise and even its very own manga .
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Of course with every popular series, film, or video bet on, comes the flood of hilarious memes. Among Us is by far one of the most meme ‘d games at the here and now, and it does n’t seem like the fanbase is slowing down anytime soon with the queerly creative content they keep pumping out day after day. here are some of the most hilarious ( and sussy ) Among Us memes about being the imposter.

8 There’s A Little Impostor In All Of Us

Among Us Impostor Twitter Meme
sometimes games hit a act closer to home than one would hope. In this hilariously relatable tweet, Among uracil fans can ultimately take a much-needed pace back from all the fun and games to realize how alike Among Us can feel compared to real life sentence at times .
possibly pretending to get some knead done while the boss makes their rounds around the office or running off to avoid awkward battery-draining social interactions are relatable enough ( specially for any shy introverts ), but hopefully, there are n’t any Among Us fans out there that have been venting in real animation !

7 Marinate Before Frying

Among Us Impostor Trust Meme
It ‘s a bazaar strategy to butter up another musician just to leave them as a apparently legitimate excuse, but it does n’t make the treachery any less irritating. Marinating in Among Us is a popular strategy that involves an imposter following a crewmate around the map in order to gain their confidence .
The solid idea around marinating a crewmate is to slowly form a shackle, allowing the victim to vouch for the imposter, therefore clearing their name before committing any actual kills .
This may be a absolutely acceptable strategy in Among Us, but hopefully, it does n’t ruin any friendships for players in real life outside the game !

6 Sometimes The Truth Isn’t Convincing Enough

Among Us Impostor Headache Meme
It ‘s one thing to lose a game because a fabricated floor did n’t hold up or the arguments were n’t convincing adequate, but to be voted out by the integral gang when the imposter is person else is a whole different story. Among Us, unfortunately, brings out the best of everyone ‘s ability to lie ( or ability to “ act ” ), and sometimes those sneaky impostors are precisely excessively slick with their bluffs .
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sure, migraines, high blood pressure, and stress headaches can very hurt ; but getting sussed out by the entire crowd when the truth was on one ‘s english the integral time truly hits unlike and is a hale early kind of pain .

5 Fitting In With The Crowd

Among Us Impostor Poser Meme
Among Us has surpassed the point of popularity where alone active players will understand the memes. Just about anyone these days can easily recognize the colorful ( and sus ) Among u beans. While a fairly simpleton plan, the Among Us crewmates have made a name for themselves in nowadays ‘s pop culture .
Nowadays, merely about everyone can join in on all the hilarious Among Us memes about sticking out as an imposter or faking everyday tasks .
however, it ‘s even a fun theme to try the game out at least once or twice with a handful of friends. How else will everyone get to appreciate all the playfulness new hats ?

4 Who’s A Good Impostor?

Some say there ‘s a deplorable doge meme for good about anything and this meme proves that argument true. This meme is a hilarious writhe on the original meme about everyone asking their pet dogs “ who ‘s a good son ? ” and never “ how ‘s the good son ? ” Of course, there ‘s a dangerous plot going on, but would it kill the crewmates to stop and ask if the impostors needed a quick break or uplift pep spill the beans ?
It seems like the ill-famed internet doge just ca n’t catch a break ; whether he is the good male child or the imposter !

3 Plenty Of Space Under The Bus

Among Us Impostor Framed Meme
It may not feel all that great, but sometimes, when given the function of the imposter, there ‘s just no early option aside from going for a quick stamp out and blaming another innocent crewmate. Framing one another is barely another separate of the game ; do n’t take it besides personally if this ever happens !
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This great diversion of the ill-famed Eric Andre meme absolutely captures what it ‘s like to be in the chaos of an intense game of Among Us. This celebrated meme is so incredibly suit, it about feels as if it were made for Among Us, and its fishy beans !

2 From One Famous Bean To Another

Among Us Fall Guys Impostor Meme
not besides farseeing ago, Among Us and Fall Guys were on acme of the global and were at the forefront of both gaming newsworthiness and popular memes. Everyone agreed that both games were great, but then came the question : which game has the better beans ?
rather than put the two adorable character designs up against one another, why not celebrate the two ? In this hilarious meme, everything is turned top down, and suddenly the adorable Fall Guys bean is the leery odd one out amongst the mum but madly Among Us crewmates .

1 Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Among Us Impostor Fellow Kids Meme
While the original translation of this meme was meant to make fun of older people trying to fit in with younger kids, this fits the composition of Among Us about perfectly. Trying to fit in and not act sus is a huge region of the bet on ; one wrong move or bumble in a sentence when presenting an excuse and the entire game can be lost in an instant .
many games strictly depend on the player ‘s skill level, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and early things along those lines. however, in order to win in Among Us, it ‘s not all about the gameplay. Acting as if nothing ‘s faulty and the kill and sabotage buttons are n’t there ( when they in truth are ) can make a world of a difference .
Any draw a bead on actors should possibly consider getting into Among Us and making a acquire as imposter their first ultimate trial !
Among Us was initially released June 15th, 2018, and is now available on Android, io, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S .
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