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AMC Loews Webster ( aka Webster 12 ) is a multiplex movie dramaturgy on Empire Boulevard in Webster. The theater has ‘RealD 3D ‘, closed caption, assisted listen devices, and is wheelchair accessible. They offer AM ticket deduction prices for movies shown before noon and have military price available on weekends. They besides sporadically offer sensory Friendly Films for families affected by autism .
This build sits on the locate of what was originally a drive-in movie field until the mid-to-late 1970s when it shut down
The original build up was an 8-plex movie theater which, at the time it, was one of the – if not the – largest multiplexes in the nation. After respective early theaters converted to 8- and 10-screen theaters in the early 1980s, Loews Webster ( the “ Loews Theaters ” ) added four more screens ( along the spinal column “ T ” ) to become the dramaturgy with the most screens ( 12 ) once again. That did not final long as other companies promptly added screens to existing theaters across the nation and began building much larger multi-screen complexes. Across from the entrances to the back four screens, you could see what was the original away concrete wall .
Concessions were run by Ogden Allied Services for respective years until Loews took over the concessions circa 1987. The theater had always sold hot dogs, which was a bit unusual for a movie theater at the time but, during the postdate few years, the dramaturgy besides experimented with new concession offerings including pretzels and ice cream.

Around 1989 the dramaturgy was renovated and relabeled “ Sony Theaters. ” part of the renovation meant removing the large bird’s-eye scene of classic movie actors and actresses that appeared on a big section of the main lobby wall, visible from a distance through the theater ‘s large, upper berth front windows. It was over the chief concession stand and included celebrated figures including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra and others .
The concession stands and the ticket offices were significantly changed, creating a larger front concession counter and moving the ticket booths from two windy, outdoor windows ( one larger window on one side inside a glass enclosure and a single, smaller window on on the other side ) to a big at heart rejoinder .
respective years late ( mid-to-late 1990s ) the Loews name appeared on the build once again after Loews Theaters was merged with Cineplex Odeon Corporation to become Loews Cineplex Entertainment .
In 2006, Loews Cineplex Entertainment merged with AMC Theatres to become AMC Entertainment. Although the company became AMC, Loews remained an AMC stigmatize and many theaters operated under the Loews name, including the Webster theater .
In 2012, AMC was purchased by dalian Wanda Group, a chinese conglomerate which planned to invest $ 500 million renovating AMC Theatres countrywide .
In 2013 the Webster manifold went through a multimillion dollar renovation to add respective amenities and improvements :

  • New huge, leather, electric reclining seats in all theaters. This change cut the issue of seats down to about a quarter of the former measure. They are spaced far apart and sit on steps to allow for a limited stadium seating effect. These seats are sets of two with a center armrest, with cup-holder, that lifts up to transform into a love seat. When in full reclined the seats are about vertical.
  • New drapes, curved screens and floors american samoa well as a big come of disabled induct was added in each dramaturgy.
  • Brand fresh concessions including a turbo chef machine, an oven and coke freestyle machines. The fresh equipment allows for more menu items like pizza, curly fries, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and chicken sliders. They besides added new LCD signage with big, bright animated menu ‘s. The concession stand itself was moved out of the center of the lobby and over to the left side. The side and rear concession stands were removed entirely.
  • The corner office was renovated and includes Animated LCD Menu ‘s. Automated ticket machines were besides installed promote along the right side of the anteroom. Seating is now reserved so the box agency besides has a screen to show available seats in each dramaturgy.
  • The bathrooms in battlefront were moved and renovated to include things like Dyson blade hand dryers. The rear bathrooms were enlarged slightly and remodeled.
  • New carpets, tile in the lobby, lighting, wall art, tinge scheme and even some new rampart treatments.
  • The outside was painted and a newly AMC sign of the zodiac put up. The old Marquee sign in the front was change into another bombastic AMC sign. The park distribute was repaved and repainted .

Webster AMC besides hosts Blessed Hope Community Church ‘s Sunday morning worship services at 10:30am.


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2011-09-26 11:52:53 What a poor excuse for a movie field. Bad experience started american samoa soon as I walked in the door. When I bought the ticket, the cashier asked me if I was a member of ‘Stubs ‘ ( AMC ‘s customer commitment card program ), I said no. He then asked me if I wanted to join, to which I politely said no. He then angrily said “ Do you evening KNOW what it IS ? ? ” I could not believe the discourtesy ! ! He even had the audacity to then hand me a calling card to do a customer satisfaction sketch !
I then went over to the concession stand, and after waiting a copulate minutes to get the attention of the staff member, he was decelerate, utter one bible responses and barely seemed to be thus annoyed that he actually had to do his speculate. I only ordered raisinets and a chocolate, therefore all he had to do was hand me a box and an empty cup, and I felt like I was putting him through an ordeal. then the coffee was lukewarm and reasonably watery. At the Regal or Tinsletown you can get a Starbucks for the same price ( $ 4 ) .
Inside the theater, there are dried rivers of pop on the floors, there are no cup holders ( probably the lawsuit ), the seats are hard and uncomfortable and do not look like they have always been cleaned .
then, the silk screens that are supposed to pull back once the ads are over and the movie starts, did not retract until one-half direction through the film, masking about 2 feet of riddle on each side .
Do yourself a favor and go to Pittsford Cinema, one of the Regals or Tinsletown. In this state of disrepair, and with the regretful staff they should not be charging wide price. — Dlacy
update : After filling out the on-line survey, I did get an electronic mail back the same day from the coach, apologizing and stating he would address the issues with the people involved. He besides offered a exempt movie spend and barren soda/popcorn coupons ( I declined ). Until major changes are made, for me, it is not adequate to tempt me bet on.
2011-09-26 16:47:38 When I was a pull the leg of, this was THE home to go .
now … not sol much. Decent enough for a weekend matinee with the kids, since we live close. It ‘s getting pretty worn, and it shows. I ‘ve been there twice in the by couple of months when I ‘ve ordered small or medium popcorn at the concession stand, they ‘ve given me a big, and then tried charging for the more expensive price. Hard to tell whether it ‘s been barely an supervision or designed embroider .
And yeah, being asked about the firm program is truly annoying. — RichMulvey
2013-07-13 09:40:27 Wow. This place has improved since the recent renovation. Everything has been fixed or improved. But how does a not stadium seating movie field compete with the bad boys ? Reclining seats of course .
This dramaturgy has gone from drab and dull to bright and vibrant. — phasedma

2013-07-13 20:54:46 Yep, the topographic point is wholly remake, peak to bottom. The deviation is amazing. not entirely is it physically far better, but the employees act as if they actually enjoy their jobs !
downside : You ca n’t show up two minutes before the indicate and expect to get a seat together with early people. even midweek shows for movies that have been out for a while end up with the field about completely filled up. — richmulvey

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