11 Affiliate Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Own Program

Starting an affiliate broadcast involves recruiting content creators ( affiliates or affiliate marketers ) to place links to your website on their own blogs or social media accounts .
Whenever person clicks an affiliate link and purchases your products or services, the affiliate whose associate they clicked is rewarded with a cash affiliate mission. The affiliate has a direction to earn passive voice income, while your commercial enterprise generates more leads and sales through the consort ’ s product recommendations and quality capacity .
We put together some of the best broadcast examples out there to help you start a high-quality consort program for your business .

11 of the best affiliate marketing examples (affiliate program examples)

To help your on-line occupation plan its own stellar affiliate market plan, we ’ ve rounded up 11 of the best affiliate marketing examples from both B2C and B2B businesses.

Keep in beware : The consort program examples on this tilt are run by larger businesses, so the commission structures offered might not be sustainable for a inauguration or smaller business merely starting an affiliate broadcast. still, these successful affiliate broadcast examples offer plenty for businesses of all sizes to learn from .


possibly one of the largest and most celebrated consort broadcast examples out there, the Amazon consort program has undergo many evolutions. presently, it ’ second known as the Amazon Associate program .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • An established, credible name in the affiliate space, which makes it easier for affiliates to bring in conversions
  • Millions of Amazon products for affiliates to promote, allowing each affiliate to easily select different products that fit their niche. Amazon’s affiliate program offers flexibility, while still staying completely on brand.
  • Different affiliate linking tools are available for larger websites, individual bloggers, and social media personalities
  • Up to 10% commission (but the commission rate varies by category)
  • If someone follows an affiliate link and adds the promoted product to their cart, the affiliate earns a commission on the customer’s entire cart.
  • A companion “Amazon Influencer” program is available for higher-profile content creators. It offers similar benefits, plus a custom Amazon page with a unique URL where an affiliate can share all the products they recommend. (Even though it has “influencer” in the name, this program is an extended version of Amazon’s affiliate program.)



Skillshare offers on-line courses on a variety of topics, including photography, ocular arts, and business management .
Skillshare ’ sulfur consort program has gained prominence because many social media personalities use it to promote the brand on their channels .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • Affiliates earn a commission on both free trial signups and paid subscriptions
  • A personal, real-time dashboard lets affiliates track all their traffic, referrals, and payouts in real time
  • Reliable monthly payouts keep affiliates happy
  • Affiliates can share exclusive monthly rotating offers designed to engage their audiences
  • Affiliates can access the entire Skillshare catalog and promote the courses they think their audience would be most interested in
  • Affiliate links have a 30-day cookie life, which allows affiliates to earn a commission on purchases up to 30 days after someone clicks on their link



The rental brand that redefined vacation stays has a two-pronged affiliate program to grow its business from both sides – hosting and renting as a guest .
Airbnb offers a celebrated affiliate program exercise, but most of the platform ’ s key features ( including commissions ) are kept under wraps and known to affiliates entirely .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • Requirements to be an affiliate are clear (passion, relevance, versatility, creativity, an audience with high intent to book stays, and a minimum monthly visit count of one million), which helps ensure both affiliates and Airbnb will be successful in the relationship
  • An affiliate questionnaire (shown below) further verifies potential affiliates are good fits
  • Two segments of the affiliate program, for referring hosts and guests, allow for closely targeted messaging
  • Access to promote more than 4 million Airbnb properties in 191 countries

Airbnb affiliate program
RR CTA start affiliate program


Leadpages products let businesses promptly create, optimize, and track the success of landing pages, pop-ups, leave bars, and early lead forms that direct prospective customers to landing pages .
For affiliates, Leadpages offers one of the most competitive commissions in the occupation – up to 50 % on its proved cortege of spark advance genesis tools .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • A 10-50% recurring commission (applied to renewals and upgrades, as well as initial purchases) helps motivate affiliates
  • Tiered commissions: The more conversions an affiliate makes in a month, the higher their total monthly commission rate (40% when monthly sales via their link are over $50; 50% when monthly sales are over $3,000).
  • The program is backed by a time-tested product that’s easy to sell
  • Special offers, such as bonuses for converting a certain number of new customers by a given date, keep affiliates engaged and add variety to the program
  • Affiliate dashboards supply links to Leadpages content that affiliates can use in their promotions (this includes weekly Leadpages webinars!)
  • Top affiliates with 20+ customers per month can offer exclusive Leadpages deals and packages through their channels
  • Affiliates have the opportunity to host an affiliate-exclusive Leadpages webinar
  • Affiliate links have a 30-day cookie life, which credits affiliates if a purchase is made within 30 days of their link being clicked



Email autoresponder AWeber ’ second affiliate program is an interesting font. They actually refer to it as a “ referral program ” and “ advocate platform, ” despite their fall back commission structure following the standard consort model .
still, the plan is well-designed and has some great takeaways, which is why we ’ ve choose to include it here as an affiliate broadcast example .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • Enticing call to action for interested promoters: “Can we pay you every month?”
  • A 30% recurring commission: Every time a customer renews their AWeber subscription, the affiliate who generated the lead continues to receive a 30% commission. This incentivizes affiliates to promote to potential customers with rewards the best product fit.
  • Easy tracking: Affiliates instantly know when they’ve made a sale, and can easily monitor their clicks and sales for given periods
  • A playbook with everything advocates need for starting their partnership with AWeber
  • Continuous affiliate training through newsletters, which help affiliates become more successful
  • An affiliate portal with promotional resources, including banners, video ads, and badges
  • Long-lasting cookie life means affiliates can receive credit for a purchase made within a year of an affiliate link click (as HubSpot reports). This model recognizes the long B2B buying process.



fair as ConvertKit helps creators grow their business through e-mail market, their successful consort program has helped both their own business and the gross of their affiliates grow .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • An affiliate training course is hosted by a top affiliate, who knows exactly how to achieve the most success with the program
  • A 30% recurring commission, allowing affiliates to earn more cash every time someone they recommended renews their subscription. This incentivizes affiliates to promote to potential customers with the best product fit.
  • Detailed qualifications (a trusted audience who might benefit from the product, a natural talent for promoting, and knowledge of how to connect people with their needs) ensure better chances of sales success
  • The program call to action focuses on helpfulness before monetary benefits. This works well because ConvertKit understands how important it is for the content creators it recruits as affiliates to maintain audience trust, even after they start promoting.
  • An affiliate dashboard where affiliates can easily track conversions from individual affiliate links
  • Assets like videos, graphics, and even webinars help affiliates achieve conversions
  • A commission calculator shows affiliates how much they stand to make in monthly commissions if they follow best practices and convert renewing customers – also a great tool for promoting the ConvertKit program!

11 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses to Draw Inspiration From 1


Landing page and pop-up book software Unbounce has designed their partner broadcast ( affiliate program ) to focus on marketers helping other marketers, although anyone can sign up .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • Unbounce clearly understands who makes their best affiliates – marketers and agencies who can recommend Unbounce to peers and clients at small/medium businesses
  • A 20% lifetime commission: Affiliates earn more cash every time someone they referred renews their subscription. This incentivizes affiliates to promote to potential customers with the best product fit.
  • A dedicated partner coach helps nurture successful affiliates, and is just an email away if affiliates have questions
  • A custom dashboard for affiliates to track clicks, purchases, revenue, and strategies all at once
  • A wealth of promotional and training materials to help affiliates motivate even more conversions and grow as partners
  • Flexible payment options in multiple currencies
  • Customers who buy through an affiliate link also get special assistance, extra benefits, and an exclusive 20% off their first three months of Unbounce

11 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses to Draw Inspiration From 2


Ecommerce chopine BigCommerce ’ s people-first approach, competitive commission, and wide used product avail make their affiliate partner program attractive for affiliates .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • A 200% commission for affiliates on the first month of standard subscriptions purchased through their link, and a flat $1500 on enterprise purchases. No commission caps or minimum commitments
  • Higher commission tiers offered to top affiliates
  • Reliable payment schedules keeps affiliates happy
  • An affiliate dashboard gives affiliates a comprehensive look at their clicks, free trials, sales, and accumulated commissions
  • Pre-made, high-quality banners, emails, and other assets make promotion even easier for affiliates
  • The ability to link to BigCommerce blogs and webinars tailored to an affiliate’s audience
  • A dedicated affiliate expert helps each affiliate reach their goals, with tailored strategies to help an affiliate increase sales and grow their own business

11 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses to Draw Inspiration From 3


HostGator provides WordPress web hosting for businesses and personal brands of all sizes. Its affiliate broadcast is probably one of the best known in the WordPress hosting space. In fact, you ’ ve probably already seen several affiliates recommending HostGator .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • Tiered commission scale: The more sales an affiliate refers in a given month, the higher commission they earn on each sale
  • An attractive example of earning potential on the promotion page motivates affiliates to join
  • A three-step explanation on the affiliate program promotion page shows the program is easy to understand and use
  • Affiliate program terms and conditions are easy to access, even before an affiliate joins the program
  • A team of experts help set affiliates up for success right away
  • Affiliates can provide discount coupons to their audience
  • An affiliate dashboard keeps affiliates updated with reliable referral tracking, and provides promotional resources
  • A knowledge base contains robust resources for affiliates

11 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses to Draw Inspiration From 4


Wix is a web site design and print platform that makes site-building beautiful and easy. When Wix users sign up to advocate the platform as Wix affiliates, the product much markets itself .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • A $100+ commission payout, with the potential to earn bonuses for a high numbers of conversions
  • Affiliate terms and conditions are easy to access and review, long before someone joins the program
  • Robust affiliate knowledge base with everything affiliates need to succeed
  • An intuitive dashboard helps affiliates understand how successfully they’re driving conversions. Affiliates can “track traffic, view detailed statistics, customize reports, check payments, and more.”
  • Promotional banners and affiliate landing pages are available in many languages, and are regularly updated so affiliates always have fresh promotional materials
  • A product that promotes itself via an affiliate’s Wix site makes it even easier for affiliates to drive conversions

11 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses to Draw Inspiration From 5


Online course partake and commercial enterprise build platform Kajabi helps businesses and individuals share their cognition with the earth .
The mark offers an affiliate plan with unique high-level perks and a prove track record of success. Kajabi started the affiliate broadcast because its customers were already sharing the platform, and they wanted to recognize these advocates for helping them build their sword .
even if you can ’ thymine afford to offer perks a expensive as car payments, Kajabi ’ randomness affiliate program example illustrates how brands can use tiered, exclusive rewards to keep their partners motivated .
What makes this affiliate marketing example stand out?

  • A 30% lifetime commission: Affiliates keep earning a recurring commission as long as the people they referred keep renewing their paid Kajabi subscription. This incentivizes affiliates to promote to potential customers with the best product fit.
  • Increasing commissions and attractive, exclusive bonuses as affiliates advance through different tiers. Elite tier affiliates receive monthly payments towards the car of their choice.
  • Early tiers feel attainable (just one referral is needed for the first tier bonus), while top tiers feel exclusive
  • A newly revamped dashboard gives affiliates full access to Kajabi’s own best-performing marketing campaigns, including which audience types different campaigns are best for, and the best practices for sharing each campaign
  • Affiliates can easily track their success via their dashboard
  • An exclusive partner community invites affiliates to learn from other partners, support other affiliates, make connections, and find the best affiliate strategies
  • Launch campaigns and contests coming soon, creating even more affiliate engagement

11 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses to Draw Inspiration From 6

Wrapping things up: Start your own affiliate marketing program

After seeing these 11 stellar affiliate course of study examples, we hope you ’ ve gathered tips and inhalation for your own affiliate program ! As all of these consort marketing examples have shown, you can start a successful affiliate program of your own .

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