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Are all Rides included in the entry price?
Yes, they absolutely are ! You pay one entry tip then you have access to all of Adventure World ’ s 28 rides, waterslides and attractions like Aussie Wildlife. What are your ticket prices?
We offer a number of ticketing options which are available for individuals ( children, adults, seniors – who entirely require proof of age 60+, pension/concession card holders, students ) and families or small groups. You can see a full list of our tickets and prices hera.

I have a Discount or Promotional Offer – How do I redeem it? 
Please refer to the specific conditions or restrictions that apply to your discount or promotional propose cautiously, specially for dates it may not apply. valid discounts or offers can only be used for ticket purchases at the Main Entrance and not for on-line bookings. No offer can be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Seniors : Guests 60 years and older can either present a valid Seniors batting order or proof of age 60+ to be eligible for the seniors rebate.

Pension/Concession : Guests must present a valid concession, Pension, Health Care, Veterans or Student poster to be eligible for the deduction. Memberships :
Do I need to book a ticket to guarantee my introduction as a Season Pass member ?
No, your submission will be guaranteed with your valid Season Pass. however, you will need to book a Date Specific Ticket for your discounted supporter of Season Pass Member in orderliness to guarantee their entry. Can I buy discounted tickets for guests, using my Season Pass benefits, at the gate ?
No, you must pre-purchase your ally of Season Pass Member Date Specific tickets on-line, in advance. Tickets are only available for a specific date, and until sold out. To avoid disappointment, pre-purchase your discount Date Specific Friend of Season Pass Member tickets here.
Can I enter the park without my Season Pass card ?
No, in order to gain entry to the parking lot, you must present either your forcible or digital Season Pass calling card. You must besides have a valid photograph attached to your membership in regulate for it to be valid. If you have not submitted a forefront and shoulders persona of yourself, the membership can not be used. Adventure World has a FREE partnership with Stocard. Stocard is a digital wallet app that will allow you to store your Season Pass cards for easy access across the season. The app is free to use, and is available for both Apple and Android users. For your convenience, I ‘ll link the app below :
Apple Users
Android Users
Can person else use my Season Pass ?
No, Season Passes are non-transferable and can not be used by anyone other than the nominate pass holder. A legible photograph must be attached to each member ’ randomness Season Pass visibility for the Season Pass to be activated, and for a extremity to enter the ballpark. Photos can be emailed to our team at feedback @ adventureworld.net.au, or taken on arrival at the park.

I paid for a Membership card but it hasn ’ t arrived
General circuit board postage fourth dimension can range from 7-10 occupation days, if you believe it has exceeded this time, please contact us on ( 08 ) 9417 9666 or email feedback @ adventureworld.net.au so that we can track down the location of your cards.

I ’ ve lost my Membership poster
Please see our Guest Services team when you are future travel to Adventure World for a successor card for a $ 5 tip. Please note : entrance to the park will not be granted without presenting either your physical Season Pass wag, or your digital Season Pass batting order. What is a Standard Season Pass ?
A Standard Season Pass allows access on standard deal days.
Excludes 26 Dec to 31 Jan, Good Friday & Events.

What is a Premium Season Pass ?
A Premium Season Pass allows access on standard trade days.
Excludes Good Friday & Events.

What is a Platinum Season Pass ?
A Platinum Season Pass allows access on standard trading day plus a host of extra benefits Do you offer a Spectators Fee?
No, Adventure World does not offer a spectator pump ’ mho tip. however, we do offer a limited Access Pass for $ 25 ( temper 2021-22 monetary value ) for our Guests who may be medically ineffective to participate, or entree our attractions ( pending an Access judgment with our team ). Please see one of our admissions team members or call 9417 9666 for further information.

Do you offer discounts for Groups?
Yes, a discounted ticket price is available for groups of 30 or more. Please see our Group Bookings foliate here for more information.
Do you host Children’s Birthday Parties?
No. venture World does not presently host children ’ s birthday parties ; however, we have some handy tips and tricks hera if you wish to host your own.   Do you sell Gift Cards?
We surely do !
NB. We recommend that you DO NOT purchase a Day Ticket or other specific product and give it as a endow – It will alone be valid for the remainder of the season during which you purchased it. Whereas a Gift Card is valid for 3-years from the date you purchase it – We believe that is a much better option and it avoids the disappointment associated with your recipient equitable assuming because it was gifted that it is valid for 3 years and the ticket or intersection die. Please avoid this disappointment. E-Card or Physical Card – You can besides choose to purchase your Gift Card as a Digital Voucher to email to the lucky recipient role, or as a physical Gift Card hera. I’m pregnant? How much  is it for me to enter and what Rides can I use?
We offer a limited Access Pass and for the 2021-22 Season it costs $ 25.00. Please inform one of our Front of House team at a Ticket Booth so that they can ensure you are charged the correct price. Please be advised that Medical Documentation may be requested. here is a tilt of the rides and attractions you can calm experience

  • Aussie Wildlife & Koala Kingdom
  • Yarli’s Safari Ride
  • Kingdom Falls Interactive Aquatic Play Structure
  • Rail Rider (subject to our ability to correctly fit and secure the safety restraint bar)
  • Kahuna Falls (excluding waterslides)
  • Bumper Boats (subject to your ability to safely enter and exit the boat)
  • Main Lagoon Pool

If I purchase a Cabana or Kahuna Balcony Reserved Seating, is entry to the park included?
No, entry is not included with your Cabana or Kahuna Balcony Reserved Seating booking. These need to be purchased in addition.
Please remember that Cabanas and Kahuna Balcony Reservations have strict capacity limits in relation back to how many Guests they can hold ; Cabanas : 5 Guests Kahuna Balcony Reserved Seating table : 6 Guests overcrowd of Cabanas & Kahuna Balcony Tables will most probably resultant role in members of your group not being permitted into the Cabana or Kahuna Balcony Reserved Seating area. It may besides affect our ability to provide you with the Food & Beverage service that comes with a Cabana or Kahuna Balcony Reserved Seating. What is Aqua Cash?
Aqua Cash allows you to treat your entry wristband like a virtual wallet. You can load up the measure of your choice ( up to $ 100 ) to your entrance wristband and use it as a debit card for the day ! Any funds not used at the end of the day are amply refunded. More details, see Aqua Cash. Guests with Disabilities or particular Needs :
– Do I still need to pay entire price ?
We offer a limited Access Pass for $ 25 for our Guests who may be medically unable to participate, or access our attractions ( pending an Access judgment with our team ). Please see one of our admissions team members or call 9417 9666 for farther data. A guest who produces their Companion Card is entitled to 1 detached of charge companion so that their company can provide attendant manage support during their visit.

– How do I know what Rides & Attractions I can experience ?
Upon submission into Adventure World, an access judgment will be carried out to determine which rides and attractions can be experienced safely by the guest. This assessment, which is a series of questions, will be carried out by a penis of our Front of House team. Once the assessment is completed, the guest will be issued with a watchband which identifies which attractions can be accessed safely on their visit.

Alternatively, please head to our Guest Services Desk, or contact our team on 9417 9666 to complete this judgment.

– What services/facilities are there for me ?
Toilets at Adventure World volunteer facilities designed for access by Guests with mobility disabilities. These facilities can be found in the following locations – Main Change board block, Central Yellow toilet pulley, Dragon ’ sulfur Kingdom and Abyss.

– I am bringing a guest who has a cognitive disability with me, what things might help me ?
To reduce the amount of time waiting in line at Main Entry we would advise you to pre-purchase tickets online. During your visit, should a guest with a cognitive disability become over-stimulated or need some down time, please drumhead to our First Aid board which is centrally located near the Main Lawn. For any queries before or during your sojourn, please talk with our Guest Services Team who can be contact on 08 9417 9666 or in person at the Guest Services Desk.

– Where should I park ?
For guests with an ACROD Parking Permit, we have respective bays available in the Main Carpark which is located on the corner of Progress and Gwilliam Drive. There are besides drop off bays immediately out the front man of the Main Admission Gate. What time of day do the Rides stop operating?
During quiet periods, the Rides & Attractions may run on session times. detailed information, including the times that each drive or slide will be operating, will be posted at the Main Entry on arrival, and at each ride or slide location. When planning your day, please keep in mind that the queue to a depend on or waterslide will close earlier than the advertise drive or park close time to ensure that operation of that ride or waterslide ceases at the advertised time. Do your rides and waterslides run on seance times ? Yes, on certain days our rides and waterslides will operate on school term times. On these particular days, detail information, including the times that each ride or skid will be available, will be posted at the Main Entry on arrival, and at each tease or slide location. On sealed days, Dragon ’ s Kingdom will besides operate with Tour Guides. This means that a number of our team will be stationed in Dragon ’ s Kingdom, and they will create a guide enlistment of all the rides in Dragon ’ sulfur Kingdom. Tours will be available all day, so look out for any ride that is in operation, and join the enlistment ! Ask your Tour Guide where you ’ ll be heading future, or for the placement of our other tours. When is the park open?
The days that we open change across the season – Please refer  here for our day-by-day trading calendar. trade hours besides vary throughout the season, however are typically between the hours of 10.00am and 5.00pm, or 10.00am and 6.00pm during January. NB. Ride and waterslide submission queues will close earlier than the advertise park conclude time to allow enough clock time to empty the line up in fourth dimension for the ride or waterslide to cease operation at the advertise park close up clock. What happens during inclement weather?
Weather forecast not looking flash ? There are some poor weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lighten, strong winds or persistent rain to name a few that will result in Adventure World closing for the day. If this circumstance occurs during criterion day trade, we will communicate a Park Closure via our web site, Facebook and Instagram pages by 7.30am on the day. Ff you are ever diffident whether the weather will be a problem, we strongly recommend you check our web site, Facebook or Instagram pages after 7.30am on the sidereal day in question, anterior to attending.

The majority of attractions will continue to operate throughout periods of rain. All rides are subject to handiness on any day of your chew the fat.

On days when rain has fallen heavily and constantly for a menstruation of one hour or more during standard operate hours, Adventure World may offer Guests, who approach Guest Services, a Rain Guarantee Pass for a chew the fat on another day. For more information, please head to the Ride Maintenance & Interruptions page. What Rides and Waterslides are suitable for very young and young children?  
Adventure World offers something for the entire class. The enchanting Dragon ’ randomness Kingdom is specially designed for youthful children aged 0-8 years of age, and features 8 rides and attractions including Kingdom Falls that all designed for them to experience with an accompanying adult or creditworthy person aged 16-years and over. In addition, the Aussie Wildlife Experience, Sky Lift and Koi Pond will entertain the little ones for hours ( and until they are ready to graduate to Kahuna Falls ) They can besides experience Grand Prix Race Track & Buccaneer Battle. Please check out our list of attractions suitable for adventurers under 120cms here : Under 90cms : Kingdom Falls ( accompanied ) Yarli ’ s Barrel Spin ( accompanied ) Yarli ’ second Safari ( accompanied ) Mat Slides ( accompanied ) Aussie Wildlife Experience

90cms to 99cms : Buccaneer Battle ( as an accompany passenger ) little Leaper ( alone ) Rail Rider ( riders under the long time of 10 must be accompanied by an adult who can comfortably reach the pedals ) Dragon Flyer ( unaccompanied ) Dragon Express ( accompanied ) Barnacle ( accompanied ) Yarli ’ s Barrel Spin ( unaccompanied ) Yarli ’ mho Safari ( unaccompanied )
100cms to 109cms : Mat Slides ( alone ) Kahuna Falls ( unaccompanied ) Race Track Passengers from 102cms ( unaccompanied or accompanied driver or passenger ? ) Dragon Express from 105cms ( unaccompanied ) barnacle goose from 105cms ( unaccompanied ) 110cms – 119cms : tunnel of terror Wahoo Speed Slide Sea Serpents rocky Rapids Tidal Wave Or checkout our across-the-board steer here : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.adventureworld.net.au/assets/Uploads/Which-Ride-Suits-You-1920-Online-dk-condensed.pdf What are the requirements for the rides?
Each ride has its own acme, weight and easy detail requirements, see the entire tease listing for details.
Questions about the Safety Stations?
You can read the frequently asked questions here Can I hire a locker ?
Yes, there are a range of lockers for hire for prices between $ 8.00 and $ 15.00. They range in size desirable for 5-6 wallets and phones, to 4-5 backpacks. belittled : $ 8.00 medium : $ 10.00 boastfully : $ 15.00 note : lockers that include a key will besides require a $ 5.00 deposit in accession to the lease cost. Deposits are amply refundable, on return of the locker key to the Guest Services desk. Are there smoking locations / facilities?
Yes, there is a Smoking Area located near the bathrooms to the south of the main submission. Guests are besides permitted to leave park with their wristband on, should they wish to but no fume is permitted within the main submission area to the park. Can I bring a pet with me?
No, you cannot bring your pet with you to Adventure World – Theme parks unfortunately are not set up well to accommodate pets. Please do not leave them in your car. Even on mild days, it’s dangerous for animals to be left in a vehicle. Most people understand that if pets are left in cars during hot weather, they are subject to dangerous conditions, but there really is NO safe situation to leave your pet unattended in a vehicle. Even if the weather stays mild, cars are made of metal and glass which absorb heat, so they can heat up quickly at any time of the year.   Assistance Dogs –  Registered Assistance Dogs are decidedly permitted into the park, however for safety purposes, must not enter Ride Zones, water bodies or Aussie Wildlife Park Service animals will need to be in uniform, while in the parking lot. What should I wear?   Do you have a dress code?
 – General
When using waterslides, riders must be in blank and close attire that is loose of metallic properties and jean. Eye clothing of any kind, jewelry or any other unleash items are not permitted.

 – Appropriate Swimwear Dress Code
We are a family themepark and discourage the wearing of  G-strings, V-strings, Brazilians or similar style bathers are not in line with guidelines reproducible throughout australian Waterparks and Aquatic Centres. If you do wear any of these types of bathers in the park, you may be asked to cover up, switch, or to wear a couple of shorts. What shade is available? Can I bring my own tent?
There is a meaning measure of natural nuance across the park from the meaning number of established trees we have dotted across the place. We besides encourage you to bring your own nuance social organization to avoid disappointment if other shade is already in use. For base hit reasons, we do not permit pavilion style shade structures on the Main Lawn ( directly opposite the Main Entry ), however small dome expressive style start up shade tents ( under 3 x 3m in size ) are welcome on Main Lawn. Marquee dash Shade Structures can be installed on Chillout Lawn which is to the right-hand side once you come through the Main Entry. What to do about lost property?
Any detail lost on the day, please reputation to Guest Services or contact us.
Can my children attend on their own ?
It all depends on how erstwhile they are – Some can not, and others can. It besides depends on whether or not they are participating in any of our pools or waterslides, in which case their ability to swim is besides significant

  • 0-5 years old and non-swimmers: A parent, guardian or carer needs to be in the water at all times and within arms’ reach of the child. It is best if you are engaging with your child i.e. playing with them, talking to them.
  • 6-10 years old: Constant and active supervision from a responsible person aged 16 years or older is required. Parents, guardians and carers must be within direct line of sight, actively observing and be prepared to enter the water with this age group.
  • 11-14 years old: It is advised that parents, guardians or carers should regularly check on their child by physically going to where they are in or around the water.

Please be mindful, that as a parent, defender or carer of a young child under the age of 10, it is your responsibility to maintain changeless supervision of them AT ALL TIMES. Adventure World can not supervise or observe new children at all times and all children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied and amply supervised by a responsible adult ( 16+ years ) at all times whilst in the ballpark. What is your COVID safe plan?
Adventure World takes its fun badly, and the health and safety of those who visit flush more seriously, which is why when you visit us this temper, you may notice some changes to your experience, read about them hera.
How do I go about getting a job at Adventure World?
We recommend following us on social media and keeping an eye on our careers page for any available positions.
Where can I find all of your Terms & Conditions?
Please click here to see all Terms & Conditions.
What are the conditions of entry to the park?
Please snap here for the Conditions of Entry. Can I bring my own Food to Adventure World ?
Excluding events, yes you can bring your own cinch, however, no commercially organize food, food prepared at another commercial venue, fast food or alcohol is permitted to be bought into the park. There are enough of grassy areas for you to enjoy a picnic. Can I purchase Food at Adventure World ?
Yes, we have a diverseness of food & beverage outlets that can cater for any appetite ! From Pizza, salads, sushi & rolls to burgers & hotdogs.
Can I bring alcohol into Adventure World ?
No, BYO alcohol is not allowed, but we do have a Fully Licensed Café selling a assortment of beers, wines and mixers.

Do you have BBQ ’ mho ?
No, for guard reasons Adventure World does not offer BBQ ‘s for private consumption. Can I bring a BBQ ?
No, for guard reasons BBQ ‘s besides can not be brought into the park .



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