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A Quick Little Jewellery Haul
Hello everyone ! It ’ south Mew here with a quick little catch for you guys. I realise that I have never made a one mail about jewelry and accessories here on our blog so today I thought I ’ vitamin d do just that !

For the longest time immediately, Accessorize has been one of my go-to places for picking up all my basic jewelry essentials. They normally have some pretty strange and attention-getting stuff which always strikes my concern, specially when it comes to chunky necklaces and outsize earrings. But recently I ’ ve found myself being drawn to more delicate, dainty accessories as opposed to the bigger, bolder statement pieces that I used to spend my time collect .
For that reason I ’ ve very fallen in love with their z for Accessorize wrinkle which is actually delicate jewelry plated with aureate and rose gold. obviously this range is much better quality than the average metallic element pieces you find in the high-street stores so it ’ south much longer lasting and retains its color for longer .
This workweek I bought a few of the gold plated pieces for myself. My absolute darling of which being this adorable garroter. I have an obsession with moons and stars, particularly when it comes to my jewelry so a soon as I saw this, I immediately knew that it was going to fit my stylus to a T. The chain is so fine as are the charms strike the perfect harmony between playfulness and elegant. Altogether I ’ thousand merely therefore in love with it .
To match, I besides got a small watchband that I can wear around my wrist, besides with some dainty little star charms scattered all across the front of the chain. This is one of the pieces of jewelry that I fair never ever want to take off. I in truth think it ’ s so madly beautiful and on top of that, it ’ s so weightless. I can barely feel it on me when I ’ meter wearing it .
next, I got a metric ton of rings. I don ’ t know what it is about rings but I have such a fixation with them. They just look so cool and when you pair them by rights, they can add a very decadent vibration to your look. The ones I got are a set of aureate stack rings which came in a packet of three, a gold scalloped on east which I think looks like a little crown, ampere well as an adorable short dazzle snake. ( on my leave index feel ) Just look at how cute he is !
The final gold plated thing I got was this pair of thin gold wicket earrings. I know they were a swerve this summer so I truly wanted to try them out ! I love the subtlety of these and I think they look very good following to the early gold pieces.

And then the final thing I got is something a little different. It ’ s this delicate little spiral watchband from their crop of rose gold plated jewelry. The pendent reminds me a draw of a chakra symbol which gives it a more extra palpate I think. I never actually tire much rose aureate in the past, but I can decidedly feel myself getting into it more, particularly with fall equitable around the recess. This watchband good has such a lovely, warm burn to it I think and on exceed of that, the pinko beads in truth give it such a beautiful lift .
therefore that ’ s it for today ’ randomness jewelry haul. A lot of the pieces are fresh into the store so they don ’ triiodothyronine seem to be listed on the web site so far but I ’ ve linked any I could above if any of you guys are matter to !
postscript : This international relations and security network ’ t a sponsor post. I just thought I ’ five hundred partake my raw jewelry with you in case you might see anything you ’ d like. ^_^
That ’ s all from me for now. Thank you guys sol a lot for reading and I ’ ll see you identical soon in my adjacent video/ blogpost !
-Mandy twenty

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