Introducing Surface Laptop 4 and new accessories for enhanced meeting experiences

Microsoft ’ sulfur hardware bequest stretches back more than four decades to the early days of personal calculate. As Windows build up and inspired new computing experiences, newfangled Microsoft hardware accessories helped people interact with them. At this intersection of hardware and software, charming experiences are possible. This core belief is at the heart of every merchandise we build at Microsoft, and it ’ s particularly true of our surface products. For about a ten, Surface has pioneered breakthrough experiences that immerse people in their creative stream, eliminating clash that often exists between people and technology. Surface allows people to adapt to newly ways of working and creating through innovative and versatile devices that offer premium design and operation, quality type and trackpads, exceeding cameras and mics, and immersive touch screen display technologies. From the scholar learning on their Surface Go or Surface Laptop Go, to the cognition worker on their Surface Pro 7+, to the creative master working on a Surface Book 3, these products now serve as a lifeline to connections, contented and work. It ’ second inspiring to consider all that can be achieved on a Surface .
For years, Surface Laptop has stood apart from the crowd with craft unlike any early. We ’ ve spoken about how much we believe the details matter – and that conviction is rewarded when we see surface Laptop systematically hold the highest customer satisfaction rating in its class. [ 1 ] When we explore what customers like most, we hear a singular shuffle of merchandise capabilities and finely details. For some, it ’ sulfur all about the satisfying typing experience and Alcantara finishes. For others, it ’ s the immersive capabilities of touch, video quality, our 3:2 displays and dependable app compatibility. We, excessively, believe that a device ’ second performance goes beyond what can be measured in specifications. We hear from customers that Surface Laptop ’ s performance stands out not only because of what it can do, but besides because of how it speaks to the senses and inspires people. We have been hard at work, continuing to innovate while preserving the elements customers love most about this product. We ’ re pleased to introduce Surface Laptop 4 .
Surface Laptop 4 is, inaugural and foremost, optimized for Microsoft experiences. It retains the iconic purpose, details and materials that our customers love. With our signature 3:2 PixelSense touch screen displays in 13.5 ” or 15 ” models, customers can choose from Alcantara or metal finishes in a variety of bluff colors you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate grow anywhere else, including a newly Ice Blue polish. Surface Laptop 4 offers a built-in HD front-facing television camera with incredible low-light capability and a studio microphone array, ensuring you ’ ll come through forte and open as you connect with love ones or participate in a crucial virtual work meet. With the 201 PPI, high-contrast touch screen display, and Dolby® Atmos™ Omnisonic speakers, you ’ ll get a cinematic experience that immerses you in your favorite movies and shows from the comfort of anywhere. Whether through the vibrant touch screen display, boastfully trackpad with gesticulate confirm, or its industry-leading type experience, Surface Laptop can adjust to your prefer work flow. Surface Laptop 4 offers a choice between either the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, or AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors with Radeon™ Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition ( 8 cores ) ; in either casing, you ’ ll find a polish experience that powers modern, multitasking demands. Across both options, we ’ ve partnered to customize silicon in ways that boost performance while offering better battery life. On the outside, you see style and sophistication. effortlessly lift the screen door, and this product will draw you into your menstruate. From the position, living room, coffee shop or classroom, nothing comes conclusion to this intersection ’ s spirit and feel.

Surface Laptop 4 joins Surface Laptop Go to provide a diverseness of Laptop options. Choose your perfect color, size and monetary value. Starting at $ 999.99 USD, Surface Laptop 4 is available to order today in the US, Canada, and Japan, with extra market handiness in the fall weeks. Orders will begin shipping April 15. surface fans in the US who purchase Surface Laptop 4 through or before April 15 will receive Surface Earbuds as a special give, on us. [ 2 ] 😉

Accessories to optimize your virtual meeting experience
With deep roots in personal computer accessories, we ’ ra gallant to offer a width of keyboards, mice and other accessories that feel tailored to individual needs – specially as we work, memorize and play from home. In late years, we ’ ve added audio accessories like Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds that begin with incredible acoustic quality, comfort and functionality wrapped in Surface ’ s iconic design ethos. nowadays, as people adapt to a spectrum of singular bring environments, we ’ ra responding with a newfangled assortment of audio and television accessories certified for Microsoft Teams and great across all your favorite video conferencing apps. Each of these products offers plug-and-play functionality for seamless setup, great sound recording or video to make you look and sound your best, LED indicators to know your Teams status, and on-device call controls to keep you in the flow. additionally, most accessories feature a dedicate Teams button to bring Teams to the movement of a crowd screen or cursorily join your following meet .

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