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The Nintendo Switch is already beloved for its excellent plug-and-play gambling experience. however, gaming with the Nintendo Switch gets flush better once you ‘ve picked up some of the right accessories. This number takes you through some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories you can buy correct now, from microSD cards and controllers to grips and docks. Keep in mind that these products are all designed for the master Nintendo Switch console, which you can play on your television or in hand-held mood. While many of these might work with the new Switch OLED and smaller Switch Lite, such as the controllers, several items on the list wo n’t because of the size differences in design and shield or miss of video output. ( There may be other versions to buy that are compatible with the Switch Lite. ) Also see: Nintendo Switch OLED Restock : Where to Find a comfort sarah Tew/CNET

Nintendo ‘s Switch Pro Controller feels better to play with than any other third-party life-size Switch control we ‘ve tried. The Switch Pro Controller is besides between $ 60 and $ 70 to buy. The PowerA radio receiver accountant comes closest to the feel and design of Nintendo ‘s Pro accountant, and you can normally get it for $ 40 to $ 50, depending on the design, from Amazon, Best Buy and other sources. The PowerA radio restrainer does n’t have HD Rumble, IR or Amiibo NFC patronize like the Switch Pro control does, but it does have apparent motion controls. It ‘s besides available in game-themed versions including Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokemon. Its one add feature of speech is two extra buttons on the bottom of the restrainer that can be mapped on the fly. besides, while the original version of the Enhanced Wireless Controller ran on AA-size batteries, the newest models have a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 30 hours of gameplay .
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Attach the bantam USB-C dongle to the Switch and you ‘re adept to play with this whippersnapper, comfortable gambling headset. It uses the company ‘s lossless 2.4GHz radio for ultralow-latency wireless connectivity. I never experienced any dropouts or imprison while using them, but SteelSeries includes a cable if you want to use it if you do n’t want to risk it. The noise-canceling mic is detachable and the earcups turn and lie flat for easier travel. These will work with the Switch Lite, adenine well .
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This splashproof hardshell shell is fair about all you need to protect your switch if you want to play on the go. Slim, light and form-fitting, it barely adds any bulk. It might not look like a fortune of security but my kids and I have dropped them respective times and the Switch survived unharmed. aside from the add protection, there ‘s an personal digital assistant attached inside with storehouse for up to 10 game cards. And it ‘s available in a bunch of playfulness color combinations. Tomtoc besides makes a version that works with the Mumba lawsuit and the Hori Split Pad Pro restrainer so you stay protected when traveling and playing. But you guessed it : This wo n’t fit the Switch Lite .
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It ‘s costly at just under $ 100, but Hyper ‘s all-in-one hub for the Switch is worth it for its chasteness and design. Connect up your Switch, external display ( the HDMI out supports up to 4K resolution at 60Hz ) and a accountant, fireplug in the HyperDrive for baron and you ‘re done. One of its USB-C ports can be used for powering and charging the Switch and there ‘s an supernumerary USB-C port for charging a wireless control or your phone or tablet. It ‘s modest, besides, and the baron cable detaches, so traveling with it is no trouble at all .
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You can recharge your Switch with equitable about any office bank, but you ‘ll want something like this giant Anker barrage to keep playing while you charge. The PowerCore Plus can deliver 45 watt of charging office through its USB-C port. It can besides charge up other devices like your earphone through its USB-A ports. The box besides includes a 60-watt USB-C wall charger that can refill this massive savings bank in less than three and a half hours .
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Binbok ‘s Joypad is a combination of Nintendo ‘s Joy-Cons and its wireless Pro Controller. There are left and right Joy-Con-like controllers that can slot onto the sides of the Switch, similar to Hori ‘s Switch Split Pad Pro. This gives you the quilt and larger controls of the Pro control while you use the Switch hand-held. however, unlike Hori ‘s accountant, the Binbok Joypad can be used off the Switch because each has a built-in battery and Bluetooth. Their design makes them awkward to hold as Joy-Cons but it can be done, and each has adjustable grumble and gesticulate controls. They both have a mappable release on the inside of their grips a well as turbo buttons. The Home button can wake the Switch when you ‘re ready to bet on and you can even change the color of the LED abstemious rings around the ovolo sticks. The include holder joins the two controllers together to form a single Pro-like restrainer like Nintendo ‘s Joy-Con Comfort Grip. unfortunately, this wo n’t allow you to charge both controllers at the same time ; each of the controllers needs to be charged individually through their USB-C ports or while attached to the switch when it ‘s charging ( you can leave the controllers attached when docked ). The holder is unusually wide, besides, and with the controllers attached it ‘s actually larger than a Pro restrainer. There ‘s some bend where the controllers slot onto the holder giving it a tenuous feel. That bend, combined with its whippersnapper, makes the solid thing spirit flimsy. placid, it ‘s not like Nintendo ‘s Joy-Cons are known for their dependability and overall this is an excellent option if you want to pay less and do more .
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Want to use your Bluetooth headphones with your trade, but worried about interim ? Creative ‘s adapter gets around that with aptX Low Latency codec back. Just pop the adapter into the USB-C port on the Switch, urge its button and connect to your headset. I tested with the Tribit QuietPlus ANC headphones, which is on our best noise-canceling headphones under $ 100 tilt and supports aptX LL. Insert the included analogue microphone into the Switch ‘s headset jack and you ‘re cook for articulation chat during multiplayer games that support it like Overwatch and Fortnite. ( A quick firmware update is needed for it to work, though. ) If you besides have a PS4 or PS5, the mic can be plugged into your control for voice chat with that console. Plus, Creative includes a USB-C-to-USB-A adapter so you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to the PS4. The arranger besides supports regular aptX and aptX HD codecs vitamin a good as SBC ( subband codec ). You just press the adapter ‘s push button to choose. And while you might buy this for your Switch ( or PS4 ) you can precisely move the adapter to your telephone or computer and instantaneously use your headphones with those without having to connect all all over again. For $ 40, the short kit out is a pretty good cope .
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Adding this Nintendo Switch case not only takes some of the whine out of playing a video crippled hand-held, but gives you some much-needed extra accountant grip for your plot. It ‘ll besides give you a little side, lead, bottom and rear drop protection. This will not fit the Switch Lite, which is a little smaller than the regular Switch .
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If you want to dock your Switch adenine well as expand your laptop ‘s port options when you ‘re not gaming, the Dock Pro 60 is all you need. The slender, little, lightweight Nintendo Switch dock has two USB-C ports, one of which supports office input. Connect your Switch to the other USB-C port and use the dock ‘s HDMI port to connect to a television receiver or external ( resolutions up to 4K UHD will work ) and you ‘re cook to start gaming with friends and family on a bigger screen. There are besides two USB-A ports if you want to use a pumped-up accountant or charge wireless ones. note, though, that this does require a USB-C 15V/2.6A power supply such as the YCCTeam arranger below or the one that comes with your switch. Bonus for Samsung Galaxy device users : The Dock Pro 60 supports Samsung DeX so you can use your earphone or pad with an external expose and a desktop-style experience .
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not all USB-C chargers will support charging the Switch american samoa well as powering it while docked. This one does, and at a fraction of the cost of Nintendo ‘s. Plus, it has a 5-foot charge cable so you have some room to plug in the Switch and continue to play handheld while you charge .
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The Little Wireless Controller — yes, that is its actual name — is slenderly bigger than a Joy-Con but indeed much more comfortable to use. The buttons are firm and responsive and there ‘s no mawkishness to the D-pad, either. The thumbsticks are tall than the Joy-Con ‘s, which gives you greater accuracy. The buttocks buttons, despite being directly on top of each other, are shaped absolutely to make sure you hit the correct one. There is no rumble or NFC support but it does have motion manipulate. The rechargeable battery is rated for up to 40 hours of wireless use and is charged via a USB-C port in the bet on. It ‘s a superintendent little travel company .
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incautiously sliding the Switch in and out of its dock all the time can finally result in some scratches to the display sieve, and cipher wants a cancel screen. If you spend money on one piece of protection for your substitution to enhance your gaming experience, make it an cheap Nintendo Switch screen door defender. The AmFilm tempered glass screen door defender is easy to apply and does n’t interfere with touch screen operation. The buttocks tune is, if you have a Switch, you need a chasten glass screen defender, and this is a great anneal glass screen defender. note that this screen defender wo n’t fit on a Switch Lite, which has a smaller screen .
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The Switch ‘s kickstand is fine in a pinch, but this is much better for tabletop play with your device. It adjusts to three positions, folds flat for travel and has a passthrough in front so you can charge while you use it with all of your video games. There is a cheaper AmazonBasics one, but the Hori is sturdier and more stable for not much more money .
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This little arranger pops into the USB-C larboard so you can use your Bluetooth headphones while you play your Switch, including Apple AirPods. A built-in mic on the bottom of the arranger adds lag-free in-game new world chat, and you can connect up to two headsets simultaneously for a better bet on experience when you ‘re playing Smash or any other game on your Switch on-line in multiplayer games. An evenly little USB-C to USB-A adapter can be used to plug into the Switch bobtail so you can use your headphones when docked, excessively. The creative adapter ‘s blueprint mentioned earlier in this list is better for multipurpose use, but if you ‘re just looking for manipulation with the Switch, this is a great pick .
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Want a bit more fascinate than the Mumba Case offers ? The GripCase includes three sets of replaceable grips to let you customize it for your hand size. The shell besides protects the top corners of your Joy-Cons while besides giving you larger triggers for the ZL and ZR buttons. You can evening dock the Switch without removing the encase, though the case ‘s grips will interfere with the USB ports on the pier ‘s front. still, if you have a family of users with hands large and small, this is a full way to go. Again, this wo n’t fit the Switch Lite .
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The CitySlicker is a circumspect way to travel with your switch and accessories. The case looks more like a high-end travel bag than gaming gearing, but it is made specifically for the Switch with five game poster storage slots in front, a microfiber-faced inside pocket that swipes your screen clean when you insert and remove your Switch, and a zip up pocket on back to hold a power bank, cleaning fabric or earbuds. The two inside pockets are boastful adequate to hold an extra set of joy-cons and cables. The case is available in three sizes for the Switch Lite, Switch and Switch Max, which is large enough to hold the Switch while it ‘s in the Skull & Co. GripCase or any similarly sized protective case. It ‘ll even fit the Defway dock listed above .
Our friends at GameSpot besides have a roundup of the best Nintendo Switch controllers .

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