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Cool cell call accessories can make your smartphone even better, and some of the best high-tech phone gadgets are available immediately. From the virtual and cheap to a few splurge items, these accessories and attachments offer something for every call exploiter .

Bluetooth headphones

New headphones are constantly good to have because their style and functionality are constantly evolving. With then many wireless choices now on the marketplace, you have several options to choose from. Consider earbuds that fit inside the auricle, or opt for headphones that go either on or wholly over the ear .
Which type to buy depends on how you plan to use them. Gym rats may prefer dust- and moisture-resistant earbuds, while frequent fliers may love noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones that offer victor audio. On-ear mutant headphones are frequently cheaper while distillery offering capital sound, an supernumerary chummy cushion, and a water-repellent application .

360-degree video camera

These cameras are compatible with iPhones and Android phones, and can be used on their own or controlled remotely with an app. built-in stabilization engineering turns otherwise rough video into polish, professional-looking natural process shots. Look for a camera that comes with a selfie stick and a rainproof subject that will protect it from the elements.

Selfie drone

These flying cameras can shoot videos and stills, eliminating the indigence for a selfie stand by. The downside is the battery tends to drain cursorily, but for the telephone addict that has everything, this is one of the coolest phone accessories out there .

Ring light

If you can ’ metric ton go a day without a taking a selfie, a ring lightly is the perfect accessory. Most of these lights nip or swoop onto the top of a smartphone, providing ample illumination at nox or in dimly unhorse spaces. The alight can besides be used to fill in harsh shadows .
Some lights are rechargeable and have multiple settings, while others include a stand and a flexible arm that adjusts to any angle.

Smartphone camera lenses

Cell call camera accessories are perfect for budding photographers, and these lenses fit over your smartphone ’ second existing camera to expand the types of images you can take. diverse kits allow you to shoot extreme close-ups, fisheye images, 180-degree views, and more .

Game controllers

If you are a crippled, you ’ ll love a radio game restrainer that connects to your telephone. Look for one that has a durable battery and allows you to mount the telephone immediately on to the control. life-size options are the most comfortable, and bang-up for bigger hands.

Smart speakers with Bluetooth

smart speakers aren ’ t the newest appliance on the market, but with then many options now available, you ’ ra certain to find one that suits your specific needs. A smart speaker connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, but besides has WiFi and an adjunct built in. You can ask the assistant questions, or request that it play your front-runner birdcall or podcast .
If you are always on the fit, consider a little, lightweight Bluetooth speaker that is easy to tote around. Look for speakers that are rainproof, and that provide authorize, distortion-free sound, and offer a durable charge .
Whether you ’ re into music, photography, or bet on, these high-tech smartphone accessories can be the perfect add-ons to your earphone. Shop Xfinity Mobile ’ mho choice of iPhone and Android accessories, and find a smartphone that works for your needs .

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