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X Rocker gaming chairs have been gaining in popularity among gaming enthusiasts, thanks to their features and comfort. here we take a closer attend at the several X-Rocker gambling chairs .

What is X-Rocker Gaming Chair ?

“ X Rocker ” is the wrinkle ( series ) of gaming chair furniture produced by Ace Bayou Corp, a life style furniture company based in North America. The caller is besides among the largest manufacturer of beanbags in North America .
A X-Rocker president comes with respective features to enhance the overall gambling feel. It can besides be used to enhance your video recording watch and music listening experiences.

The X Rocker Gaming president : Buying Guide

The X Rocker Gaming Chair is available in several models. You can expect each of those to have :

  • Ergonomic design
  • Audio-visual enhancing technologies
  • Device linking capabilities for better video gaming experience.

Game Enhancing Features

hera ’ s what X Rocker Gaming Chairs offer to gamers in ordering to provide a more immersive experience :

Audio Technologies

here are the things that you can expect in the sound recording department .
Stereo Speakers > : Most chairs include a pair of stereo speakers built into the headrest for better earshot experience. Depending on the model, the speakers can be side-facing for more ambient sound, or forward facing to direct the sound toward the drug user .
Subwoofer : Subwoofers are partially of most timbre sound systems. even in this case, a subwoofer is built into the electric chair ’ s back or seat to provide a deep, evocative bass that can be felt while the audio is on. Enhanced sea bass tones provide a richer audio have when it fills a room or a theater .
AFM Technology : AFM ( Audio Frequency Modulation ) technology is an sound recording reproduction method acting used in top quality Hi-Fi stereo systems to provide better audio quality .
Surround Sound : blue-ribbon models are equipped with 5 Speakers ( two in the headrest, two in the buttocks, and a subwoofer ) for Surround Sound like experience, frankincense providing a wholly immersive sound recording have ( with compatible gaming consoles ) .


This is another have that enhances your gambling have. Certain X Rocker models include a vibrator in the seat that provide a tactile feedback in reply to bumps, hits, and various other similar events in video recording games, frankincense providing a very life-like experience.

Connectivity & Chair Linking

Nowadays gadgets offer respective ins and outs therefore that they can be made to work with many other devices. These gaming chairs provide a combination of standard RCA connectors and 3.5 millimeter Mini Phone connectors to provide connectivity to the widest range of gaming devices .
Wireless Audio : Some X rocker chairs offer radio audio connectivity ( minus the clutter of wires ). radio receiver models come in two types :

  • Wireless-capable models come with a 3-channel transmitter. This plugs into your gaming console or audio device, and transmits the sound on one of three channels. The chair has a built in receiver which can be tuned to each of those three channels.
  • Bluetooth enabled chairs will connect with Bluetooth enabled audio-visual devices with no additional equipment. However, most gaming systems will only use Bluetooth to connect to gaming controllers, not to provide sound to the chair.

Watch: X Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair

Chair Linking : This feature helps when multiple players want to play together. Certain models have the ability to “ connect multiple chairs in concert for multi-player use. ” This allows audio from the game to pass through to other gaming chairs ( via their sound recording output jacks ). This allows multiple players in multiple chairs to experience the lapp audio at the same clock ( originating from the same game ) .


Control Panel : This allows you to well access and master features like book, bass, and vibration levels and wireless distribution channel ( on radio receiver capable models only ). normally built into the side of the buttocks, this is where you find all the input & output jacks ( including the personal earphone laborer ) .
Seat Back : normally, the bet on chairs are designed keeping in mind different heights and shapes, and provide deviate levels of support. however, you may opt for models with low-height, back-only support or full-height chairs with slog pass rests and lumbar ( back ) support .
Arm Rests : arm rests put up more ease, and in certain cases look stylish a well. They come in flip-up vogue, gun stock certificate design, and can be adjusted .
Rocker Base : X-Rocker chairs are designed to rock ( and that ’ s how it gets its name ), allowing for physical reaction to game meet. Rockers come in three basic designs :

  1. On the floor: These come without any legs, the feat base rests directly on the floor.
  2. Rails raise the seat an additional 6-8 inches from the floor.
  3. Pedestal equipped models raise the chair even higher, user can be seated about 19 inches off the floor.

Assembly & Maintenance : Most chairs use upholstery grade vinyl & breathable net ( makes it comfortable to clean ) and are durable. These gaming chairs are besides fold-able that allows for easy memory, when not in use .

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