Useful English: Clothes and Accessories

Clothes and Accessories

Note: Words and phrases on one and the lapp line are NOT synonym .


women ‘s clothes, men ‘s clothes, children ‘s clothes, baby clothes, sports clothes ;
women ‘s invest, ladies ‘ invest, men ‘s clothe, children ‘s clothe, sports clothe ;
winter clothes, winter clothe, summer clothes, fooling clothes, courtly clothes ;

expensive clothes, cheap clothes, dainty clothes, shabby clothes ;
couturier clothes, bespoke clothes, handmade clothes, ready-made clothes ;
shape clothes, working clothes, consistent, protective clothing ;
footwear, headgear, underwear, sportswear, swimsuit, nightwear ;
clothes, clothing, garments, wear, dress, outfit, attire, dress ;
fashion, style, vogue, haute couture ;

Outer garments

winter coat, warm coating, fur coat, sheepskin coat, storm coat, parka, snowsuit ;
coating, greatcoat, greatcoat, trench coat ;
raincoat, waterproof coat, glib ;
leather jacket, bomber jacket, car coat ;
parka, parka, sports crown ;

Women’s clothes

casual dress, courtly dress ; summer full-dress, wool apparel ;
cocktail dress, low-cut dress, evening snip, evening gown ;
commercial enterprise suit, pants suit ( besides, gasp courtship ) ; consistent ;
button-through apparel, jumper dress, house dress ;
motherliness wear, motherliness dress ;
sweater, jersey, cardigan, jacket, vest ;
blouse, shirt, tunic, T-shirt, tank clear, halter acme ;
annulus, miniskirt, long skirt, pleated skirt, black skirt, culotte ;
pants, slacks, trousers, jeans, denims, shorts ;
swimsuit, swimming courtship, bathing suit, bikini ;
jump suit, warm-up suit, training suit ;

Men’s clothes

business befit, three-piece lawsuit ; tuxedo, tail coat, tails ; black connect, white draw ;
trousers, slacks, jeans, denims, shorts ;
jacket, blazer, singlet ;
sweater, turtleneck sweater, pullover, jumper, sweatshirt ;
shirt, polo shirt, T-shirt, tank top ;
warm-up suit, training suit, trunks ;
bathing trunks, swimming trunks, swim trunks, swim briefs ;
uniform, employment clothes, overalls ;

Underwear, hosiery, sleepwear, robes

underwear, lingerie ; panties, brassiere, mooring, half skid ;
briefs, underpants, T-shirt, singlet ;
pantyhose, tights, leggings, stockings ;
socks, slouch socks, knee-deep socks ;
pajama ( BrE : pajama ), nightgown, sleepshirt ;
negligee, clothe, bathrobe, terry-cloth clothe ;

Parts of clothes and their types

collar, turtleneck collar, shawl collar, stand-up collar ;
V-neck, crew neck, collarless ;
sleeve, long sleeve, short sleeve, bootless ;
with long sleeves, with short-circuit sleeves ;
long-sleeved blouse, short-sleeved dress ;
pad shoulders, cuffs ;
scoop, front pocket, back pocket, side pouch ;
spot pouch, slash pocket, inside air pocket ;

Fabric and material

framework, fabric, material, fabric ;
cotton, linen, silk, wool, mohair ;
velvet, corduroy, denim, suede cloth, leather ;
synthetics, nylon, polyester, Lycra, spandex ;
artificial fur, natural fur, mink, fox, sable, chinchilla, beaver, lapin, astrakhan, sheepskin ;
knitted garments, knitwear, knitted cap ( socks, perspirer, etc. ) ;
embroidery, embroidered trim ( blouse, shirt, etc. )

Patterns and colors

floral radiation pattern, floral print, flower traffic pattern, flower print ;
paisley print, animal print, brilliantly print, all-over photographic print ;
print skirt, photographic print shirt, printed top, print sleeves ;
striped, checked, checkered, tartan, polka dot, paisley ;
undimmed colors ( BrE : color ), colorful, pastel colors, voiced colors ;

light-blue, green, bright-red, black-and-white ;
black, blue, brown, grey ( BrE : grey ), green, united states navy ;
orange, pinko, empurpled, bolshevik, purple, white, yellow ;


bulge, bag, bag, clutch, briefcase, attache subject ;
wallet, wallet, wallet, purse, coin purse ;
makeup kit out, cosmetic sheath, shaving kit out, change of location kit ;
travel bag, duffel bag base, sports bag, backpack, backpack, carryall bulge ;
bridge player baggage, hand baggage, cabin base, carry-on pocket, flight bag ;
bag, dress bag, Pullman udder, trunk ;
knock, suspenders, straps, umbrella ;
button, slide fastener, warp, buckle, Velcro ;
hat, fur hat, beret, cap, baseball cap, hood, headband, helmet ;
scarf, kerchief, silk scarf, woolen scarf, knitted scarf joint, silencer, shawl ;
gloves, mittens, earmuffs ;
handkerchief, sunglasses, glasses, reach lenses ;
necktie, tie, silk link, crouch tie ;


winter boots, ladies ‘ boots, hiking boots, rubber boots ;
walk shoes, Oxfords, loafers, moccasins ;
pumps, evening shoes, patent leather shoes, suede cloth shoes ;
high-heel shoes, low-heel shoes, flat-heel shoes ;
sandals, open-toe shoes, slippers, mules, rubber thongs ;
tennis shoes, running shoes, sneakers, educate shoes, trainers, athletic shoes ;
sole, insole, line, cushioning, heel, tongue, buckle, brake shoe laces ;


gold resound, diamond gang, battle resound, wedding ring ;
necklace, bracelet, brooch, earrings ;
chain, chandelier, charms ;
handcuff links, connect stable gear, draw pivot ;
watch, wristwatch ;
jewelry ( BrE besides : jewelry ) ;
cute pit, semiprecious stone, jewel, gem, gem ;
ball field, ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, opal, topaz, pearl ;

Articles of clothing

a objet d’art of invest, an article of clothing, an detail of invest ;
respective articles / items / pieces of clothe ;

a set of clothes; a change of clothes;

a determined of clothes ; a deepen of clothes ; a pair of trousers, a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, a match of shorts ;
a pair of gloves, a pair of mittens, a pair of socks ;
a match of shoes, a copulate of boots, a pair of slippers ;


to wear, to put on, to take off ;
to dress, to undress ; to be dressed in a modern lawsuit ;
to button, to unbutton ; to zip, to unzip ;
to tie, to untie ; to lace, to untie ;
to buckle, to unbuckle .

Examples in sentences

He put on a warm sweater

He put on a white jersey and a copulate of jeans .
He put on his shoes, his coating and his hat. He put on his gloves .
He took out a fresh exchange of clothes and put them on .
He buttoned up his shirt. He buckled his belt .
He laced up his boots. He tied the laces of his running shoes .
He unbuttoned his coat. He unzipped his jacket .
He took off his hat. He took off his shoes and put on his slippers .

He is wearing a gray suit

Maria is wearing a red snip and a black suede cloth jacket nowadays .
Natasha is wearing a benighted grey become and a white blouse today .
Anna is wearing a black surround, a light-blue blouse, and high-heeled black shoes. There is a colorful scarf around her neck .
Ella is wearing a skirt and a perspirer. Tanya is dressed in a pants suit .
Tom is wearing a oxford-grey commercial enterprise suit, a white shirt and a grey silk tie .
Anton prefers casual clothes. He normally wears blue jeans and a sweater to class .
What are you wearing today ?

What do you normally wear to work ?
( Phrases for situations in a department storehouse are listed in Shopping in the section Phrases. )
( Фразы для ситуаций в универмаге даны в материале Shopping в разделе Phrases. )

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