Tales of Arise: A Complete Guide To Accessories

In holy order to get the most out of their party, Tales of Arise players need to master the art of crafting accessories with the help of this steer. Tales of Arise introduces a new equipment feature of speech that does away with the normal customizable armor and accessories that Tales veterans have known for years. Accessories are now condensed down to a one detail that can be upgraded for more skills and strengths as the game goes on. It can be a small daunt at first base, but once players get the hang of the new system, it can completely change the way they play the game .
Players can start crafting accessories very early on in Tales of Arise, though they ‘ll first gear need to mine some ore from one of the many Mining Points before they can get started. Fans can then use this ore, along with some Gald, to create an accessory at one of the many hostel or campsites spread throughout the five realms. With the accessary crafted, players can then level it up to unlock bonus skills. late on in the game, they ‘ll flush unlock the ability to transfer skills between accessories .
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How to Craft Accessories

Crafting accessories in Tales of Arise is a reasonably simple process. If players have been stopping interacting with Mining Points as they travel Dahna ‘s realms, they should already have collected a bazaar few special pieces of ore by the time crafting becomes available. Everything from these Mining Points serves a aim in the crippled, so they ‘re decidedly worth checking out frequently .
With the ore in their self-control, players can use the “ Craft Accessory ” contribution of the metal craftsman menu to see what accessories are available to make, and which ore they require. The accessories available in the game, their default effects, and the ore required to craft them can be found in the table below .

Accessory Effect Ore Required
Poison Charm Null Poison Antidote Rock
Freeze Charm Null Freeze Thermalrock
Shock Charm Null Paralysis Paralaxstone
Curse Charm Null Curse Hex Breaker
Garnet Fire/Water Damage -50% Almandine Mass
Opal Wind/Earth Damage -50% Opal Mass
Alexandrite Light/Dark Damage -50% Chrysoberyl Mass
Black Onyx Max HP +15% Abyssal Pebble Mass
Warrior Emblem Attack +15% Brimore
Magic Emblem Elemental Attack +15% Astral Ore
Pierce Emblem Penetration +30% Thorn Ore
Grit Emblem Resistance +30% Enduro Ore
Heal Bangle Heal 5% HP on Enemy Defeat Healing Pebble
Spirit Bangle Recover 1 CP on Enemy Defeat Transcendent Pebble
Buff Bangle Stat Boost on Enemy Defeat Awakening Pebble
Lucky Bangle Item Drop Rate Up Lucky Pebble
Swift Ring Move/Escape Speed +50% Fleetfoot Crystal
Resist Ring All Elemental Damage +20% Inhibitor Crystal
Protect Ring Physical Damage -20% Scaled Crystal
Impact Ring Penetration +80%, Resistance -80% Barbed Crystal
Comeback Ring Stagger Time -20% Immutable Crystal
Faerie Ring Arte CP Cost -20% Pixie Crystal
Stamina Ring Half AG Cost Chance 50% Brightstone
Revival Ring Revival Chance 50% Regenerative Crystal
Mystic Crest Casting Time -20% Mysterious Fragment

Ores come in different ranks, which range from 1 to 5 stars, with each rank depending on in-game localization and what Ore Rate Up recipes players have used to feed their party. The social station is authoritative because it will determine how many bonus skills the accessory being made will have, with 5-star accessories yielding 4 bonus skills on exceed of the original one .
It ‘s worth noting that bonus skills are different depending from ore to ore and are not tied to one particular type. Every ore in the game yields unlike bonus skills, and players can see which ones they ‘ll get before an accessary is crafted with it if they scroll through their inventory. How to actually activate these bonus skills is where accessory enhance comes in .

How to Enhance Accessories

once an accessory has been crafted, players can move on to the “ Enhance Accessory ” menu. There, any accessories that need leveling up will be found, precisely waiting and ready to go. Leveling up accessories requires the habit of more ore, with higher social station ore providing more points towards the accessory ‘s following level. This means that using one five-star ore is just angstrom effective as using five one-star orb, and vice-versa .

Level Ore Points Required
2 5
3 10
4 20
5 40

As they make unlike accessories, players may find themselves with a estimable accessory that ‘s being dragged down by a skill they did n’t want. Thankfully, once they get army for the liberation of rwanda adequate into the crippled, the choices widen well, as Tales of Arise offers a synthesize feature that allows players to transfer skills from one accessory to another .

How to Transfer Skills Between Accessories

once players can synthesize their accessories, they ‘ll be able to access the “ Transfer Skill ” option on the alloy crafting menu. How this works is that if a musician has an accessory with a strong hardening of skills on it, but has one they do n’t like, they can replace it with a skill from another accessory for a small price. The only necessity is that both accessories will need to be fully enhanced .
From there, it ‘s fair a matter of selecting the accessory getting the skill, the accessory that has the skill desired, and then deciding which slot the new skill will go into. There ‘s a word of circumspection players should be leery about, however, as the accessory that ‘s donating its skill will break once the march is over with .

How Many Bonus Skills Are There?

In full, there are 36 bonus skills available in Tales of Arise, many of which have two tiers. For those seeking out certain skills, it may therefore take some time and Mineral Point farming to get there. still, a fair deal of the skills can be very helpful with bosses like Lord Vholran in Del Fharis Castle. For those looking to seek out the bonus skills they desire for their ultimate handmade accessories, they ‘re listed in the postpone below .

Paralysis Resistance +25% Poison Resistance +25% Freeze Resistance +25%
Curse Resistance +25% Water Damage +7.5%/+15% Fire Damage +7.5%/+15%
Earth Damage +7.5%/+15% Wind Damage +7.5%/+15% Light Damage +7.5%/+15%
Dark Damage +7.5% /+15% Fire/Water Damage -10% Wind/Earth Damage -10%
Light/Dark Damage -10% Maximum HP +200/+400 Max HP Damage +15%
Attack +20/60 Defense +20/60 Penetration +40/120
Resistance +40/120 Elemental Attack +20/+60 Elemental Defense +20/+60
Down Damage +5%/+10% Counterattack Damage +30% Half AG Cost: 20%
AG Recovery Speed +4%/+8% CP Cost -10% Casting Time -5%
BG Charge Rate +4%/+8 Move/Escape Speed +15% Rare Drop Rate Up S/L
Increased Aggro S/L Decrease Aggro S/L Glutton for Battle
Alertness Smack Down Coupe de Grace

Crafting the perfect accessary seems like a bang-up endeavor for fans aiming to get stronger, with tons of bonus skills leading to numerous potential character builds. even for players who are not intending to be the best of the best, the customization should come in utilitarian against some of the tough enemies in the game. Tales of Arise ‘s battle is very detail and ambitious, so the options are certain to help players reap the rewards quickly and easily .
Tales of Arise is available immediately on personal computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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