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What is jersey narration anyhow ? !
This fun and versatile yarn made from honest-to-god T-shirts is perfect for those of us here at Needlepointers.com .
If you ’ ve visited our site before, you know how we love to recycle, reuse, and repurpose items ! Check out our page to learn more about recycling T-shirts !
If you are concern in more repurposed items, visit our page dedicated to recycled, reused, and repurposed crafts !

I am fairly new to the T-shirt yarn madden ; sometimes motherhood gets in the way of keeping up with raw trends. I besides merely learned that T-shirt narration is besides called T-yarn. Makes sense .
For those of you like me, T-shirt yarn is merely what the name implies ; yarn made from erstwhile T-shirts !
good take those out-grown or raggy T-shirts, or buy some t-shirts very bum at the thrift shop, and cut them up !
I just learned it is tied possible to purchase ready-made T-shirt yarn on-line and at your local framework and crafting shops ! ! Check out places to buy T-shirt narration !

If you go the DIY road, there are specific directions for how to cut the T-shirts up, and we have a great connection to show you how to make T-shirt thread .
On this page, we are going to give you some great trade ideas using this fetid yarn !
If you want to know what to make with T-shirt narration, there is a wide diverseness of projects that you can find here .
Some of the projects involve T-shirt narration crochet, pucker, ravel, finger pucker and waver. We have something for everyone !

first and first, we will decidedly show you how to make T-shirt thread .
And then let the projects begin !


  • Kitchen accessories – potholders, placemats, iron skillet handle covers, dishcloths, reusable duster cover, and bowls…..
  • Home decor – baskets, rugs, bath mats, rag rugs, hanging herb garden baskets, and coasters….
  • Clothing and accessories – baby bibs, headbands, hats, totes, hand bags, and  wheelchair/walker bags….
  • Create Jewelry– bracelets, bangles, carnation pins, and necklaces….
  • Weave with it
  • Pet Toys– cat ball toys complete with herbs, tough and sturdy dog tug ropes, and pet beds… 
  • Toys – American Doll infinity scarf and more

Take a spirit below, and you are sure to be surprised with all of the barren craft ideas to create with T-shirt narration !
T-shirt Yarn Projects

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