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An accessory is an item that users equip to the head, neck, shoulder, face, front, back or shank region of their Robloxian avatar. Accessories were once called “ hats ”. Roblox released a catalog/avatar update in late 2016 that changed “ hats ” to “ accessories ” ; accessories were categorized by the character .

Types of accessories


This class is for hats, hoods, masks, and anything located on the clear of an embodiment ‘s head. Up to three accessories of this character can be worn by a player without the use of Advanced manner .

Hair accessary

This type is for hair and wig. alone one accessory of this type can be worn by a player without the habit of Advanced mode. The first hairs were made on June 12, 2009, but the hair class was supposed to be released in 2007.

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Face accessary

This type is for facial additions, such as glasses and fudge mustaches. only one face accessory can be worn by a player without the manipulation of Advanced mood .

Neck accessory

This type is for accessories located to the neck, such as ties, necklaces, or scarves. entirely one hat of this type can be worn by a player without the use of Advanced mood .

Shoulder accessory

This type is for accessories located on the musician ‘s shoulder, and alone one can be worn without the use of Advanced modality. Because they are normally animals or creatures that sit on the musician ‘s shoulder, they are often portrayed as be companions when actively shown with the actor .

Front accessory

This type is meant for accessories on the front of the torso. very few accessories belong to this class, and lone one can be worn by the player without the use of Advanced modality .

bet on accessory

This type is for accessories on the back of the avatar torso, such as capes or backpacks and only one can be worn by the player without the use of Advanced modality .

shank accessory

This type is for accessories around the avatar ‘s waist, like tails and belts. only one can be worn by the musician without the use of Advanced modality .

Obtaining accessories

The most coarse means to obtain an accessory is to purchase it from the embodiment shop using Robux. Accessories can besides be won in contests and events, or obtained from endowment hats during the holidays. exclusive items can be acquired during promotional events. There are loose accessories made for fresh users, but anyone can buy them. note that accessories sometimes become limited or circumscribed Unique items, which typically are sold for much higher than the original price .


The chief purpose of Roblox is for gaming and build, not holding a fashion show. Accessories on Roblox is merely an addition for a Robloxian. Gameplay is barely affected with Accessories. [ 1 ] You can have 400 Robux by paying only US $ 5 to Roblox. This makes about 80 Robux per dollar.

Most RP games or fashion indicate games provided many ways for you to dress up without buying accessories from the Avatar Shop .

New accessories

For the first three days after an accessory is released, it carries the “ New ” tag on the circus tent properly corner of the accessory ‘s movie.

Limited and Limited Unique accessories

Limited items are accessories or faces that were once sold, but then chosen to be put on limited sale. When put option on express sale, no new copies of this accessory will be produced, and the people who bought the accessory during its sale will be able to sell the accessory at a monetary value choose to their desire, given that the exploiter has Roblox Premium .
Limited Unique items are accessories or faces that have a certain come of copies, and when first published, are sold by the admins. All copies of a limited unique accessary have a special number to it, and when a exploiter buys the accessary, they get that specific replicate of the accessory. For exemplar, if an accessory is limited alone and has merely 100 copies, and you buy the fiftieth, your accessary will be designated by a # 50/100. once the accessary is sold out, all owners of the accessory that have Premium can sell the accessary at a price they desire .

unblock accessories

This list features all release accessories available on the avatar denounce excluding corruptible complimentary items from events. Please note that it is ordered in the date of spill .


On August 2, 2019, the test history Hatsoffto2019 was used to publish a hat called Fresh Red Baseball Cap, potentially suggesting UGC to be uploaded into the embodiment shop. This was belated confirmed during RDC 2019, and soon after the convention the first wave of UGC hats were published .


Accessories on Roblox are known to be one of the main subjects of criticism. many users consider them to be overpriced ; many of them cost 500 Robux or greater and are expensive to the point where frequently lone premium members can afford them. A big part of the spare accessories, shirts, pants and more was criticized for being despicable when tickets ( known as Tix ) were removed.

Since the first one-half of 2018, many Roblox users, specially newfangled or youthful players, have often created hoaxes about certain retextures of valuable accessories, such as the Counterfeit Domino Crown and the Dominus Venari, as they are either intended to be a joke or believe that the sole user who won a single-copy token used an overwork to obtain it ( leading to the user or the creator of the accessory being harassed and/or multiple fraud accounts to be created ) .


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  • Development on accessories began in 2007 and continues to this day.
  • Since accessories make Robloxians a bit heavier, players jump lower with lots of them on. This was fixed when the Massless property was added to BaseParts.
  • Most accessories only fit the default head, however, some accessories fit other heads, like the Blockhead Baseball Cap.
  • Before January 9, 2017, users could drop accessories in-game using the ‘=’ key. It was removed due to having no use in games and created a lot of mess. It can be brought back by using the following script in this thread: [1]
  • Roblox makes accessories randomly, or on holidays, or for promotional purposes.

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  1. big accessories can increase the distance of where your Robloxian can be hit, and the distance of where you can pick items up .
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