Best Oculus Quest 2 Accessories – Autumn 2021

Looking for ways to improve your VR experience on Oculus Quest 2 ? here ’ sulfur our list of the best Quest 2 accessories for Autumn 2021, including carrying cases, pass straps and more .
Oculus Quest 2 is one of the hottest VR headsets available on the market right now. Out of the box, it comes with everything you need to get started .
But after a bite of time with the headset, you might be wondering what other add-ons or accessories you can buy to improve your know and make things a snatch placid. We ’ ve gathered together some of the best quest add-ons and accessories right here, ranging from cases to head straps to headphones and beyond.

Where possible, we ’ ve noted the items that we ’ ve been able to test ourselves and besides tried to provide a few options for each class, varying in price, purpose and choice .
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Best Quest 2 Carrying Case

Quest 2 Carrying Case
The Quest 2 doesn ’ t come with any human body of portable storehouse for the headset. Given that you could easily damage the headset or scratch the uncover lenses, getting a encase is an absolute must .
We ’ ve tried the official font sold by Facebook, pictured above, and found it to be very hardy and worth recommend ( check out our review ) adenine long as you like the soft outside design that resembles an egg. It ’ s available for $ 49 on Amazon, when in lineage, or from Facebook directly .
Quest 2 Case
alternatively, you could try VR Cover ’ s carrying subject, pictured above, which is like to the official case, but more boxy. It ’ s available directly for $ 29 on its US shop, its Europe shop or its worldwide storehouse .
There ’ sulfur besides this encase from JSVER for $ 16.99 or this casing from Zaracle for $ 23.99. Our staff have tried both of these and were identical felicitous with them as cheaper options .

Best Head Straps for Quest 2

Quest 2 Elite Strap
The Quest 2 ’ south design allows for users to swap out the default option framework strap for a comfortable alternate, and there ’ s a load of official and third-party options to choose from .
The most obvious is Facebook ’ s Elite Strap, pictured above, which has an adjustable ring at the binding to well strengthen or loosen the strap ’ s clasp and uses an egg-shaped rubber eraser piece to sit up against the back of your head .
initially, users were reporting issues with this strap bang-up and break, but Facebook claims the publish has since been resolved and now offers a 2-year substitution guarantee in the event you still have problems. Some UploadVR staff did experience the issues with launch-day Elite Straps, but we ’ ve had no issues with the replacement strap/newer model strap at all so far .
The Facebook Elite Strap is available from Facebook directly for $ 49 or via Amazon, stock let .
kiwi elite strap quest 2
other options include the Kiwi Upgraded Elite Strap, pictured above. UploadVR staff have tried this strap and noted that it felt serviceable, but preferred the stiffen mechanism on Facebook ’ s official Elite Strap. It ’ s available for $ 39 via Amazon .
There ’ randomness plenty of other third-party straps available on Amazon, such as the Orzero Adjustable Headband, the BoboVR M2 Head Strap or the Jayol Halo Strap but we ’ ve not been able to test these ourselves yet .

Best Strap with Battery Pack

If you ’ re going to be using Quest 2 for unfold sessions, then you ’ ll want some form of flog and battery pack jazz band so you can keep going for deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as possible .
The VR Power 2 acts as a counterweight and battery pack for the Quest 2. Strapping onto the back of the headset, it improves comfort by balancing the weight distribution, while besides charging the headset while in use. This lets you stay in VR for much longer than you would with the standard Quest battery, and we were well impressed in our full review using it with Quest 2. It may be the best choice if you ’ rhenium looking for a Quest battery throng, and works with both the standard strap and Elite Strap ( as seen above ) .
The VR Power 2 is available from Rebuff Reality for $ 70 .
There is besides the official Elite Strap with a Battery gang from Oculus, which besides comes with the official Carry Case bundled in. We were felicitous with this strap in our review at launching, but these straps did have the lapp snap issues as the standard Elite Strap, mentioned above. Likewise, Facebook says these issues have been resolved and it offers the like 2-year successor crack for the Elite Strap with Battery Pack .
The Elite Strap with a Battery Back is available for $ 129 from Facebook immediately or via Amazon .

Best Quest 2 Stand And Headset Display

AMVR Stand quest 2
If you have a permanent wave spot in your house for your Quest 2, you ’ re going to need something to put it on .
The first option is by AMVR, pictured above. I ’ ve got this stand myself and it ’ s a antic if you want something bare and cheap that blends in and matches the clean egg white aesthetic. The two arms that hold the touch controllers are besides optional, indeed if you ’ five hundred rather remove them and have the controllers sitting top down beside the Quest, that ’ s an choice excessively .
The Kiwi stand is available for $ 32.99 via Amazon .
Quest 2 Stand Kiwi
The other option, pictured above, is a like stall by Kiwi. early UploadVR staff tried this stand and were pleased, remarking that it felt quite sturdy. It ’ s a bite more boxlike and streamlined than the AMVR stand, particularly if you want to hang the controllers. It ’ second besides available in both black and white .
The AMVR stand is available on Amazon for $ 25.99 .

Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2

Quest 2 Anker Dock
Anker ’ s charging dock takes the headset stand a pace far, offering charging capabilities as separate of the sleek white dock. It charges the Quest 2 headset itself and comes with substitution barrage covers and rechargeable batteries, which allow the dock to charge the controllers wireless through the shroud when docked. All-in-all, Anker says the kit out should be able to charge all your devices in 2.5 hours .
Stock allow, the Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 is available on Amazon for $ 86.99 .

Touch Controller Grip Covers for Quest 2

Quest 2 Touch Controller Grips
Controller grips provide some extra protection for your touch controllers. The grips pictured above are by Kiwi and actually replace Touch control ’ sulfur battery cover, forming a shell that sits across the face of the control. not alone does this give you added protective covering, but it besides adds on grips straps akin to those on the Valve Index controllers, so you can keep your controllers attached without gripping them the integral clock time .
They ’ rhenium available on Amazon for $ 29.99 .
Quest 2 Touch grips AMVR
If you ’ re looking for a dim-witted solution, AMVR ’ s grips err on top of your affect controllers, as pictured above, to provide a rubber eraser auspices layer and a basic strap for a hands-free handle at all times. They ’ re a fiddling bit cheaper than the Kiwi solution, indeed might suit better if you just want to protect the restrainer from drops and nicks .
The AMVR grips are available on Amazon for $ 16.99 .

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cloths
Cleaning the lenses ( here ’ s a guide for best clean practices ) can have a dramatic effect on your VR feel. Some headsets ship with clean cloths, but Quest 2 does not .

Oculus recommends wiping the lenses down with a dry ocular lens microfiber fabric, starting from the center of the lens and wiping gently in a circular motion outward. Facebook says alcohol-based wipes and cleaners are not recommended for habit on the lenses, as they can lead to damage .
If a smear is being stubborn, Facebook says users can dab a little measure of water on the fabric ampere well, but alcohol should not be used on lenses at all .
There are many microfiber lens cloths available on-line, but this 6-pack from Amazon for $ 8.95 would be a good begin .

VR-Ready PC

vr ready pc
This might be the most unconventional accessary on the list, but a VR-ready personal computer is truly one of the best ( and most expensive ) Oculus Quest 2 accessories you can buy. A VR-ready personal computer will allow you to play personal computer VR content ( like Half-Life : Alyx and Skyrim VR ) on your eye Quest or Quest 2 via USB on Oculus Link or wirelessly using Air Link or Virtual Desktop ( steer hera to find out how ) .
Most VR-ready PCs composed of high-end or common components used for gaming rigs should work with Oculus Link, but you can double check by comparing your proposed parts or your existing outfit against this Link compatibility list from Oculus .
For example, this iBUYPOWER personal computer from Amazon meets VR requirements and is available with a white-on-black design that would match a Quest 2 nicely. This international relations and security network ’ t the only choice though — something with newer components might be a better option. It might get costly though, given the global chip dearth and resulting hike prices on GPUs and other components at the here and now .

Oculus Link-Compatible Cable

Quest 2 Link cable
If you have a VR-ready personal computer and want to use Oculus Link with a stable wired association, you ’ ll need the correct type of cable .
You can use a assortment of different cables with Oculus Link. Facebook sells its own high-quality, thin and flexible 5 meter ocular USB 3.0 C to C Oculus Link cord, which is available for $ 79 on the Oculus Store .
alternatively, any USB 2.0 cord or higher will work. Oculus does note that ‘ your performance can be improved when switching to a USB 3.0 connection ’, but don ’ t give further specifics. We ’ ve written about this $ 20 PartyLink cable that works well, and Facebook besides officially recommends this $ 13 Anker cable as an alternative to their first-party choice .
however, realistically any 2.0 or higher cable from a reliable stigmatize should work finely, with 3.0 and above giving the best results. You may besides need to buy a USB C to A adapter ( which will besides need to be USB 2.0 specification or higher ) to plug the cable into your computer, depending on if it has a native USB-C port onboard .
You can browse Amazon for USB-C Oculus Link cables to see all the available options — we recommend sticking to trust brands to ensure you get what you pay for .

Rechargeable Batteries

The Oculus Touch controllers use one AA battery each, so if you use your Quest a lot, you ’ re going to go through batteries over time. To save some money long-run and help the environment, it is worth investing in some quality rechargeable AA batteries .
A pack of 2-4 rechargeable AA batteries and the play along charger is only around $ 10-20 on Amazon, but there ’ randomness besides a newer kind of rechargeable battery that is evening more convenient by giving the batteries micro USB plugs for send recharge. If you combine the latter with the multi-device charger below, you ’ ll have an all-in-one charge station for your Quest from merely one wall mercantile establishment .

Multi-Device Wall Charger

Quest 2 Anker battery wall
The Oculus Quest comes with a rampart socket to charge your device, but if you want to charge several things at once, we recommend this multi-device wall charger from Anker. not lone does it have a USB C port, allowing you to use the long 5m cable television that ’ sulfur included with the Quest, but it has 4 extra USB ports deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
If used in combination with the USB rechargeable batteries above, you would be able to use one release to recharge your Quest and controllers at the lapp clock
The Anker Multi-Device charger is available for $ 51.99 on Amazon, malcolm stock let .


Chromecast Quest 2
It ’ south nowadays easier than ever to cast your Quest to another device — you can visit on your browser or use the Oculus mobile app. While this works, we ’ ve found that casting to a television receiver is a better viewing experience than a calculator, phone or pad .
Some TVs have built-in Chromecast capability, or you might already own a Chromecast-enabled device attached to your television receiver, but if not, you ’ ll necessitate to buy a Chromecast .
There are two kinds of Chromecasts — the Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra. The lone dispute between the two is that the latter allows you to play 4K contentedness. The Quest does not output a 4K current when cast, so you credibly won ’ t see any difference there. however, if you have a 4K television receiver then the Ultra will provide you with the best quality stream for most other Chromecast media like Netflix and YouTube .
subject to stock handiness, the Chromecast is typically available for around $ 35, and the Ultra for $ 70 .

VR Cover Accessories

VR Cover has been around for some time and is known for making accessories designed to improve headset hygiene and comfort against the expression. We ’ ve tested a bonny few of their Quest-specific covers, straps and facial interface replacements in the past. Some staff members love the add comfort, while others don ’ thymine palpate they made a huge deviation .
however, the facial interface replacements are the best option if you plan on exert and getting sweaty in VR — you can easily swap the covers our when things get a moment slippery .
You can browse VR Cover ’ s Quest 2 accessory range on their US, International and European stores .

Lens Cover

lens cover
The lenses are one of the most vulnerable parts of the Quest headset — they can be permanently scratched and direct sunlight can be magnified through them, resulting in burn screen pixels .
We ’ ve tried some lens protectors, like this one from Orzero, and found they work well on Quest 2 ( and other headsets — the shape is reasonably generic ) to protect them from sunlight and scatter .
An significant note — when using a lens defender, you may have to amply turn the headset off or change its power settings, as they can activate the headset ’ south proximity detector .
The Orzero VR Lens Protect Cover is available for $ 10.99 .

Earbuds or Headphones

amavision headphones
All Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets include an sound recording system that releases sound from the lead strap area, which works quite well as basic, ready-to-go solution. placid, a lot of detail sounds are lost with this arrangement. Did you know, for example, there are ambient sounds in the base sphere of Oculus Quest ? You might not hear that with the out-of-the-box sound recording experience on Quest .
For Quest 1 ( which has two earphone jacks, one on either side ), you could go for these official eldritch headphones ( which come in two separate pieces with identical short cords ) or go for this like but cheaper choice from Kiwi, at $ 12.99 .
If you have a Quest 2, we recommend these $ 20 earbuds from Amavision rather ( pictured above ), national to stock handiness. They ’ re designed indeed that the leave auricle cord is shorter, as it ’ s the side close to the earphone jack .

If you ’ re looking for something to cover your ears in a more comfortable way, you can try out some over-ear headphones that clip onto the Quest 2 strap. There ’ south options such as these ones from MYJK on Amazon for $ 43 or you can opt for something more premium, such as the VR Ears from Rebuff Reality, which we ’ ve tried and found added a spot more dynamism to the volume/loudness. The latter is available from Rebuff Reality directly, for a pre-order price of $ 129 before their October 30 publish or $ 149 after let go of .
Another premium choice is this official headset ( pictured above ) released by Oculus in partnership with Logitech, which delivers high-quality sound via wholly encapsulating over-ear headphones. You can get them from the Oculus web site for $ 100 .

Have you found any other accessories that improved your experience with Oculus Quest ? Let us know in the comments. This article was primitively published on June 5, 2020, and updated with new accessories and other changes on August 15, 2020, March 10, 2021, August 18, 2021 and most recently on October 12, 2021 .

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