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Founded in 1917 by Henry Leland of Cadillac, Lincoln has been a name synonymous with boldface american lavishness for about a century. The Lincoln Motor Company got its start by producing airplane engines during World War I. shortly after the war concluded, Lincoln switched over to manufacturing high-end automobiles and car parts. It was a rocky introduction to the automotive industry for the stigmatize, as Lincoln endured fiscal instability mighty from the beginning. Ford took over Lincoln in 1922 for $ 8,000,000 and promptly turned the nameplate into one of the nation ‘s top-selling luxury carmakers. In the early ’20s, Lincoln offered four-door sedans, a two-passenger buggy, a limousine, and a seven-passenger sedan. Police cruisers made their means into the Lincoln lineup in 1924, showing off features such as four-wheel brakes, a bulletproof windshield, gun racks, and a whistle connected to the exhaust system .
The Lincoln Zephyr premiered in 1936, providing a dramatic shift in the company ‘s sales figures. The Zephyr was designed with a “ advanced ” edge compared to most in its class. It featured an aerodynamic condition and was importantly sleeker than competitors such as the Chrysler Airflow. It became a huge success for Lincoln that saw the brand keep the momentum for the development of another mid-level luxury car the Continental. The popularity of the Continental carried the car manufacturer throughout the 1940s with other models like the Mark II helping solidify the rest of the roll. The ’60s usher in a newfangled era of automobiles and car parts angstrom well as far achievements by the brand. Lincoln ‘s Continental now showcased suicide doors in the rear and besides began service as an official limousine for the President of the United States. Vehicles like the Mark IV and the Versailles made splashes in the ’70s. The Versailles, a midsize sedan, was a passing for Lincoln at that time.

One of the most recognizable models under the Lincoln banner, the Town Car, debuted in 1981. Antilock brakes besides began to become a standard option on Lincoln models, making it the first US car manufacturer to offer such. The Mark VI and the Mark VII besides saw changes, including a more european feel and a smaller stature. When the ’90s hit, Lincoln was poised for a breakthrough. The Mark VIII arrived with four-cam V8 exponent along with improved breeze suspension. During the latter separate of the ten, Lincoln released their beginning SUV, the now-infamous Navigator. The Navigator was an immediate strike and immediately became a luxury-SUV powerhouse. Lincoln besides scored large with their latest midsize offer, the MKZ. The MKZ is equipped with a Duratec V6 and an low-cost monetary value tag, making it a estimable rival for the traditional Euro-inspired models that typically clog this segment. The MKS has besides impressed after it rolled off the line. A life-size sedan that is more in-tune with Lincoln ‘s roots, the MKS combines contemporaneous design and modern amenities with the high-tech brand of comfort nowadays ‘s lavishness car owners expect.

Every contingent about a Lincoln says “ class ” and it does n’t take much to notice why. Lincoln ‘s rich history is in abundance : the ill-famed Town Car, K-Series, Continental, and of course, the Navigator. Lincoln breeds lavishness with agitation, a concept the brand established about a hundred ago. While different drivers may find unlike reasons why they love their Lincoln, we have a feel it has to do with the elegant comfort, VIP looks, and hearty american mastermind. Whatever it is, you have a preference for high-grade. CARiD is right there with you, which is why we are home to only the finest Lincoln Accessories and Parts you and your model deserve.

For all adjustments and upgrades, no detail is excessively big or excessively little we have the Lincoln accessories and parts featured from our inventory that will help carry you along. Whatever you may be thinking of, do n’t worry : we have the finest in all Lincoln accessories and parts, and from the best manufacturers in the occupation at a price you can depend on. We are stocked with the high-grade and fashionable Lincoln accessories to help your vehicle shine constantly !

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