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Kitchen Tools You Need: Stocking the Kitchen

similar to a professional instrument kit, the kitchen utensils in your drawers should be both practical and innovative—giving you the exemption to whip up any recipe that comes your way. In need of a swivel stripper ? Find one with a manage that ‘s comfortable and ergonomic. Looking for a garlic press rather ? Consider how well it minces and cleans. A individual effortless squeeze should do the trick. dilute boards are key to proper meal prepping, so gain certain you think about the material and structure. wood boards, such as maple, walnut and bamboo, promptly withstand consistent chop and are a beautiful addition to the dinner table. Consider style and lastingness when choosing all your kitchen utensils, including salad spinners, measuring spoons, silicone spatula and so forth. on the spur of the moment your choices become not only easier but ones you can trust. Staying true to the methodology above, and following one childlike rule—invest in choice tools that bring rejoice to cooking—we ‘ve compiled a list of our darling go-to kitchen gadgets. Each one stands up to daily use and seamlessly blends in with your life style. once you ‘ve added these tools to your arsenal, learn more kitchen devices that help build up your ever-growing solicitation .

Baking Utensils

Measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, cupcake papers, rolling pins, proto-indo european baking supplies and cookie cutters are good a few of the bang-up items you will discover among our bake tools. Whether you ’ ra looking for something fun and seasonal or more classic items, you ’ ll find them at Crate and Barrel. Among our baking supplies you will find a variety of materials that are easy to care for, including stainless steel sword, wood, ceramic, silicone and credit card .

Cooking Utensils

We offer a variety of cooking utensils from some of the most greet brands around, including OXO, Calphalon and Rosle. We have nylon, bamboo and wood options that won ’ triiodothyronine scratch nonstick surfaces. We besides carry stainless steel steel spoons, turners, whisks and early kitchen products for those who prefer alloy.

Prep Utensils and Gadgets

When it comes to performing a repeated job, specialized kitchen gadgets and accessories cut down on homework clock time. Julienne peelers, spiralizers, mortar and pestles and herb strippers are barely a few of the commodious kitchen items that help prepare veggies and leafy greens. We besides have kitchen tools for cooking eggs, grating spices and cheeses, and prepping fruits like berries and melons .

Mixing Bowls and Mixers

From mixing stadium sets to individual options, we carry a wide scope of mixing bowl and mixers. available in a range of sizes, we have a blend bowl to meet your needs. Choose from bowl in field glass, stainless steel, ceramic or melamine .

Cutting Boards

We have cutting boards and carving boards in a kind of materials, shapes and sizes. You will find end granulate, teak and bamboo in our selection. These materials are kinder to knives and will help blades keep their sharp edge. Some of our carve boards are reversible with a english for poultry and a slope for kernel .

Thermometers and Timers

Thermometers and timers are substantive kitchen tools that help keep track of cooking times and inner temperatures. Our survival includes leave-in, oven, candy/deep fry, digital and instantaneous read thermometers. For timers, we have digital styles vitamin a well as classic analogue twist timers.

Wine and Bar Tools

Looking to enjoy your wine to the fullest ? Our wine and bar tools combine functionality with beauty. For wine tools, we have corkscrews, pourers, aerators and fun bottle stoppers to name a few. To make a marvelous blend drink, we have internal-combustion engine cube trays, ice buckets, whisks, shakers, stirrers, muddlers and early bar essentials that elevate your bartender skills .

Food Storage

From storing leftovers in the electric refrigerator to pastas, grains and cereals in the pantry, you ‘ll find plenty of food storage options at Crate & Barrel. choice from glass, ceramic and BPA-free plastics to keep foods fresh. With familiar names like Anchor Hocking, OXO, Progressive and Joseph Joseph future to our exclusive food containers, there ‘s something that fits any want. We besides sell looking glass jars for can and preserve .

Salt and Pepper

Stove side or tableside salt shakers and pepper mills well season food. We carry a wide-eyed assortment or cosmetic and functional strategic arms limitation talks and pepper tools. From the traditional shaker vogue to grinders and mills to salt cellars and zest jars, we have it covered .


Our cookbook excerpt focuses on the trends we see in the culinary arts. Every season we highlight what ’ s popular in the cook world. Our cookbooks make great additions to many of our kitchen products, such as SMEG cooking utensil, for a complete and thoughtful giving presentation.

Colanders and Spinners

Wash, rinse and dry lettuces, kale, berries and more with any of our colanders, strainers and salad spinners. With person pieces and sets to select from, there is a well-designed option for every budget .


Crate & Barrel besides has a wide variety show of utility items. We have a large collection of trash cans by Simplehuman and other familiar brands. We besides have utensil holders, fruit baskets, draftsman and electric refrigerator organizers, dish racks, and dance step stools that make working in the kitchen a little easier. Browse our entire collection of kitchen tools and accessories, including utensils, mixing bowl, cutting boards, thermometers, timers, food memory, salt and pepper shakers, cookbooks, colanders, rubbish cans and more. Creating your wedding register ? Kitchen gadgets are among the most forget wedding register items, so take a second attend at your list to make sure you ‘ve got everything you need to prepare meals from breakfast through dessert .

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