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The iPhone has undeniably been one of the most game-changing inventions and innovations in late history, enormously impacting an enormous number of aspects in both the way businesses operate and the way we lead our personal lives. While right out of the box these devices already offer an insane amount of utility — an sphere furthered by the ocean of available io apps on the marketplace — there exists a selection of products that manage to bolster the capabilities of Apple ’ s smartphone, taking its operation to the adjacent level .
And it ’ s this group of items that we ’ ll be exploring today in this handpicked guide to the best iPhone accessories you can buy. thus, whether you ’ re looking to ruggedize your Apple smartphone, amplify its recording capabilities, or streamline your iPhone EDC loadout, this list has got you covered with more than two twelve of the latest and greatest accessories for the newest generations of Apple ’ s profoundly game-changing mobile device .

PrimeCables Lightning to HDMI Digital AV Adapter

Perfect for traveling and vacationing, this handy little detail allows you to project whatever is on the riddle of your phone directly onto a high-definition television, monitor, or projector, enabling you to stream your favored shows from anywhere with an HDMI port-equipped screen. Offering resolution of up to 1080p, this adapter is besides Apple MFi-certified .
leverage : $ 15

NOMAD Battery Cable 1.5m

Equipped with an onboard 2,800mAh office bank, this 1.5-meter ( 4.9 ’ ) NOMAD item is one of the most furrowed charge cables in being. compatible with all iPhones generation 5 and newer, the cable television features a hardwearing aluminum house and a 1,000D ballistic weave nylon outside wrapped around a PVC cable crown with an RF shield and a Kevlar kernel .
purchase : $ 20

Apple AirTag

With Apple ’ randomness AirTag, gone are the days of mislaid or lost keys or wallets as the compress trailing device enables users to effortlessly find small items using ultra-precise GPS locate. In summation to Apple offering a free engrave service for all new AirTags purchased on their site, there ’ mho besides a broad array of great AirTag cases and accessories that are already on the market .
buy : $ 29

OtterBox Amplify Glass Glare Guard

With the iPhone 13 starting at $ 799 — or $ 699 for the 13 mini — we ’ five hundred rede any owners of the latest generation of the smartphone to invest in a timbre shield for the appliance ’ s Super Retina XDR OLED display. Fortifying the telephone ’ mho already hood Ceramic Shield setup, OtterBox ’ s Amplify Glass Glare Guard is ultra-resistant to scratches, glare, and impacts — sol much so, in fact, that this token comes recommended by Apple itself .
leverage : $ 45

Clutch V2 Lightning Charger

At merely 0.16″ thickly, this 3.5″ x 2.5″ credit card-sized mobile might bank allows you to carry an supernumerary charge for your iPhone no matter where the day takes you. Weighing alone 2oz, the irregular coevals Clutch Charger features a metallic caparison that ’ s equipped with an light-emitting diode battery level index and a potent 3,000mAh battery cell .
purchase : $ 50

Dango S1 Stealth Phone Pocket + MT03 Bundle

An ultra-hardwearing iPhone accessory, Dango ’ s S1 Stealth Phone Pocket + MT03 Bundle is comprised of a three-card phone wallet sheath that ’ second crafted from Dango ’ s highly-durable and water-repellent DTEX material and the brand ’ s MT03 ten-function, TSA-compliant multi-tool — the latter of which fits in the S1 air pocket and is made from high carbon stainless steel .
leverage : $ 50

PITAKA MagSafe Compatible Car Phone Mount

Crafted from a rugged amalgamation of thermoplastic polyurethane and genuine Aramid carbon fiber, PITAKA ’ second MagSafe car mount is a 15W radio charging pad that can juice up an iPhone through MagSafe-compatible cases. This token is besides sold with ( and powered by ) an include USB-C cable .
purchase : $ 60

Master & Dynamic MC100 Wireless Charge Pad

Though Master & Dynamic ’ s MC100 Wireless Charging Pad was technically designed for the american audio brand ’ s absolutely leading MW08 Sport earbuds, the top-shelf charger is besides compatible with all iPhones generations 8 and forth. Offering 10W radio charging speeds, the MC100 is constructed around a beautifully-machined aluminum chassis that comes adorned in black or gray-coated canvas .
purchase : $ 69

Pelican Shield Kevlar iPhone 13 Case

While not MagSafe-compatible, the Shield Kevlar model is pelican ’ mho most full-bodied and protective case for the iPhone 13. Exceeding military quiz standards, the Shield Kevlar iPhone 13 Case provides alone levels of protection in a amazingly dilute and compact software thanks to the use of a five-layer frame-up comprised of a combination of hard polymers, voiced impact-absorbing rubbers, and Aramid carbon roughage .
purchase : $ 70

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Whenever denounce for iPhone accessories, it rarely hurts to check out the products made by Apple itself, as the company tends to deliver some pretty ace peripherals, and the technical school colossus ’ south MagSafe Battery Pack is no exception. adequate to of delivering 20W cabled charging speeds or 15W wireless charges, this magnetic fluid power bank contains a 1,460mAh battery .
purchase : $ 99

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

Backed by Bellroy ’ s three-year guarantee, this pack detail features one of the celebrated EDC post ’ s Mod Phone Cases and an accompanying hard-shelled card carrier that attaches to the leather and polymer telephone casing via a magnetic “ ModRails ” system. Produced in half-a-dozen different attractive color options, this detail is besides MagSafe-friendly .
buy : $ 99

Sandmark Compact Edition Tripod

With a 12MP camera system with telephotograph, wide, and ultra-wide lenses, a LiDAR-enhanced night mode, portrait lighting with half-a-dozen different effects, double ocular persona stabilization, True Tone flash, and sensor‑shift ocular prototype stabilization, the iPhone 13 Pro ( and 13 Pro Max ) are capable of some seriously impressive photography, and this compress even durable tripod allows you to far capitalize on the smartphone ’ s up-to-date camera array with a quick-adjustable aluminum frame and an include ball-head iPhone mount .

purchase : $ 100

Backbone One for iPhone

Between its game-changing A15 Bionic chip, and Super Retina XDR OLED HDR expose with a 120Hz refresh rate, the latest iPhone stands as a thoroughly adequate to and state-of-the-art bet on car. however, to take broad advantage of what the iPhone 13 has to offer, you ’ ll need a purpose-built gambling restrainer — one of, if not the very best of which is undoubtedly the Backbone One with its low latency connection, pass-through consign, and ergonomic design .
leverage : $ 100

PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

Considering how frequently we touch them — and the fact that we ’ ra presently experiencing an ongoing ball-shaped pandemic with no contiguous end in sight — you very should be sanitizing your phone on a unconstipated footing. The PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer makes this tax a breeze, as it cleanses your device of germs and dirty while simultaneously delivering a radio charge .
buy : $ 117

Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone

Despite coming equipped uncoiled from the factory with onboard microphones embedded into the call ’ south front man, bottom, and television camera array, the latest iPhone ’ randomness audio record capabilities still leave a lot to be desired, though the Shure MV88 Portable io Microphone solves this problem with incredible simplicity, with the condenser microphone plugging directly into the earphone ’ randomness Lightning port .
purchase : $ 119


A decidedly premium yet minimalist affair, KILLSPENCER ’ s iPhone Pouch is an elegant and beautifully-crafted telephone sleeve that ’ s made from top-shelf black full-grain leather. KILLSPENCER besides produces this case in a assortment of unlike sizes for numerous generations of the iPhone going all the way back to the 7 .
buy : $ 120

Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand

Boasting an apparent level of quality that you can quite literally see and feel, Grovemade ’ s Wood MagSafe wireless charging stand was designed from the ground up specifically for the MagSafe system. Built atop a sword base, this charger is made from hand-sanded walnut and comes decorated in vegetable-tanned leather accents. besides available in brass and maple constructions, this charging dock can accommodate an iPhone in both portrait and landscape modes .
purchase : $ 120

Courant CATCH:3 Classic

presently offered in five separate color options, Courant ’ s CATCH:3 Classic international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine merely one of the finest EDC valet trays that money can buy, the italian leather-bound item besides packs a three-coil wireless charging bunch for juicing up your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Airpods .
purchase : $ 175

Apple AirPods Pro

Since their debut in October of 2019, Apple ’ s AirPods Pro have set the standard in the premium true radio earbud market, with MagSafe-compatible Qi-charging capabilities, a collective 24 hours of battery life sentence, an IPX4 water-resistance evaluation, spatial audio with active head chase, active noise cancelation supplemented via a Transparency mood, and seamless connectivity and pairing with the perch of Apple ’ s suite of products and fluid devices .
leverage : $ 249

FLIR ONE Pro Smartphone Thermal Imaging Camera

An ultra-high-tech iPhone accessory, the FLIR ONE Pro turns your Apple smartphone into a thermal image television camera. adequate to of delivering temperature readings between -4°F and 752°F, this appliance — which pairs with the spare FLIR ONE io fluid app — comes equipped with MSX and VividIR enhanced double process and video recording capabilities .
leverage : $ 345

Pivo Pod Black

The Pivo Pod Black is a thoroughly up-to-date motorized ache 360-degree iPhone tripod that ’ south arrant for 3D tours, presentations, and live streaming. Sold with an included outback, this appliance features auto-tracking, car chic zoom, 360-degree effigy production, and an align of preset presentation modes .
purchase : $ 369

Moment iPhone 13 Five Lense Starter Pack

As we already touched on above, the latest top-of-the-line iPhone models come straight from the factory with an already thoroughly impressive camera array, though Moment ’ s Five Lense Starter Pack for the iPhone 13 gives photographers markedly more options for shooting with an anamorphic lens, a macro lens, a 14mm fisheye lens, a 58mm telephotograph lens, and a wide 18mm lens .
purchase : $ 680

SeaLife SportDiver Underwater iPhone Housing & Sea Dragon Light

The SeaLife SportDiver turns your iPhone into a high-performance subaqueous television camera that ’ second capable of operational at depths of deoxyadenosine monophosphate low as 130 ’ thanks to the detail ’ second cam-lock sealing mechanism. Should you exceed that depth, the television camera boasts pressure alarms to notify you. This finical interpretation of the SeaLife SportDiver cam besides comes equipped with the caller ’ s ultra-bright 2,500-lumen Sea Dragon COB LED Light .
purchase : $ 749

Apple Watch Titanium Case Series 7

The Apple Watch identical well may be the single best iPhone accessory under the sun, and while the inaugural model was a watershed nibble of engineering, the smartwatch has alone grown good with each new generation. The latest, seventh-generation interpretation of the Apple smartwatch is the most capable, feature-laden, and utilitarian iteration so far, plus it ’ second offered in a server of finishes and with a countless of different bands and straps — angstrom well as in a top-shelf titanium-cased adaptation ( seen here ) .
buy : $ 799+

GRAY ALTER EGO Titanium iPhone 13 Case

If one set out to craft the ultimate ultra-premium protective iPhone character with nothing concern for cost, it would about surely look a set like GRAY ’ s ALTER EGO Case. Precision CNC-machined from aerospace-grade 6Al4V titanium and decked out in a mechanically-textured complete, this exoskeleton-style shell comes paired with a black thermoplastic polyurethane caparison that absorbs bumps and impacts .
purchase : $ 1,899

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