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Water 7



50,000 hp

Atk per hit

610-700 dmg

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Not to be confused with the Cyborg (MISC) or Cyborg Race

The Cyborg is a floor 675 Boss. This Boss has a depleted find to get the Cool Shades, Accessory ( 1-2 % gamble ). He has a engender time of 30 ~ 35 Minutes. This Boss gives around 150k EXP


He can be found at Fountain City.


description : Defeat Cyborg reward : 10,000,000 ( 10M ) EXP. RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 20,000. Moves:

Move Description Damage Move Notes How To Avoid
Rocket Barrage Cyborg shoots multiple rockets at the player. 1k None Continually spam dash left or right, Observation might help as well as using the rock to block them.
Strong Right Cyborg extends his arms and then retracts them back. 1k This move is similar to both Rubber and Phoenix’s Cannon. Keep a distance
Rising Fart Strike Cyborg launches
himself into the air
Around 1.5k He seldom uses this move. Keep a distance.


  1. Use Ranged attacks. Only come close to him if the player have close-range stun moves. Make sure to stay far away from him.
  1. Behind the rock, his rocket range can hit the rock, but not hit the player.
  1. Perfect Timing. Many players die because they got hit by his rocket move when they did a stunning / freezing move.
  1. Have at least 2000+ Health and Energy. The player might run out of energy or health during this fight. The player can survive about 3 hits.
  1. The most dangerous move, is his “Rocket Barrage”, unless the player have about 5 dodges of observation

    , but make sure to avoid his “Rocket Barrage” move when the player get close because that breaks observation and does decent damage.

  1. Use Barrier. It can knock him away from using his close-ranged attacks, and deflect his missiles as well as get close to him for 1.
  1. Deal as much damage as possible, he heals after about 10 seconds if haven’t dealt damage, in that time.
  1. Really, the best tip is to keep him behind the rock and spam ranged AoE moves.
  1. Ice fruit, since it can freeze, the Boss.
  1. Fishman Karate isn’t recommended unless the player’s Gun / Fruit / Sword has good stuns.
  2. Keep moving around, so the player can dodge his attacks.
  3. Elevated structures, like the windmill or the house roof, and use observation or perfect timing so the player could dodge whenever he use “Rocket barrage” ( if windmill, spam Skyjump¬†so the player wouldn’t fall of when he do rocket barrage ) both of them are tall enough to dodge all of his attack but his “Rocket barrage”.
  4. Use Buddha. This will let the player to tank out two hits at only 1k health and will also defy all other tips, just get an autoclicker and spam a decent Fighting style.


This NPC is the final boss in the First Sea before the actor can enter the Second Sea ( There is the Ice Admiral boss, but he does not count as a normal Boss ) .

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