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Ford ‘s fabled F-Series premiered in the former ’40s with the F1, the F2, and the F3. The F1 was a ½ short ton light pickup, while the 2 and the 3 represented steps up in size ( the F2 was ¾ long ton and the F3 was a heavy-duty adaptation of the F2 ). This was placid in the slightly “ early ” days of the American pickup hand truck industry and the F-Series represented a stigmatize improvement over Ford ‘s previous entrants, flush offering a V8 with the first gear generation that threw out 100 horsepower. And over the adjacent 30 years, the F-Series would evolve even more, seeing changes to not entirely the drivetrain parts, but of course to the size and shape of the model, equally well as to its accessories. In 1975, the Ford F-150 debuted as a half-ton pickup, taking up the roll point between Ford ‘s F-100 and F-250. The hand truck was an instantaneous achiever, accounting for over a third base of all Ford F-Series hand truck sales in its first class on the road. It would besides be the begin to one of Ford ‘s most prize accomplishments in the history of the company .
once the 1980s reach, the F-150 was a prime time part of the show. There were certain changes to the Ford F-150 parts, most notably the hood was angled towards the rear and the SuperCab ‘s windows were now split to show off the appearance of match windows. In 1983, the engine options began to take on lend size. A 7.5L V8 and 6.7L diesel V8 were offered. This was besides the last year Ford would assemble the F-100, mean that the F-150 was now the base truck. 1987 brought on even more changes to Ford F-150 parts. The front-end displayed revised accessories, such as a orthogonal wicket and flower headlights that required merely removing the bulb upon surrogate, not the entire headlight. Anti-lock rear brakes were besides added, as was a 4.9L inline 6-cylinder engine with fuel injection. Within a year, all engine options would be fuel-injected. In 1990, “ partake drive ” was implemented. “ refer drive ” allowed the drivers to go into 4-wheel drive mode by simply pushing a dashboard-mounted button. As the ’90s progressed, the Ford F-150 became even more aerodynamically styled. The nose was smoothed out and the bumpers were slanted back.

Ford F-Series trucks had become the highest selling model in the diligence with the F-150 leading the direction. That made the need for safety features even more weigh. In 1994, a driver ‘s side airbag and side door beam became standard Ford F-150 parts. 1995 saw the arrival of the Eddie Bauer F-150 Edition. Outfitted with alloy wheels, power windows and locks, and painted in two-tone colors, it was a “ luxury ” version of the F-150 and did better than expected in terms of overall sales. presently, the Ford F-150 is still at the top of the pile. It is equipped with a 4.6L V8 ( 245 horsepower ), a higher output 4.6L V8 ( 292 horsepower ), or a 5.4L V8 ( 310 horsepower ). There are seven trim levels available covering seam lengths, cab sizes, and driveline configurations, giving interest drivers of this truck more than enough possibilities to choose from. evening in a climate when sales of trucks dwindled due to the economic downturn, the F-150 distillery held its ground. nowadays bolder and more convenient than ever, the Ford F-150 still provides a handful of results with the bequest to back it up.

One of the most democratic vehicles of all prison term, the Ford F-150 rightfully knows no boundaries. still going potent after 10 generations, the arrant F-Series helped define the terrain for all modern pickups. The F-150 has been a sweetheart reminder of barely what Ford can be capable of, and the model ‘s redesigned look and capability rewarded the brand. The F-150 remains one of the only trucks to have ever received the Motor Trend Truck of the Year ( 2004 ), north american english Truck of the Year ( 2004 ), and Car & Driver Best Pickup Truck ( 2004, 2005 ) all within the straddle of two years. Powerful and versatile, this is the hand truck that takes second-place to no matchless.

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