12 best accessories for hands-free reading

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12 best accessories for hands-free reading

Piotr Kowalczyk ⋮ Published onDecember 7, 2021 December 7, 2021

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Best accessories for hands-free reading
Take a look at accessories and appliances that will let you read books hands-free, be it electronic or print.
For avid book readers, any idea that would make the reading school term more commodious is most welcome. sometimes, evening the most comfortable chair is not enough, particularly when it ’ s not your back that needs some easing, but hands .
Are there ways to stop thinking about hands and focus entirely on the novel you are reading ? You will be surprise how many home appliances and accessories would suit this single tax .
The comply overview of accessories desirable for hands-free read is not fair a obviously list of tablets stands. Just the diametric. I was determined to find the products that would fit both photographic print and electronic books. therefore, they could be used not just with your current Kindle model, but any book in any imprint, and not only in the adjacent months but for many years .
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What kind of hands-free read accessory are you looking for ? Everything depends on where you spend the most time recitation. If you normally read in bed, you would need something cozy but stable, a pillow-like stand would be the best .
If the president is the central invest of your read corner, you may need an accessary that would place the book at the eye level – a floor read digest, possibly ?
For electronic read devices, be it e-readers or tablets, buying a case with a built-in stand seems like an obvious theme. The problem is that most people read books in a portrait watch – while most cases can be transformed into landscape stands. small digest pillow and attic bags can be a reasonable option .
When going through this list of advanced products, please keep in mind that an insanely commodious accessary for hands-free read is probably standing within the reach of your hands .
precisely pick up one of the books from your bookshelf, make a camp out of it, and place a print book or device on it. glad learn !
Best hands-free accessories ebooks print books

Best accessories for hands-free reading

1. Sturdy pillow stand with 6 reading angles

Lamicall pillow stand - hands-free reading
Our pick : Best pillow stand for hands-free reading
From Lamicall comes one of the best solutions for hands-free read, no matter whether you read books in a print or ebook format .
The stand is cozy but extremely stable – it has impregnable resilience but is hard to deform. consequently, it can be used on any coat, be it a desk, bed, or sofa .
Best of all, it combines a public toilet of a pillow with features typical for background stands : multi-angle functionality .
You can place the book or device on each of two sides, where there are three grooves that are deep enough to hold an open print book angstrom well .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
Our score : 8.5/10
⇢ Amazon – $ 19.99

2. Foldable pillow pad with storage compartment

Folding tablet pillow stand - best for hands-free reading
Pillow stands are normally large – besides big to take them on a trip or hide in a drawer .
From Ontel comes a apt solution – a soft stand that looks like a pillow on the outside but hide a foldable stand construction .
The bandstand is made of soft but hardy cover, and can be folded to a compressed shape that can well fit under a layer or in a drawer .
The adjustable top side ( between 0 and 90 degrees ) is where you can place your e-reader or pad. The front rut is high gear and large enough to hold a mark book vitamin a well .
Best of all, the pillow features a hidden storage compartment, where you can place the device or book – and there is still some identify to add a few smaller accessories .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 19.99

3. Foldable metal book and textbook holder

Foldable metal book and texbook holder - hands-free reading
here is a metallic book holder that ’ mho both lightweight and functional. It will work with a newspaper book, casebook, or cookbook. You can besides use it as a pad rack .
The stand offers six read positions that you can fix by using the notches in the in-between part. You can fold the holder completely so that you can take it to the library or camping .
Thanks to a large base, the stall can besides be used on uneven surfaces, such as sofa or layer .
It ’ sulfur made of a agio stainless iron, and is painted in one of over twenty dollar bill bright colors, including Lime Green, Book Brown, Morandi Pink, and Army Green .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 15.99

4. Book Couch pillow stand for all forms of books

Book Couch stand for all forms of books - hands-free reading
This pillow stall was designed with readers in beware. It is intended to be chiefly used as a manner to read books hands-free .
The producer claims the Book Couch will securely keep any book and of any size – “ where you are reading a paperback book, hardback, magazine or casebook. ”
obviously, the pillow will besides be a great stand for tablets and e-readers, particularly if you want to use it on spotty surfaces .
The stand is decidedly the coziest accessory in this overview, but you have to keep in mind that it besides takes the most space .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 27.99

5. Portable pillow holder with pockets

Foldable pillow stand - hands-free reading accessories
here is another idea for a pillow holder that can be folded to a more portable condition .
Designed and sold by our favorite accessory manufacturer MoKo, this soft pillow holder features a chattel top side that can be unfolded to form a stable stand .
The stand, together with a front cradle, should accommodate an e-reader, a pad, or a paper book ( hardcovers are better than paperbacks when it comes to using them in all kinds of holders ) .
You can fold the acme back and close with buttons to form a kind of bag that you can carry using a convenient treat. There are besides pockets on two sides where you can place your smartphone or cables .
When folded, the pillow can be used as a throw pillow or neck accompaniment on a sofa or bed .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets ( up to 12.9 inches ), smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 24.99

6. Vertical flip stand e-reader case

Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 2021 flip case - hands-free reading
If you own an e-reader and want to free your hands while understand, you have been credibly considering a vertical pass rack event .
This casing design opens from crown to bottom, and can be transformed into a digest case where the device is in a portrait position. The front cover is now a establish that is big enough to use the stand in a bed or sofa .
It ’ s a apt and convenient theme for an e-reader case. The lone problem is that a unmarried flip case can be used only with a specific device. And you can find flick cases only for the most popular models. here are a few examples to investigate :

7. Foldable spider-leg stand for tablets and e-readers

Spider leg stand for tablets and e-readers - hands-free reading
Our picking : Best spider leg stand for tablets

Most stands and pill pillows can raise the bible or device entirely a bite higher. What if you wanted to place the text at the eye level ?
Take a look at the clever stand from Tablift. It has a construction which resembles a four-legged spider, and on the top there is a device holder .
The legs are flexible, and you can form them to raise the device much higher than any other accessory. Most importantly, the legs can be folded together to take a little distance as possible .
The holder lets you mount a device of up to 12.9 inches ( ca. 33 curium ). The slots allow read at three different angles .
Tablift is a bang-up way to read hands-free in bed, particularly if you want to avoid placing anything directly on your stomach .
Compatible: E-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 39.99

8. Bed tray with adjustable stand

Bed tray with adjustable stand - hands-free reading ideas
Our pick : Best bed tray for hands-free reading
If you like an idea of a large stand that you don ’ t have to keep on your knees, you can go one step further. Why not choosing a home appliance that combines several benefits, including a hands-free read ?
A bed tray with an adjustable stand can meet most of your needs. When you want, you can use it for a Sunday breakfast in bed, working on a laptop, or reading a book .
The main profit is an adjustable rack that you create by raising a exit part of the desk. You can military position the bandstand at five different angles – a great theme if you read a set on a sofa or in a bed .
The right side of the desk stays flatcar, and you can use it for a cup of chocolate and a tray of marshmallows. Plus, there is besides a engage storage compartment for office accessories or a bottle of urine .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
Our score : 7.9/10
⇢ Amazon – $ 39.99

9. Bamboo floor book reading stand

Bamboo floor book reading stand - hands-free reading
If you want to invest in a standalone book reading stand that you cloud plaza by your bed, sofa, or kitchen table, this one is worth considering .
Opposite to tablet shock stands – which can only hold tablets, e-readers, or smartphones – the digest is designed to be used chiefly with composition books, textbooks, cookbooks, or magazines .
You can adjust its altitude easily by using a node, but if you want to control the slant, you will need to reach for a tool box. Thanks to the wheels, you can well roll the stand between the places where you normally read books .
The stand offers a minimalist purpose that will fit every home style, with a bamboo base and a read control panel .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 139.99

10. Adjustable floor sheet music stand

Sheet music floor stand - idea for hands-free reading
Our pluck : Best alternative floor stand for reading
Dedicated book reading deck stands monetary value well above $ 100. Tablet floor stands are only for, well, tablets. If you want to read book print and electronic books, there is an alternative solution – a floor music base .
surprisingly or not, the music stand has everything you need to read books hands-free. It offers a high alteration, adenine well as the lean adaptation. It can hold an e-reader, but besides a big and blockheaded academic record. You can besides use it as a cookbook point of view. There are metallic spring arms that will hold your book in place, no matter how think it is .
Yes, but music stands are cold black. You don ’ t have to choose the black. Get the flannel one, and it will absolutely fit the unaccented feel of your bedroom .
Plus, you can detach the head of the stand and seat it on a shock or kitchen mesa. Oh, and it comes with a carrying cup of tea .
Most music stands cost below $ 50 on Amazon .
Compatible: Print books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 42.99

11. Bean bag holder for e-readers and tablets

Bean bag holder for tablets and e-readers - hands-free reading
If you are looking for a smaller accessory that will help you read with free hands, you will appreciate the soft stand from iProp .
The stand is, in fact, a modest bean cup of tea that will help you place your e-reader or pad on any uneven surface .
The non-slip silicone ledge will hold your device even if it ’ randomness in a sheath, and the cradle is big enough for devices that are up to 18 mm in depth .
The pillow is covered with breathable mesh framework which can be detached and washed. The zipper lets you use the internal space for cables and other small accessories .
Compatible: E-readers, tablets, smartphones .
⇢ Amazon – $ 24.99

12. Innovative pillow stand with flexible arm

Newest pillow stand with flexible arm for hands-free reading
Pillow lap stand with holder - hands-free reading
Our pick : Most innovative pillow stand for reading
If you are looking for accessories that you can amply adjust to your needs, take a look at the stand that combines a flexible holder with an innovative pillow .
The pillow is filled with odorless foam pellets. As a result, it can change its condition to close fill the contact surface – a bed, desk, or your knees. The cover is made of stretchable and breathable Lycra framework .
The other function is a cozy-looking arm that ends with a device holder. The holder is compatible with smartphones, e-readers, and tablets that are up to 7 inches. unfortunately, there is no means to mount a print book hera .
The arm can be rotated by 360 degrees, and you can besides adjust its height “ to meet the comfort of watching the screen in different postures, and efficaciously soothe your neck and spur. ”
The best thing is that, thanks to a hook in the pillow ’ second top side, you can place here an even larger device .
Compatible: holder : smartphones, tablets, and e-readers that are up to 7 inches. pillow hook : devices that are up to 12.9 inches .
Our mark : 8.2/10
⇢ Amazon – $ 59.99
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