How to reset Apple HomeKit (and why you might want to)

ache homes can be complex beasts — an amalgam of many different accessories and sometimes multiple platforms. That animal can get out of hand, even in the case of Apple ’ s HomeKit. here ’ s how to reset HomeKit and why you might consider doing it .
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To reset HomeKit, open the Home app for iPhone or iPad, then tap the house icon in the upper-left corner. Make surely the home you want to reset is selected, then tap Home Settings. Scroll down on the following page and choose Remove Home. Follow the prompts, and all of that home ‘s data will be deleted, including automations and accessories. You ‘ll need to re-pair accessories when you create a new home.


  • How do you reset HomeKit?
  • Why would you reset HomeKit?

How do you reset Apple HomeKit?

There ’ mho normally no actual “ reset ” button for HomeKit. But Apple does organize the platform ’ second data into “ homes, ” and it ’ s relatively easily to delete these from the Home app for iPhone or iPad, specially since most people only have one be space at a time. Follow these steps to delete a HomeKit dwelling :

  • Open the Home app, and tap on the house icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Make sure the name of your home is selected in the drop-down menu. Unless you’ve intentionally added a second location, it will likely be pre-selected.
  • In the same drop-down menu, tap Home Settings.
  • Scroll down and choose Remove Home.
  • Follow the prompts.

Be mindful that you ’ ll lose all the data associated with a home if you do this, including accessory pairings. You ’ ll want to re-pair everything if you want to start fresh, which can be time-consuming even if you ’ ve saved HomeKit codes for scanning. It ’ south well to gather those codes in one place for future reference.

If the Home app gets stuck at a Loading Accessories and Scenes screen, you will see a reset clitoris. If this happens, tap Reset Home Configuration, and once confirmed, your data will be scraped merely as if you ’ vitamin d followed the steps above .

Why would you reset Apple HomeKit?

The Logitech Circle View Doorbell for HomeKit Logitech There are a copulate of reasons. The beginning, as hinted, is if the Home app gets stuck at Loading Accessories and Scenes. This is an improbable trouble, and there are early measures you can attempt before a HomeKit readjust. These include rebooting any Home hub ( Apple TVs, HomePods, iPads ) or signing out of iCloud then back in. You can even try resetting an affected iPhone or iPad and restoring a backing from before things went amiss, but this is time-consuming in its own proper without a guarantee of success. You might besides lose data saved post-backup. The other reason is that your HomeKit configuration has become unwieldy. Over time, it ’ s wholly potential to accumulate a collection of idle accessories, scenes, and automations. A reset can be a shortcut to a streamlined configuration, so long as you have all the codes gathered to re-pair accessories. We recommend removing unused accessories from HomeKit at even intervals, since Wi-Fi routers can start dropping device connections if they become oversaturated .
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