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Request For Comments

An RFC describes an Internet standard. RFCs are published by the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) .


Remote Input/Output

RIO is the concept where the STENTOFON AlphaCom commute has control over remotely located logical inputs and outputs through either a serial data liaison or across an IP data network. The coherent inputs can receive status information from 3rd party equipment ; the logical outputs can be used to control 3rd party equipment .

Alternative routing​

Re-routing of AlphaNet calls via transit rally on congestion or link bankruptcy.


Restriction of Hazardous Substances

The RoHS directive restricts the habit of sealed hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment .


Network node for connecting networks together>

Routers besides handle sealed functions, such as routing or managing the traffic on the networks they connect .


Real-time Transport Control Protocol

Provides out-of-band control condition information for an RTP flow. The elementary routine of RTCP is to provide feedback on the quality of service being provided by RTP .


Real-Time Protocol

An IETF protocol for transmitting real-time data such as audio and video. typically, RTP runs on circus tent of the UDP protocol, although the specification is general enough to support other transport protocols .


Software Development Kit

A collection of program tools, utilities, documentation, and libraries of functions or classes. SDK is a term popularized by Microsoft as in Windows SDK or Windows Media


Session Initiation Protocol

An IP telephone signaling protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ). chiefly used for Voice over IP ( VoIP ) calls, but SIP can besides be used for video or any media character …


Simple Network Management Protocol

Simple network management protocol ( SNMP ) is a located of protocols for centralizing the management of IP networks. It is used for both collecting information from and configuring the fully range of network devices, including servers, printers, switches, hubs, routers, firewalls, radio access points and person workstations. A wide variety show of data can be collected, ranging from a server ‘s CPU ( central processing whole ) usage grade to its chassis temperature .


System logging

A criterion for forwarding log messages in an IP network. The term “ syslog ” is much used for both the actual syslog protocol, equally well as the application or library air syslog messages. The syslog protocol is very simplistic : the syslog transmitter sends a little textual message via UDP in clear text. Syslog is typically used for computer system management and security system audit. It is supported by a wide diverseness of devices and receivers. Syslog can be used to integrate log data from many unlike types of systems into a cardinal repository .


Transmission Control Protocol

TCP is a connection-based protocol that provides a authentic flow of data between two computers


Type of Service

A field in an IP package that is used for quality of service ( QoS ). The TOS field is 8 bits. Routers use the value in the TOS field to classify how the IP packets should be prioritized and processed .


User Datagram Protocol

One of the core protocols of the Internet protocol suite. Using UDP, programs on network computers can send short messages known as datagrams to one another. UDP does not provide the dependability and ordering guarantees that TCP does ; datagrams may arrive out of order or go missing without notice. however, as a


Uninterruptible Power Supply

A device or system that maintains a continuous issue of electric ability to certain substantive equipment that must not be shut down unexpectedly. The equipment is inserted between a primary exponent reservoir, such as a commercial utility, and the basal world power input of equipment to be protected, for the determination of eliminating the effects of a impermanent power outage and transeunt anomalies .


Virtual LANs

VLAN is a coherent subgroup within a local sphere network that is created via software quite than manually moving cables in the wire cupboard .


VoIP is a technology which allows articulation communications to be transmitted over a datum network .


Virtual Private Network

A secret network that is constructed by using public networks to connect nodes. For exercise, there are a issue of systems that enable you to create networks using the Internet as the medium for transporting data. These systems use encoding and other security mechanisms to ensure that merely authoritative users can access the net and that the data can not be intercepted .


Wide Area Network

A WAN spans a big geographic area, such as a state, nation or even multiple countries. WANs normally connect multiple LANs and other smaller-scale area networks. WANs differ from LANs in several crucial ways :

  • More expensive networking equipment and infrastructures than LAN
  • WAN usually carries significantly lower data bandwidth than LAN due to higher cost
  • Need for bandwidth, security, quality of service must be evaluated against costs The main implementation options are:
  • Leased or dedicated line infrastructure
  • Outsourced to Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)


Wireless Fidelity

A term for certain types of radio local sphere networks ( WLANs ) that use specifications in the Ethernet 802.11 family.


Wireless Local Area Network

A WLAN links devices via a wireless distribution method acting ( typically Hspread-spectrumH or HOFDMH radio ), and normally provides a connection through an access point to the wide internet. This affords users the mobility to roam around within a local coverage area and calm be connected to the network .


An ITU-T standard protocol suite for WAN networks using the telephone or ISDN system as the network hardware. It defines the standard physical, data associate, and net layers of the OSI model .


Extensible Markup Language

A W3C-recommended general-purpose markup language for creating special-purpose markup languages. It is a simplify subset of SGML, adequate to of describing many different kinds of data. Its basal determination is to facilitate the share of data across different systems, particularly systems connected via the Internet. Languages based on XML are defined in a dinner dress way, allowing programs to modify and validate documents in these languages without prior cognition of their form .

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