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Got charged fee for re-stocking and embark for a defective unit.Seller claims it was not. My words against their words ? Lost $ 500. Bad practice. atrocious experience. My advice, never ever buy from this seller … Bought a re-furbished from them and received a wholly dead item right out of the corner even if certified affirm + severe transport / packaging which can not handle this type of 60 pounds receiver. Thx to ****** and their protection policies ( and repute ), when I wanted to return it, I got contacted by accessories4less who agreed to return it and covered all the fees ( shipping cost included ). Returned it and got money back to the penny. Story could stop here and beside losing my time, at least got my money back. unfortunately, when accessories4less contacted me about this bad liquidator, they offered me to buy a trade name fresh one ( no open box ) with 3-years guarantee from Denon for entirely $ 100 more than the re-furbished directly from them and guess what … I fall for it. Gave them my credit card, ordered a new one and here we go … Got it a workweek late, looks good, original box and everything in but the very first time I plugged the recipient, no front display on the liquidator came up … Whatever I tried to do, reset, factory readjust … the display never came up. It is a $ 4K receiver and I do n’t except this from Denon ( one owed 3 others receivers from them ). In a course, two bad receivers from Denon … I contacted accessories4less for a restitution and they did agree for it but I have to cover the cost of shipping back and I will be charged for original ship cost + restocking charge ( $ 300 ) if the receiver was not bad. No write out, I knew the receiver was bad and I was not expecting to argue its working conditions … I was wrong, accessories4less charged me for shipping and for re-stocking fees claiming the receiver I returned was tested and amply functional. I argued, I went back and power with them to prove my character, they sent me a video of the telephone receiver with a shape expose but showing me a series # which I rightfully believe was altered … Basically it is my words against their words and did go quiet after that as many have reported on their reviews … no one as customer should experience this. If you said the liquidator is defective and return it, as a customer you should be reliance as such and get your money back … Bottom production line, I spend over $ 500 for ship fees, re-stocking for no product … release money I gave and spend for them … This seller in my mind is a scam and I will make certain ****** and Denon knows about it and they should never do business with them. The power of people opinion through review are huge for business. I hope mine will serve the compass point and cipher else know this. They did n’t even offer to send back this “ work ” detail, wondering why. problem date : 3/06/2020 Purchase date:2/27/2020 Receiver Denon****************** Order # Sales : ***************************** Payment amount : $ 3,276.41 Payment Method : ****

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