Best Instant Pot Mini 3QT Accessories

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Best Accessories for the Mini 3QT Instant Pot with a complete list all in one place so you know which ones will fit inside.

Instant Pot accessories guide with text overlay

Which Accessories Work For Instant Pot Mini 3QT

Raise your hand if you equitable love your new Instant Pot Mini but find yourself scratching your head about which accessories will fit the Instant Pot Mini 3QT ?
Will your other Instant Pot 6QT & 8QT accessories fit in the 3QT besides ?
This blog mail shares a compilation of ALL of the accessories that I have found after scouring amazon, reading hundreds of comments from on-line Instant Pot users, in addition to my own findings.

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how i started my instant pot family

When I purchased my first Instant Pot, I bought the # 1 best selling model, the Instant Pot DUO 6QT, precisely like everyone else .
Within a week of cooking with it, I cursorily realized that I needed a second Instant Pot so I could be even more hands-free in the kitchen ! That way I could cook chicken in one and steam veggies in the other .
Instant Pot qt and Instant Pot Mini 3qt in a white kitchen
( Instant Pot Duo 6QT and Instant Pot Mini 3QT )
For my second Instant Pot, I ended up purchasing the Instant Pot DUO 8QT so I could have something large enough to do a bad pot of soup AND have leftovers the following day .
I love being effective, with less cook and dishes whenever possible .
Instant Pot Mini 3qt on a counter
( Instant Pot Mini 3QT )

DO this first when you buy an instant pot

then I saw the Instant Pot Mini 3QT make its debut in the marketplace and I thought it was superintendent cute but that I didn ’ triiodothyronine truly have any need for it at all. Oh boy, was I incorrect .
I decided to purchase my Mini IP last class on Black Friday so I could complete my Instant Pot class. Right off, I did the water test on it to make certain the unit was working by rights .
then I made our favored jasmine rice in it !

easy jasmine rice in the Instant Pot Mini 3qt:

  1. Rinse the rice in a strainer/steamer basket.
  2. Add equal portions rice to water ratio. We can easily make 3 cups of rice to 3 cups of water fit (the max amount that will fit) in the Instant Pot 3QT.
  3. Stir rice and water in the pot.
  4. Place lid on pot.
  5. Pressure cook on High for 3 minutes followed by a natural pressure release for 10 minutes.
  6. Quick release any remaining pressure.
  7. Open lid, fluff with serving utensil and serve!

Instant Pot Mini 3QT with silicone steamer basket accessory
( Instant Pot Mini 3QT with silicone soft-shell clam basket )

Difference Between instant pot DUO 6qt & 3qt Mini

My first hiccup was that the buttons on the Instant Pot Mini 3QT DUO are slenderly different that the 6QT & 8QT DUO .
alternatively of a MANUAL release to push for pressure cook as it appears on the 6QT & 8QT DUO models, the release is called PRESSURE COOK and it ’ sulfur located in a unlike spot on the front panel on the Instant Pot Mini 3QT .
Ok, that ’ s not excessively heavily to relearn a more pin down name and new location, but it still always takes me a few seconds to find it. Haha !
I besides noticed that it came to pressure a few minutes agile than the larger models. yay !
This is to be expected since the Instant Pot Mini 3QT is a much smaller capacity and takes less clock time for the water to convert to steam for adequate pressure to cook .
Inside Instant Pot Mini 3QT with a silicone basket accessory
( Silicone steamer basket inside Instant Pot Mini 3QT for steaming veggies, meatballs, fish fillets, etc. )

Favorite feature of the instant pot mini

My front-runner thing about the Instant Pot Mini, is how fast it releases blackmail after cook prison term is over when you perform a quick pressure let go of !
I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe how fast it came down from pressure, taking entirely 15 seconds ! Amazing, right ? !
The larger 6QT & 8QT models take about 5-10 minutes ( or longer if full of hot soup ) to complete a quick pressure turn .
Instant Pot Mini 3QT with freezer storage containers
( Freezer storehouse containers for make ahead meals. They are the correct round form as they freeze to fit at heart Instant Pot Mini 3QT when you ’ re quick to pressure cook. )

uses for the Mini Instant Pot 3QT:

  • Sides such as rice, quinoa or risotto
  • Steaming vegetables with a steamer basket
  • Baby food from fruits and veggies that are super easy to puree after pressure cooking
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Homemade ricotta, cottage cheese, mozarella, cream cheese
  • Sauces such as BBQ, tomato and dips
  • Cooking smaller batches of oatmeal for breakfast
  • The BEST way to cook hardboiled eggs (that peel like a dream)
  • Baking the perfect egg bites (think sous vide Starbuck’s kind) with this mold and recipe from my Instant Pot Ebook.
  • Pressure cooking smaller cuts of meat such as chicken tenders, thighs or 1-3 chicken breasts
  • Thawing frozen raw ground beef. (Cook on high for 30 min with 10 min natural pressure release right on the trivet with 1 cup of water).
  • Desserts such as this Chocolate Coconut Tapioca Pudding
  • Cheesecake using this springform pan
  • Homemade Yogurt or non dairy yogurt like this coconut yogurt found in the Instant Pot Ebook (note the Instant Pot Lux Mini 3QT does not have YOGURT mode)
  • Using it as a double boiler for melting fondue or chocolate for dipped strawberries
  • Making jam or fruit compote
  • Reheating leftovers in an oven safe bowl on a trivet with 1 cup of water in the bottom of pot for 2-5 min on STEAM mode.
  • Cooking half sized 6QT recipes for small or single households or using recipe books like this one or this one, just for the Mini size
  • Dormitory/College in room cooking for healthy meal options when there’s no kitchen/stove available giving you both SAUTE or PRESSURE COOK mode.
  • Perfect size for RV travel or taking with you on a plane (as a carry on) for cooking when away from home.

Instant Pot Mini 3qt with glass bowl on counter
( Instant Pot Mini 3QT with pyrex glass bowl )

remember to do this when Pressure cooking

Remember that the same rules apply with the 3QT as the larger models .
The Instant Pot constantly needs to have liquid in the toilet to build up press from the fluent turning to steam. 1 cup is the minimum needed for the 3QT and 1 1/2 cups for the larger models .
Do not fill the pot more than 1/2 means full for items that double in size ( such as pasta, rice, beans ), and 2/3 fully for everything else ( such as soups ) .
The soap sum of rice to cook is 3 cups rice to 3 cups liquid to fall in the pot capacity filling guidepost .
Instant Pot with a glass bowl and trivet inside the pot
( Pyrex glass bowl on trivet inside Instant Pot Mini 3QT for pot in pot cook )

Instant Pot mini 3qt accessories

Check out my amazon store front where all of these Instant Pot Mini 3QT accessories are listed all in one plaza .
I will continue to keep adding to the tilt as the handiness and new products come into market that will work for the Mini .
here are the current ones available right now :
This stainless steel mesh soft-shell clam basket with silicone manage besides doubles as a strainer. I use this type of basket the most !

here ’ s another stainless steel steamer basket that is similar .

Silicone Steamer Basket that can fits the 6QT but can besides squish inside the 3QT .

Or this silicone soft-shell clam basket ( below ) that folds into itself besides works.

If you like stainless sword, then you ’ ll love this soft-shell clam basket with a wield .

This springform cheesecake pan fits perfectly .

Some favor this advertise pan cheesecake pan .

I prefer using stainless sword whenever possible with cook .

These egg sting molds are like the ones that fit the 6QT & 8QT models, but these are smaller to fit inside the 3QT. This besides means that alternatively of holding the even 2.3oz, these alone hold 1.2oz in each cup cavity .

If you prefer the larger testis bite molds, this fructify will give you the 2.3oz per cup capacity but has fewer cup cavities so that it fits inside the 3QT .

If a recipe calls for cooking something pot in pot, or cook in a classify bowl inside the Instant Pot, then this oven safe pyrex bowl is what I recommend .

This stainless sword stadium besides fits inside the 3QT for cooking batch in pot .

This Instant Pot silicone lid comes in handy when you want to store leftovers in the electric refrigerator right in the batch ! Or use for yogurt during the refrigeration period .

This glass hat is great for using during slow cook modality, yogurt brooding or making popcorn. You can besides use any stainless steel hat from one of your other regular cooking pots that you have at home that fits .

I constantly recommend having an extra silicone ring for when you want to cook something sweet five piquant. That way your oatmeal won ’ t taste like garlic. It is besides recommended to switch to new seal rings every 6-12 months .

sometimes you need an excess inner pot because the other one is busy with leftovers or still sitting in the sink, waiting to be washed. It ’ south very well, no sagacity here. I hate dishes besides .

ever wanted to make those amazing lava cakes, flan or creme brulee ? You ’ ll need these cute "" ” target= ” _blank ” rel= ” nofollow noopener noreferrer ” > ramekins .

Seen those cunning breakfast in a jolt recipes ? then better grab some mason jars to make some of your own !

Did you know that you can freeze your meals raw inside a ziploc gallon udder in a rung container ?
freeze in the orotund bucket and once freeze, remove the frozen ziploc food from the bucket and keep food in deep-freeze until ready to cook .
then it ’ s ready to pressure cook and the round off shape will absolutely fit inside the 3QT Instant Pot Mini !
Plastic freezer container
I love using silicone hand to help me lift out hot things out of the blink of an eye batch or when transferring the hot inner batch by itself .

What i love cooking most with my mini Instant pot

For the majority of the clock time, you ’ ll find me using the Instant Pot Mini cooking jasmine rice or quinoa .
My favorite way to use the Mini is cooking chicken breasts, thighs or tenders when I need some chicken cooked for a recipe that I am making on the stave top or will be baking .
Recipes such as enchiladas or chicken fried rice always need precook wimp and the Instant Pot Mini cooks the chicken the most tender out of all of the Instant Pot models I have .
Plus, the natural pressure release is much quicker since it ’ s indeed small. This makes all of those meals calling for precooked wimp so a lot easier to make .
Hooray for meal times made easier !
hopefully this post answered all of your Instant Pot Mini 3QT accessories needs ! Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to Pin it for late !


{GIVEAWAY is now closed. Congrats to Rebekah for being the winner! (winner was chosen via random number generator)}

As a thank you for being such amazing readers and coming to check out my raw web site, I ’ megabyte doing a GIVEAWAY for one of you to win an Instant Pot Mini 3QT DUO and any 2 accessories of your option !
To enter the game show, leave a gossip telling me which 2 accessories you would love to have from the ones shared in this post !

Hurry, the giveaway ends Tuesday, April 16th at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be notified via electronic mail .

Instant Pot DUO 6QT and 3QT mini on a counter with a steamer basket and text overlay

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