Everything You Need For NBA 2K22: Controllers, TVs, And More Top Picks

If you ‘re looking for everything you need for NBA 2K22, you ‘re in the right seat as we ‘ve put together our number of the lead gambling equipment to upgrade your setup. With NBA 2K22 Season 2 afoot, now would be the arrant fourth dimension to pick up a few accessories to get the most out of the new season. With that being said, if you ‘re looking for a 4K television to play on, like this LG OLED55C14LB, or something to keep your controllers charged, like this PowerA 4 Dock, then our usher should be able to help you out. Black Friday Deals NOW LIVE: See Our top gambling Picks right here !

Everything You Need For NBA 2K22


Best Controller For NBA 2K22 – Xbox Elite Series 2

Everything you need for NBA 2K22 Xbox product image of an elite, black controller. pawl to enlarge + 7Image Credit: Xbox As the diagnose suggests, the Xbox Elite Series 2 has been designed to be one of the top professional controllers around, peculiarly for the next-gen Xbox Series X.


Some of the features that help make this accountant ‘elite ‘ include its swappable buttons, adjustable bumpers, and tied a tool to change the severity of the joysticks which should help improve your passing accuracy and ability to hit the perfective 3-pointer in-game. While you can connect the Series 2 via USB, it is Bluetooth compatible which is more ideal for when you want to lay back and play some casual MyPlayer modality on NBA 2K22. On the solid, the Series 2 is probable one of the best controllers around right immediately which is why we besides featured it in our list of the best controllers for NBA 2K22 .

Best Monitor For NBA 2K22 – Gigabyte AORUS FV43U

Everything you need for NBA 2K22 Gigabyte product image of a monitor with a robot on its display. chatter to enlarge + 7Image Credit: Gigabyte As mentioned in our best monitors for NBA list, this HDMI 2.1 compatible device should be the perfect screen for showcasing NBA 2K22 at 120Hz, in 4K, on either a PS5 or Xbox Series X.


furthermore, the highly flying 1ms response time should be more than desirable for keeping up with the fast-paced action of basketball from some of the top stars like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. It ‘s besides worth noting that this blind is a massive 43 ” thus you ‘ll likely be able to see every belittled and bantam detail of NBA 2K22 in especial 4K choice. All in all, this should be a great powerhouse proctor, not good for NBA 2K22, but for gaming on in general .

Best TV For NBA 2K22 – LG OLED55C14LB

Everything you need for NBA 2K22 LG product image of a TV with a pink lit up tree on its display. cluck to enlarge + 7Image Credit: LG While a 43 ” monitor may be impressive, if you ‘re looking for something even bigger then this 55 ” LG OLED55C14LB might be for you.


It comes with LG ‘s self-illuminating OLED engineering which helps keep this television receiver extremely thinly and should bring out the vibrant color in the crowd and on the court to life. The LG OLED55C14LB will besides be suitable for playing NBA 2K22 at 120Hz, in 4K, on a next-gen cabinet which is handy as you ‘ll probable want the game to run a smoothly as potential hail Season 2. ultimately, this television is up there as one of the best 4K TVs around which is why we besides featured it in our best television for sports games, so it should be more than desirable for playing NBA 2K22 .

Best Controller Attachments For NBA 2K22 – KontrolFreek FPS Galaxy

Everything you need for NBA 2K22 KontrolFreek product image the packaging to purple joystick extension attachments. suction stop to enlarge + 7Image Credit: KontrolFreek Although joystick attachments like the FPS Galaxy ‘s are primarily used for shooting games, they are designed to improve accuracy and comfort which might both come in handy for NBA 2K22.


They ‘re made from non-slip, proprietorship condom which, KontrolFreek boasts, provides especial bobby pin and requires less force to move which reduces wrist, hand and hitchhike fatigue during long sessions.

furthermore, these attachments add 11.8mm to the joysticks which should help improve your accuracy and preciseness, particularly when shooting. As mentioned in our list of everything you need for Call of Duty Vanguard, the FPS Galaxy ‘s are n’t released merely so far, but they are available to pre-order right nowadays .

Best Gaming Chair For NBA 2K22 – GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

Everything you need for NBA 2K22 GTPLAYER product image of a blue and black, racing seat gaming chair. click to enlarge + 7Image Credit: GTPLAYER If you ‘re looking for a solid bet on president that is relatively cheap for your ultimate NBA 2K22 frame-up, then this GTPLAYER might be for you.


In terms of construct choice, the GTPLAYER provides nylon wheels and a strong metallic frame, plus lumbar accompaniment that you merely plugin with a USB for corroborate which will probable be beneficial if you ‘re looking to indulge in a long MyTeam session. It besides comes in a variety show of colours so, whatever the subject of your gaming apparatus, there should be a GTPLAYER gambling professorship for you .

Best Mini-Fridge For NBA 2K22 – Barcool Bar40

Everything you need for NHL 22 Barcool product image of black mini fridge chink to enlarge + 7Image Credit: Barcool Moving aside from gaming-related technical school, this Barcool Bar40 could be your answer to your refreshment needs.


We besides featured this mini-fridge in our list of everything you need for NHL 22 because, we feel, it offers exceptional capacity ( 40l ) to store anything from water bottles to chocolate bars to help keep you well-fed and hydrated during a challenge NBA 2K22 session. furthermore, it comes with obliterable shelves to separate your items, LED lights for late-night bet on, and a lock to keep everything safe when you step away from your apparatus. All in all, for storing food and drinks, the Barcool Bar40 mini-fridge is decidedly one to consider for your gambling apparatus .

Best Controller Charging Station – PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Dock

Everything you need for NHL 22 PowerA product image of a black charing dock. suction stop to enlarge + 7Image Credit: PowerA If you play NBA 2K22 on PS4, then you might be concerned in the PowerA Charging Dock to help ensure your DualShock controllers are fix to go whenever you want to jump into your MyPlayer career.


Being an formally accredited charging station, you should n’t have to worry about it potentially damaging your controllers and needing to buy new ones. furthermore, the benefit of having a charging dock is that you keep your USB ports free for other gaming accessories or charging other devices which is why, we feel, it is a must-have item for NBA 2K22 .

Frequently Asked Questions About NBA 2K22

You may have a few questions about the accessories featured or the bet on itself, but do n’t worry because we ‘ve answered some of the most common queries justly here .

What Platforms Can You Buy NBA 2K22 On?

NBA 2K22 is available on both the next-gen consoles ( PS5 and Xbox Series X ) a well as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and through Steam on personal computer .

Is The Next-Gen Model Available On PC And Switch?


unfortunately, for now, 2K has ensured NBA 2K22 is optimised for PS5 and Xbox Series X so the next-gen model is n’t available on personal computer or Switch properly now. however, 2K does design on introducing next-gen models of its NBA franchise to these platforms in the future .

How Much Should You Spend On Gaming Accessories For NBA 2K22?

This would depend on the type of accessory. For a major bit of kit like a monitor or television receiver, it may be deserving spending a morsel supernumerary to make sure you ‘re experiencing NBA 2K22 in equally much detail and suavity as potential.

In terms of items like controllers, how much you spend would truly depend on how competitively you play the game because, if you ‘re dangerous about NBA 2K22, you may want to pick up a top control like the Xbox Elite Series 2 to help enhance your ability and skill. Any extra accessories you pick up would ultimately be down to your discretion. Read More: Best Monitors For Sports Games Available Right Now

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