Steeda 555 8203 Explorer Lowering Springs (20-22)


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Hi everybody Brian from, here today spotlighting our Lowering Springs for the 2020 and by and by Ford Explorer. The Explorer has been popular for many years and with effective reason it ‘s a capital blend between SUV and hand truck. enough truck to be able to tow things or go to the lumber yard and enough SUV to be able to run around town and comfort and as always there ‘s room for improvement or at least personalization in your vehicle and one of those things that ‘s great to do is Lowering Springs. now there ‘s a distribute of functionality hera in the springs that we offer as always you want to improve the vehicle and make it better for you. now we do this by lowering it approximately one in 1/8 inches at all four corners. This brings the center of gravity down a little bit but still gives you batch of pause travel. This means that if you ‘re going up to the cabin and taking perplex roads you ‘ve of enough of suspension travel to cruise along nicely. Yet on the highway or even better going to Blue Ridge Parkway and carving some corners it ‘s going to handle way better. We worked very hard to get the bounce rates just right on our Steeda Springs. This is crucial for a couple of reasons. One we want to make certain that the springs are firm adequate to get rid of that screen of buoyant feel that these trucks inherently have when you ‘re driving on the highway at speed, but we did n’t want to be harsh around township so there had to be a symmetry there in the bounce rates. We besides know again that you ‘re going to have a vehicle behind it sometimes or again jet ski or some sort of toys that might be on a dawdler behind it or a warhead possibly your family going camp, whatever it might be. We know they ‘re gon na load this thing down american samoa well, so we needed more spring rate to control the suspension or the extra weight of everything being on it. So this is the perfect blend between sporty, comfortable and functional. Like I said we spent a lot of time getting leap rates fair correct. Digging into the engineering behind these springs a short spot we construct them of High Silica Steel and this is important because it ensures consistent spring rates for every spring arsenic well as consistent drive stature for every batch of Springs out there. then we finish them off in blue powderize coat for corrosion resistance. indeed there you have it, our Springs are a great way to make your Explorer singular and give it a fantastic stance while besides making it more functional whether it ‘s around town loading it up or again carving some canyons and just merely enjoying the versatility of your Sport-Utility. nowadays if you enjoyed the contents of this video please snap like and contribution with other enthusiasts. If you have any questions post them below and if you all learn more about these and early products as they ‘re coming out, decidedly click the sign clitoris and follow our upcoming video recording. To learn more about these and many of the early capital products that we offer for not alone the Explorer but early Ford vehicles, be certain to visit us at Do n’t forget to follow us on social media and most importantly, Have an Awesome Day ! !

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