Retro Jewelry And Accessories: Most Popular Looks For the 1960s

jewelry in the early 1960s still looked a lot like that from the 50s. however, a change was already happening, with bluff and more expressive designs gaining popularity .
By the end of the ten, the 1960s jewelry styles had transformed the common brassy gold parures of the 50s into character bluff creations shaped in cheap plastics .
Some of the most democratic 1960s trends in jewelry were Mod or pop artwork colors, including yellow and greens, black and white, and pink and bolshevik. Women wore large dangle earrings in geometric shapes, paired with stacks of dense or thin bangles, colored floral necklaces, and cunning formative pins .

Long Retro Earrings 

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By the 1960s, pierced ear lobes had become the new normal. Women were now wearing long and boastfully earrings, with many of them intentionally trying to find the biggest ones they could .
Plus, they started wearing their hair’s-breadth inadequate or tucked behind using a headband to expose the neck and ears more, further focusing attention on the earrings. This provided more substantial estate of the realm for even larger outsize hoop rings on the earlobe .

60’s Bangles 

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Thanks to mass production, jewelry had become extremely low-cost in the sixties. Women were nowadays able to buy as many accessories as they wanted, allowing them to compliment respective outfits easily and without breaking the deposit ! .
Bangles were highly democratic in the 60s. They were available in a variety of colors and designs. A bunch of women loved them because they provided a promptly and easy room for them to update their outfits and add those signature pops of color that made sixties fashion stand out .
Plus, bangles were versatile enough to mix and match with a assortment of outfits and trends .
Chunky oversize bangles in jarring semblance combinations became the perfect 1960s accessories. Stacks of unlike size bangles worn down the entirety of the arm were besides democratic. This layer proficiency is hush a popular way to wear arm jewelry nowadays .

1960’s Jewelry Trends: Black and White 

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In the 1960s, fashion and art often went hand-in-hand. Shift dresses and the ever-popular swing attire with its playful fit and flare pass was good the arrant background for exhibiting the bold patterns of Pop and Op Art .
Op Art featured a one-color palette that was used to make intricate designs and patterns and, consequently, to create ocular illusions .
jewelry designs further supplemented these trends. elementary bootleg and white jewelry styles saw a tide in popularity. They were much made of low-budget plastics, making them in truth low-cost. The fact that they paired well with about every equip was just the cerise on top .

1960S Jewelry Styles: Geometric Shapes 

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The shapes in jewelry designs became much bold, and as a result about sculptural. The Pop and Op Art Movement of the 60s had an influence that transcended the fashion industry and made its way into the accessories and jewelry of the decade .
Pop art and geometric designs saw their way into fashion and clothe of the nineteen sixties and were besides a outstanding design mood for interiors, interior decoration, and homewares .
not amazingly, then, that the resultant role of this influence was new jewelry styles that featured shapes like circles, spirals, diamonds, and hexagons .

Flower Power! and Floral Designs 

picture credit : Agnautacoulture
By the 1960s, floral designs and patterns had been giving jewelry designers a lot of inspiration for decades. The 1960s saw floral jewelry designs becoming larger, about entirely fashioned in the new plastics .
Towards the end of the ten, the Hippie campaign saw the rush of the Flower Power motion – which extended far beyond a political statement and cemented itself firm in the kingdom of fashion. When this apparent motion made its way to fashion, the popularity of floral styles increased even more .

Lea Stein: A 60s Jewelry Design Icon

image credit : Wikipedia
Our lead to 1960s jewelry wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be dispatch if we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate at least mention the fantastic exercise of Lea Stein .
The floor of Lea Stein is an matter to one. In 1957, she set up a small textile company. In the mid-60s, she decided to experiment with designing and manufacture buttons for the manner and apparel diligence .
This was the turning item of her career and company .
By the end of the 60s, she had started to make her own jewelry designs. She used layers of painted fiber acetate, which she bonded together to make her key signature jewelry .
A bunch of Lea Stein ’ s design have colored and amusing figures, animals, birds, or cars. The “ confuse ” pin is the most popular and familiar of her designs, and it still remains so to this day .
plainly browsing through the most democratic jewelry looks from the 1960s just goes to show how weather these looks are.

bold colors, geometric designs, and floral accents have all stood the test of time and feature prominently in the mod, edgy jewelry styles of nowadays .
If you want to recreate the dateless 60s expect – there ’ s a long ton of inspiration out there for you to explore. Take a look at our 1960s fashion guides, or just browse our ex post facto clothe styles for some dangerous sixties style inspo .
What ’ s your front-runner jewelry look from the 1960s ?

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