The history of the 905 area code in Canada

The 905 area code in Canada was born at the throw of midnight on Friday March 25th, 1994. It was then that Bell Canada formally killed the 416 area code outside of Metro Toronto and the caption of the 905 was born .
By 1993, telephone numbers in the 416 area code were about wholly used up. With the advent of modems, cellular phones, faxes and pagers, engineering had ultimately pushed the possible act combinations to their extreme limit .
905 area code
Before then, you rarely saw area codes in local advertising – the 416 code had stretched across the Golden Horseshoe for about 40 years.

Unless you were calling long-distance, phones numbers merely had 7 digits ( or then we thought. )
905 area code
soon it became apparent that if nothing was done, 416 would wholly run out of numbers by mid-1994 .
It was decided that the 1.6 million call customers in Metro Toronto ( anyone with a postal code starting with M ) would retain the 416 code, while surrounding suburban regions from Fort Erie to Lake Simcoe to Colborne would adapt the new 905 code .
The 905 sphere code had previously been used as a rout prefix for calls from the United States to Mexico in anticipation of Mexico joining the north american english Numbering plan. It was withdrawn in 1991 after Mexico adapted its own independent enumeration plan .
In the months leading up to the seismic at-the-time change, Bell Canada ran a multi-million-dollar ad campaign in Ontario warn of the approaching change that included billboards, radio spots, television ads and a blitz of print advertising .
905 area code
By late 1993, anyone calling a number outside of Metro in the newly designated 905 code area was warned by a nameless ( homo ) Bell voice that “ in the future ” they would need to dial 905 before the 7-digit number.

This low-energy recording became the target of many local jokes and became increasing annoying as clock went on .
It was a surprisingly unmanageable concept for people at the time to grasp. If you were making a local call in the 416 or 905 area codes, you just dialed the 7-digit count as ahead .
When placing a visit from 416 to 905, or vice versa, things got complicated. many people instinctively dialed 1 before the sphere code as they would when making a long-distance call .

Schools even provided students with biconvex rulers adorned with fish that explained the 905/416 change ( presumably so they could explain it to their parents. )
After the conversion, “ 905ers “ quickly gained popularity as an abuse du jour from Toronto residents when describing ( largely ) young people visiting the golf club zone.

It has since been reclaimed as a badge of honor, while the caption of 416 has taken on global significance thanks to a certain local anesthetic artist .

By 2005, a mere 12 years after its introduction, the 905 numbers became run down force yet another put of modern pre-fixes, however in the cell telephone age none of it matters closely adenine much as it did in those impeccant traffic circle telephone days .

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