7 Best Beauty Supply Stores in Michigan

7 Best Beauty Supply Stores in Michigan

Whether you ’ rhenium looking for the latest makeup free or basic hair care products, Michigan ’ s beauty provide stores will meet all of your smasher needs ! And sometimes it ’ s precisely nice to indulge in smasher products every once and a while. here are our favorites in the state .

Unique Hair and Wig, Multiple locations

From lipstick and hair extensions to complete wig sets, that ‘s precisely what you ‘ll find at Unique Hair and Wig. With several stores in Michigan—and evening a couple down in Indiana—you ‘ll find precisely the beauty options for both hair and wig alike hera. You can even land eyelash extensions and even hats, giving you most every option for deck .

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TNT Beauty Supply, Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo ‘s TNT offers a broad range of options for those looking for beauty supplies. Options cover the gamut, including a complete color palette of aglitter eyeshadow, wigs, and more. possibly the most unique option at TNT Beauty Supply is the Kaleidoscope Miracle Drop, a “ haircloth regrowth serum ” that ‘s said to be a rise to follicles and weak hair in general, making the slender and stringy strong and lustrous once more .

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Michigan Beauty Supply, Freeland, MI

Freeland ‘s Michigan Beauty Supply offers a wide rate of options for shoppers, though its primary focus is on health spa and salons. It focuses on autonomous possession to a level possibly better suited for pride in one ‘s area, billing itself as an “ independently owned distributor that offers independently owned brands to independently owned salons and spas. ” Regular events and demonstrations help not entirely illustrate new products, but besides modern techniques for these products.

Windsor Beauty, Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills is home to Windsor Beauty, a memory which goes for beauty issue from several different angles. Featuring not only hair care and breeze through care but besides several breeds of style tools, you ‘ll have a wide image of options to work with here. Check out their promotions listings for some extra-special deals as well, and take advantage of the expertness of a caller that ‘s been operating since 1990 .

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Beauty Quest, Battle Creek, MI

Beauty Quest offers up a hearty supply of offerings, ranging from wigs to hair extensions and beyond. Located in Battle Creek, this storehouse enjoys a patriotic play along from people who have previously enjoyed their experience, so customer military service is clearly an significant agent for them. That ‘s always a welcome sign, and with some casual healthy discounts—not indeed long ago there was a accomplished half-off sale on wigs—there ‘s going to be enough around here to check out.

Beauty Max Supply, Lansing, MI

It was n’t so long ago when Lansing ‘s Beauty Max Supply moved just a brusque hop down the road, but when they did, they moved into a much bigger and nicer location. This allowed them to offer up a substantially increase range of options, including border tamers, hair extensions, and plenty more. There ‘s batch waiting for the beauty-conscious shopper in Lansing, thus be certain to check them out !

Lee Beauty, Oak Park, MI

Lee Beauty ‘s wide range of options should make shoppers throughout Oak Park very felicitous shoppers indeed. With haircloth extensions, full wig and more on hand, there ‘s just about everything your hair could ask for. It does n’t stop at hair, though ; check out the wax range of lipsticks, mascaras and bronzers, among others, on hired hand here arsenic well. With even sales and over 20 years of experience, Lee Beauty should have just what you need .

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