5 Hair Salon Promotions That Bring In Clients

3. Offer free samples and product giveaways

Does your salon offer take-home hairsprays, shampoo, or moisturizers ? Why not send your node home with a sample ? If the manufacturer has any small or travel-sized products, these are ideal giveaways that add a little value to a regular appointment. We ’ five hundred commend offering something to first-time customers or making it a wages for attending a follow-up appointment. If you have a complete, high-price discussion for a node, you could even throw a full-sized intersection for maintenance as appropriate. Salons can give away anything they ’ d like, but it should be secondary to your core avail. Why ? Because frequent giveaways can have an anchor impression that plays on customer psychology. They may grow accustomed to the dismiss and assume that the service is overpriced without it — and you decidedly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want that. Salon promotions that work involve giveaways that offer a belittled complement to your core overhaul ; it ’ s a big deal at a reasonable value for salons and clients. More importantly, visitors will be more probably to book extra appointments and come back for more !

4. Don’t forget about seasonal promotions

salon owners can take advantage of countless seasonal promotion opportunities — some obvious, others less so. Holidays are the most common annual promotions to keep in mind. Clients may want to look their best before seeing family at Christmas or try out a fresh attend for a special person during Valentine ’ s Day. Offering relevant promotions during these timeframes will help customers keep you in mind before the big day. But there are early, more insidious seasonal trends to consider. Students will seek out new do ’ s before the school class begins. Engaged couples will have fabulously specific requests during democratic marry months. Be certain to target these potential clients with the correct message or images of the kind of styles you can offer.

5. Bond with your clients using anniversary promotions

It ’ second always refreshing to celebrate the anniversary of your salon with the rest of your team. Just don ’ triiodothyronine forget that it ’ south besides a great marketing opportunity ! Anniversaries are a capital luck to run beauty salon promotions that attract regular and newly clients alike, each of whom will want to reminisce with you — or see what the bustle is about. To make the most of beauty salon anniversary promotions, don ’ thymine merely talk about a discount — emphasize the positive experience behind your brand. Juut Salonspas and Paris Parker accomplished this by featuring personal stories on their websites from their decades-long histories. This access is more likely to resonate with existing clients and give new customers a word picture of the experience you ’ d like them to have with you. The success of each of these salon promotion ideas will vary from salon to salon, even from customer to customer. It ’ s a commodity theme to experiment and see which models work for you. possibly a referral plan will be utilitarian, or a combination of network and seasonal deals will attract more foot traffic. arsenic long as you communicate your prize to target audiences, it will be far easier to attract long-run regulars alternatively of episodic visitors .



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