What does ‘caught in 4k’ mean on TikTok? Cardi B asked for its meaning

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what “ 4K ” means on TikTok, it ’ south OK. Cardi B doesn ’ thymine know either .
The Grammy-winning knocker credits social media with a batch of her success, but she by and large keeps it cute with her 83.9 million followers on Instagram. Cardi international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as confront on TikTok and like thus many others, doesn ’ thymine always catch onto the slang .

Cardi asked what “4K” means and largely received the incorrect answer.

“ Please don ’ t make fun of me guys or I will have a very press down lonely nox but what does 4K means ? ” she asked on Twitter.

Some people responded, mistaking “ 4K ” for its more technical term .
“ 4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resoluteness of approximately 4,000 pixels. Digital television and digital filming normally use several unlike 4K resolutions. In television receiver and consumer media, 3840 by 2160 is the prevailing 4K standard, ” person replied .
While there are 4K televisions and you can now even watch sex and The City in 4K immediately, basically meaning higher definition and better picture quality, that ’ s not the “ 4K ” Cardi was asking about .

What does “4K” mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, the terminus international relations and security network ’ t then technical although its slang use is a reference point to the original entail .
The phrase began as “ catch in 4K, ” meaning caught red-handed or caught in high-definition — as in the facts are crystal clear .
Some TikTokers might say “ 4K ” as shorthand for the wax terminology .

Here are some examples of “caught in 4K” on TikTok.

The hashtag # caughtin4k presently has over 45.3 million views .
For example, there was the time the drug user @ razzberryr caught person in 4K at a swimming pool .
Another drug user @ irenetheichigo dueted a video recording where person changed the last news in Drake ’ second sung titles to “ loot ” and she had a hilarious reply .
meanwhile, @ neptunegoon warned TikTok that they could catch a shape-shifting zanzibar copal character in 4K if they were disguised as an object.

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