America’s Neom: $400 billion megacity in the desert

Billionaire Marc Lore has unveiled plans for Telosa, a $ 400 billion megacity to be built somewhere in the US desert with space for up to five million residents. Telosa is being billed as a new city that will set “ a ball-shaped standard for urban animation, expand homo electric potential and become a blueprint for future generations ”, with city plan focused on citizen involvement, equitability and sustainability. Telosa ‘s localization has however to be decided, though planners have said it will likely be built somewhere in the american West, taking advantage of low land prices in the area. potential locations include Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Texas but besides the appalachian area, the project ‘s official web site said.

One possible complication could be the fast-shrinking water levels across the western US, which has been gripped by two decades of drought. Mr Lore, who was foreman executive of Walmart ‘s eCommerce from 2016-2021, has said Telosa is based on the concept of “ equitism ” — an economic system in which citizens have a post in the city ’ second farming. “ Cities that have been built to go steady from scratch are more like real number estate projects, ” Mr Lore said in a promotional video for the project. “ They do n’t start with people at the center. Because if you started with people at the kernel, you would immediately think, ‘OK, what ‘s the mission and what are the values ? ‘ ”Telosa will feature several parks featuring local flora. Photo: Telosa Telosa will feature several parks featuring local flora. photograph : Telosa The new project will allow residents to “ enter in the decision-making and budget procedure ” for the city and project organisers promise arrant transparency in administration. The city ‘s web site says the aim is to create an “ clear, carnival, inclusive ” and sustainable city of the future.

City parks will be home to native flora and besides dissemble as water storage areas while streets will “ prioritize bikes and pedestrians ” and besides feature automated cars. An prototype released by organisers depicts a proposed skyscraper, Equitism Tower, which will feature exalted water storage, aeroponic farms and an energy-producing photovoltaic roof that will allow it to “ share and distribute all it produces ”, CNN reported .The city's streets will be geared towards cyclists and pedestrians. Photo: Telosa The city ‘s streets will be geared towards cyclists and pedestrians. photograph : Telosa The project ‘s promoters say the city will take about 40 years to develop and will cost about $ 400 billion, but added it will be built in phases, with the first phase opening to about 50,000 residents by 2030. As to fund, CNN reported that project organisers have said it will come from “ versatile sources ”, including secret investors, philanthropists, federal and state grants, and economic development subsidies. The project has drawn comparisons to Saudi Arabia ‘s planned smart megacity of Neom, which is being built on the Red Sea slide is estimated to cost about $ 689 billion. It is hoped that the first section of the city will be completed by 2025.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced The Line, a 170km belt of hyper-connected future communities, without cars and roads. Images courtesy NeomPlans for the city include "zero carbon emissions", Prince Mohammed said. Construction will begin before the end of March.Prince Mohammed, who is chairman of the board of the Neom Company, said that The Line has been designed to allow residents to "fulfil all of their daily requirements within a five-minute walk".Neom is the flagship project of Saudi Arabia's post-oil diversification plan, known as Vision 2030, that seeks to reduce the country's reliance on hydrocarbons.The city will be 100 per cent powered by renewable energy and the cost of infrastructure will be 30 per cent cheaper than more traditional cities.It is being overseen by the Public Investment Fund and is set to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and contribute tens of billions of dollars to the kingdom's GDP.Neom spans 26,500 square kilometres.It will contain towns and cities, ports and enterprise zones, research centres, sports venues, entertainment sites and tourist destinations.The bulk of construction will take place over the next decade, with a target of hosting one million residents by 2030.Coral reef and anthias at Yub'a island dive site on northwest side of island in NEOM Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced The Line, a 170km belt of hyper-connected future communities, without cars and roads. Images courtesy Neom

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