Violin Accessories A Must Have: Essentials for Violinist


10 Violin Accessories You Should Have

Picking up any newfangled instrument is both excite and confuse .
If you ’ ve recently purchased your first violin, but are scratching your question on what to do next, wear ’ metric ton worry .
We know it feels like there ’ s a ocean of things you should have.

When you ’ re barely starting out and learning how to play, there ’ s a handful of violin accessories you ’ ll want to consider so that you can play right away .
To help you, we ’ ve composed a list of the most significant violin accessories every novice needs .

1. Shoulder Rest

Violin shoulder rest
When you play the violin, you keep it tucked between your chin and your shoulder. therefore, to allow for a more comfortable playing feel, you need to consider a shoulder remainder .
A shoulder respite props up your violin off your shoulder so that it rests comfortably while keeping your violin from slipping .
To achieve your best results, you ’ ll need to make certain you adjust your shoulder stay in accord with your prefer stature .

2. Music Stand

music stand
Where ’ s the best place to position your sheet music ? Enter, the music stand !
A quality music stand creates a more comfortable playing experience compared to laying your music flat on a table or moderate .
If you opt to use a flat surface like a board, you ’ ll find yourself bent over, uncomfortable, and developing inadequate technique .
A music stand is a must-have of for your violin accessories checklist .
There are two kinds of music stands you need to consider :

  • A small, collapsible music stand for taking to music lessons and recitals
  • A sturdy, larger one for home practice

Violinists tend to have two, but go with whatever you ’ re comfortable with. Just make indisputable you get one !

3. Tuner

cipher likes the phone of an out-of-tune instrument. so, how do you know when your violin is out of tune ?
If it ’ randomness horrendously out of tune, believe us, you ’ ll know. But if you can ’ t quite tell, a radio receiver will help you .
A radio receiver is one of the most essential violin accessories. You can download one through your smartphone app store or you can buy a physical, electric tuner .
An electric tuner will tell you whether a string is in tune by flashing a green lightly. If it ’ second not in tune, the light will be crimson. It ’ s reasonably handy because you ’ ll learn what to listen for .
A metronome will besides become a valuable violin accessary as you progress in your experience. It will help you keep with the tempo and increase the tempo as you get better .

4. Rosin

violin rosin
In ordain for the submit and strings of your violin to create beautiful music, there needs to be clash. This is what resin is used for [ 1 ] .
Rosin is hard, gluey shape of resin from pines and early conifers. You apply rosin to the hair’s-breadth of your bow so it can grip the strings and make them vibrate distinctly .
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate apply rosin, you won ’ t hear much of anything. Rosin products are necessity violin accessories if you want to play any music .

5. Soft Cloth

soft cloth
As you can tell, rosin can be a messy ordeal. Over meter and use, resin will accumulate debris. This build up can result in remainder on your strings and fingerboard, producing an unpleasant sound.

This is where a soft fabric will become your new acquaintance .
Use your soft fabric to get rid of undesirable build up but take manage to use a offprint fabric to wipe down the rest of your violin. You don ’ thymine want to spread that resin all over your violin !

6. Dampit

Humidity and sobriety are at odds with your violin. excessively much dispassion can result in damage to your violin such as cracks. besides much humidity can mean your strings are constantly out of tune because they ’ re stretched out .
To combat this problem, there is Dampit – a humidifier for your violin to keep the humidity at the right levels .
With Dampit, you just fill it with water and then stick it in one of your violin ’ sulfur F-holes [ 2 ] .
Using a humidifier works best when you store your violin in its case !

7. Extra Strings

violin string
Over time, all belongings experience wear and tear. Violin strings are no exception. Your strings can besides break .
Be prepared by having an supernumerary set, just in sheath the unexpected happens .

8. Peg Compound

If humidity affects your strings, then it can affect your violin nail down, besides. This can make your violin pegs difficult to tune or become excessively at large .
The solution ? Peg compound ( or peg cola ) .
slather this on your peg to lubricate them and provide enough friction sol your nail down won ’ thymine slip .

9. Violin Case

violin case
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already have a violin case, you decidedly need one. It ’ randomness another on the list of essential violin accessories .
A violin case provides your violin the best home after consumption. It helps keep the humidity levels at bay, provide easy fare, and will protect your violin from the elements. This includes accidents as well .
There are two styles of violin cases to consider :

  • Soft
  • Hard

Which type you buy is dependent on what you ’ rhenium looking for in a case. A soft case can make for easier travel with your violin, while a hard font offers supernumerary security .

10. Music Folder

music folder
You need to have music books to learn, but you besides need regular sheet music ampere well .
Sheet music is precisely what the list implies – loosen flick pages containing music outside of your script .
A great room to keep them organized is by placing them ( and your pencil ) in a booklet so they ’ re all nicely kept together .
You can even step up the organization game and paperclip your music in concert !

Violin Accessories Wrap Up

We ’ ve listed for you the must-have violin accessories you need to get depart ASAP .
Though a violin and bow are the two independent tools you ’ ll need, these violin accessories will help you get the most out of your violin play experience .
The future thing on your list ?

A qualify and enthusiastic teacher. With these tools and a teacher, you ’ ll be playing some big tunes in no time .
For more violin tips and reviews, wear ’ metric ton forget to bookmark our web log for the latest updates !

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