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I do n’t entirely stare at mine. I ‘m normally fidgeting with something and watching casually ; like a television receiver that ‘s on but does n’t have your broad attention, or watching a campfire while talking, etc. The electromagnetic cranes are # 1 for actual using volt view. ( I hate using my hands to load and always wanted a well crane. I have a $ 20 plastic tower crane from a miniature isle that works out o, but the attraction would make me much happier, not to mention looks ( yellow plastic and modern grus taxi ; yuck ) …. “ someday ” possibly. ) I think the viewgraph log stevedore with streetcar type grus is realable and concern to watch. Barrel loaders besides.

Culvert stevedore and unloader a well if you do n’t mind fidgeting a bit more. An petroleum derrick is rather aplomb to have cluck in the background when things go quiet. ( a steam bid with sounds just parked makes some similar rythmic cycle sounds I like besides ) The PW anoint tower/derrick with ripple tube, lit up in the dark, is besides very cool. ( adjustable baron to them helps to dial in a dainty rythm ) If there are ever any kids to entertain, a # 90 clitoris and the Lionel news program stand with andiron racing around the hydrant will occupy little hands. even toddlers will point and say “ pooch ”. The potty temper is universal 😉 and if ever a # 90 was worn out, I bet the news program base was involved. ( can besides operate under detached rail triggers or # 153 pressure contacts or combination of “ on ” methods ) You might try a station stop circuit. You can make one, or try one of the stations equipt with it ( or plainly buy the diaphragm assembly alone. ) A train will stop, wait a moment or two, then procede. For time, they work off of bi-metallic heat strips like a breaker ( Lionel/NOMA ) or by motor and cam operate switches ( AFlyer City Station ). It might be set to stop the whole line wherever you choose, or be limited to one or two tracks at a station ( randomness ) or platform ( sulfur ).

There are some tramp camps/shacks with alight fuel that might appeal to you for some dessert cannon fodder volt a camp. I besides like the weld accessories that flash a blue/white stroboscope for a plasma bow. ( change to green if you like aluminum welding ) possibly the AF “ cow on track ” ? ( string stops until the cow moves it’self ) There is a Wylie Coyote and The Roadrunner version too.. ? ( ) ( I think there was a canadian Mountie adaptation and damsel in distress done besides … i.e. Dudly Do-Right but not with cartoonish figures )

place with disappearing herd ? ( newer ) ( iodine do n’t think “ they ” did a cargo interpretation ; pity on “ them ”, eh ? ) possibly a mail pouch pole & mail cable car ? ( bulge has a attraction, so does the car ) Sooo much to choose from ; I know I ‘m forgetting something “ big ”. 🤔

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